PUBG Update 9.2 Brings Dirt Bike, Battle Bride Pass, and More

by in PUBG | Nov, 11th 2020

PUBG Corp. has revealed that the latest update for PUBG battle royale is here for players to check out. Update 9.2 is a pretty significant one for the middle of a new season as it brings with it some significant new content like the new PUBG dirt bike vehicle, the Battle Bride Pass, and so much more.

PUBG Update 9.2 Is Here

PUBG update 9.2 is a pretty significant update for one that isn’t actually starting a brand new season but only expanding upon the current ninth season that we have. But the battle royale game is only letting players who are on the PC platform enjoy this content for now.

If you are reading this right now, then chances are that you can download and install the 9.2 patch right now on your PC system. However, that is only through the test server on PC. If you want to play on the live servers, you will have to wait for now.

If you are on console or Google Stadia, you will have to wait even longer as the new patch won’t be going to those platforms for a few more weeks. This is one of the most significant waits in a good long while for a new patch version.

For those who prefer to check out the latest content on the live servers for PC, you won’t have to wait too long, but the actual release date for that system will probably take a little bit. For console players, though, you will have to wait until Nov. 26 to see the patch.

That is a couple of weeks. It looks like the new patch will not be going to the test servers for those platforms this time around. Instead, it seems that you will have to wait until that day for it to hit the live servers and for you to be able to check it out.

With all of that out of the way, here is everything you need to know about the new PUBG update 9.2. There is a lot here, including changes to weapons, the game, a new vehicle in the form of the PUBG dirt bike, and so much more.

PUBG Dirt Bike Explained

Kicking off this patch notes is the most important and dramatic addition to the PUBG dirt bike game. This is a brand new vehicle that is joining the game permanently. This is a momentous occasion since we don’t typically see new vehicles that often in the game.

The PUBG dirt bike is a single-seater vehicle that is basically like a smaller and lighter version of the motorbike that is already there. Given that it is a dirt bike, though, this means that it is built for off-roading, so players will be able to use this to travel through the wilderness and urban areas.

The dirt bike has its clutch system, improved suspension, and other fun features that PUBG Corp. keeps hidden for players to figure out. The bike will replace 50% of the existing bikes out there so, while this will mean that you will find fewer motorbikes, there will be a balance between the two.

The developer teases that you will be able to do some tricks and stunts with this new bike, so it will be interesting to see how players can use this vehicle in the future to make some sweet videos and moments. The PUBG dirt bike will be found in all normal, custom, and training mode matches.

However, it will not be found on the Karakin map. If you are on any other map, though, it will appear for you to use there except Karakin. When using this new dirt bike, you will have great acceleration at your disposal with an impressive top speed of 130km/hr.

It will handle different terrains better than other vehicles in the game and alter pitch with the shift and control keys during acceleration and/or braking. You will also have some solid maneuverability to allow for some hard turns.

Driver Shooting Changes

With the release of the PUBG dirt bike also comes some significant changes to how driving works, mainly in adding the ability to drive and shoot simultaneously. Driver shooting is something that the community has wanted for some time. It is now finally available to most vehicles.

Keep in mind that not all vehicles are available for this feature, but it is a great one where you can drive a vehicle and fire sidearm weapons through the window or at targets. You can even reload while doing this, but the vehicle steering decreases slightly while doing this part.

The only vehicles that the driver shooting feature will not be available in are the boats and the BRDM. The boats seem a little bit unfortunate, so here’s hoping that we can drive and shoot them at the same time soon.

Adding driver shooting is a significant change to vehicles in the battle royale game, so there is an overhaul to how vehicle aims work. The driver and passenger views will be heavily stabilized from now on to help with aiming and not follow the vehicle’s rotation as before.

The third-person point of view cameras for the driver and passengers have moved closer to the character themselves to allow for more accurate aiming while driving or riding in a vehicle. The camera will also be restricted at certain angles, depending on the vehicle you are in.

For example, if you are in a closed vehicle, you will not aim up as you would otherwise or aim behind you if someone is riding on a motorbike with you. And lastly, the camera will no longer flip sideways when vehicles roll or pitch upside down.

As for the weapons that you will be able to use while driving and shooting, they are limited for now to sidearms. The full list of the available weapons include:

  • Deathless
  • P18C
  • P1911
  • P92
  • R1895
  • R45
  • Skorpion
  • Flare gun
  • Sawed-off shotgun (This one is only available for drivers of bike vehicles)

Weapon Balancing

Adding driver shooting is a significant change for the game, making sense for all of those sidearms to get some improvements in this update. These weapon changes aren’t just for driving and shooting, either, as they will affect using them in any situation.

First up are some changes for all sidearms in general. The headshot damage multiplier increased from 2.0 to 2.1. The limb damage multiplier is now 1.05, and aiming will be more accurate due to a decrease in the aim deviation multiplier. But aiming will now be less accurate with an increased deviation when prone or using a laser pointer.

You can also move faster while aiming, both with or without sights, as these increased considerably. You are also more accurate while moving with sidearms. Lastly, aiming down the sights will be more stable from now on with less swaying caused by movements.

For the R1895 and R45 revolvers, they are even more accurate while moving. For the R1895, specifically, the overall damage increased, the rate of fire is much better and the recoil animation speed increased.

Meanwhile, the R45 has much more damage now, but the P92 has one less damage point but a much higher rate of fire. The P1911 has slightly increased damage. The Deagle has a much higher rate of fire and increased recoil animation speed.

For the sawed-off, its choke spread decreased while the damage multiplier at 15 meters increased, making it a little bit more viable at further distances. And last but not least, the Skorpion can now attach the extended QuickDraw magazine.

Battle Bride Pass Starts New Trend

One of the biggest additions to PUBG in this update is something that could start a whole new trend for the game in terms of microtransactions. The Battle Bride Pass is here, marking a brand new pass that you can buy in the game.

That might weird you out and, understandably so, since we already have the season nine battle pass for you to purchase. It’s not the time for a new season just yet. But this Battle Bride Pass is an optional new kind of pass that focuses on a single character rather than a seasonal theme.

The first one focuses on Sadiya, the hero from Karakin’s lore that you might already know a little bit about, and lets you unlock some of her classic skins through this pass. It progresses separately from the survivor pass you are used to and has only 15 levels.

These levels will largely work the same as the normal survivor pass, where you progress through by earning more experience in the battle royale matches you do. There is only a premium track for this pass, so you will have to shell out some currency to get it.

There are no missions for this pass, which is odd, so you will have to rely solely on the XP you get in matches. Unfortunately, the level up coupons will not work with this pass, but you will be able to purchase additional levels in the pass with G-Coins, but that probably won’t be necessary.

The Battle Bride Pass will only be available to purchase from Nov. 18 through Dec. 16, so you have about a month to buy it. Fortunately, it doesn’t matter when you buy it in that timeframe as the 28 days time limit you have to complete the pass will only start from the moment you get it from what we can tell.

UI and New Lobby Chat System

Some minor social additions should make connecting with other players online a better experience. The first of these is a new team finder feature that you can find in the menus. This feature allows the player to match up with other strangers online before getting into the match itself.

This takes the randomness out of it as you can find someone for a selected game mode and language who wants to party up and likely chat with you in the process. It is an excellent way of possibly having better teamwork and potentially finding some new friends along the way.

If you’re not in a team currently, you can turn on the team finder setting. Others will be able to invite you to join their group and vice versa. Accompanying this addition is another social one that is now the new lobby chat system.

With this feature, you can chat using a text box with your teammates while you are still in the lobby before starting the match. The lobby chat will have spam, ad, and abusive filters to help with any issues like that, but you can still report anyone if necessary.

Unfortunately, the new lobby chat will only be available for PC players at this time. Regardless, it is a great way to say hi, maybe make some plans quickly, and so on when dealing with random players, you just matched up with. It could improve teamwork online in matchmaking.

There is a lot more to this update when it comes to bug fixes and other minor changes. We were only able to cover some of these changes but if you would like to see them, be sure to head on over to the PUBG blog for the PUBG update 9.2 patch notes.


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