PUBG Update 14.1 Releases Carry Teammates Feature and Taego Changes

by in PUBG | Oct, 15th 2021

A new update is out now for PUBG on all platforms and it includes the latest changes and improvements to the battle royale game. The PUBG update 14.1 patch notes reveal what’s new for the Taego map, various gameplay features, changes, and even the newest ranked season of content. 

PUBG Update 14.1 Patch Notes

The PUBG update 14.1 patch notes are here and show off what’s new across both the PC and console platforms. We are now entering the fourth season of the game and this one is by far one of the lighter in terms of overall new content, but there are plenty of changes to help out with this. What players will find in the update when you drop in is that it should already be live by the time that you are reading this. The maintenance schedule was quite long, taking place overnight, but it should be over by the time you read this and can jump in to see what’s new. 

With some of the crazy additions we’ve had recently, like the new Taego map debuting earlier this year, and the plenty of survivor passes that we have seen in the game since the major shift there, don’t expect too much from this update, unfortunately. It is all about reiterating on what is already in the game and making sure that it is the best it can be. There are some new features and major changes on the Taego map, in particular, but some of them are ones that we would argue should have been in the game a long time ago honestly. 

That said, the PUBG update 14.1 patch notes are still crucial to the balance of the game overall, so they are worth knowing. Here’s what you need to know about the major changes and additions this time around, starting with what’s new on Taego in this update. 

Taego Map Improvements: New Error Space Areas

Krafton continues to show some love for Taego, the latest large map in the battle royale game, by once again improving and making changes there. This has become quite the popular battle royale destination in recent months, likely due to its size, so these changes are definitely welcome. First of all in the PUBG update 14.1 patch notes are the changes to help with the popularity of certain combat zones. Overall, players have exceptionally high win rates in certain locations on the map compared to others and that has led to some key changes. 

For starters, the mountainous region north of the Palace and the river area east of the Terminal have new cover options added to them. This difficult terrain has been fixed mostly. When it comes to the cliffs north of the Buk San Sa area, the height of the cliffs are changed to not be as overpowered. For the School area, the surrounding trees have been removed and replaced with some fields. Also, general terrain improvements have happened on the coastline and removed the rocks around the lighthouse. For the green areas in general, there are new trees on the hillside. For the magenta zone, there is new flat terrain curves, and for the sky blue zones, there is more cover. 

Perhaps the most important addition in the PUBG update 14.1 patch notes to Taego is the brand new feature known as the Error Space. Exclusive to only this map, players will be able to get powerful map-exclusive weapons and items within these randomly spawned zones. They are found right from the start of the match and only have so much supplies, so it is best to head there early on. In the custom matches for PUBG, you will actually be able to edit and change the Error Spaces, including the number of them and the spawning probability. 

In the example that is shown off of this new Error Space feature, we can see that there are differing sizes for the zones and that they can pop up pretty much anywhere on the map. The example shows that there are two in this particular match and they are literally right next to each other. However, one is really small, focusing on a single point of interest on the map and not much else, while the other one is quite large, covering a main point of interest and a few smaller locales west of it. The Error Space might have a weird name to it, but it is basically just a hot zone. 

This hot zone will be available only on the Taego map and is likely there to encourage players to head to different areas than they might normally go to, for the sake of getting great loot. This should also quickly eliminate many of the players in the match since so many will likely go there right from the start. Since you are able to get map-exclusive weapons and gear from the other maps in PUBG, this is quite fascinating and could give you a powerful advantage on Taego. Being able to use a sniper rifle exclusive to another map, for instance, could up your sniping game and give you the chance to dominate from long ranges. 

There are other possibilities, too, from handguns to rifles that you can possibly find here. The Error Space idea is quite a unique and welcome one, so we hope that it will be added to the other maps in PUBG, especially the series favorite Erangel, later down the road if the community likes it in the end. 

Breakable Pots and Comeback Changes

Another new addition to the Taego map in the PUBG update 14.1 patch notes is a pretty random one and that is breakable pots. These pots are found around the map and can be destroyed to get some items from within it that are hiding. Break it however you like, be it just punching it or using your handy dandy frying pan, or shoot it a few times to blast it apart. Regardless of how you go about destroying the pot, you will be able to earn multiple items that can be found inside of it, so it is worth taking a few seconds to destroy this new item. 

It is available in normal matches, ranked matches, and custom matches alike. The spawned items include bandages, first aid kits, adrenaline syringes, painkillers, energy drinks, the traditional Hanbok Hat, and some of the various grenade explosives that are on the map. One of the other exclusive features on the Taego map is the fact that this is the only map in the game where you can comeback. There are a few changes to the comeback battle royale feature, including a warning message that is given to you if you try to leave while spectating in case you want to stay anyways. 

To help with this, the exit to lobby button will be disabled for three seconds in case you do want to use this feature to come back into the match later on. There is also a timer to let you know how long you will have to wait until the feature begins, and nicknames are now brighter for squadmates waiting for comeback battle royale. When it comes to the vehicles on Taego, this is something that is almost required on this map due to the difficulty of traversal there. However, the stats that were implemented to help with this fact were too strong and this is now being adjusted in this latest update. 

When it comes to the Pony Coupe, this vehicle now has a max normal speed of only 130km/h while the boost speed is maxed out at 140. For the Porter vehicle, there are no changes to the normal speed, however, the boosted speed is now reduced from 130km/h to only 120 now. 

Pochinki and Halloween Updates

Taego is not the only map that is getting some love in this update, though, as there are more changes coming to the OG itself: Erangel. These changes are, specifically, for the Pochinki area since it is one of the most popular landing zones on the entire map. Even still, it was quite difficult to get away from this area with your life without having a vehicle because the other players could just hunt you down. Sure, you could just go somewhere else on the large island, but these changes are here to better balance out this area. 

For the church in Pochinki, the rooftop is now off-limits when it comes to playing there. This means no more chances of getting the advantage over the enemies there, making it more in line with the other two to three-story buildings in the town. On the other hand, there is something that is new to the church that might offset the loss of the roof and that is the secret room. This secret room can be found in the basement of the church and can be accessed without needing a special key. There is great loot here, so be sure to look carefully for this area. 

As for the area around the town of Pochinki, the terrain quality has been updated to now have a waterway nearby, more cover for players to use, fences that should change up the gameplay, and fixes for the overall terrain height to balance it out more. In the rest of Erangel, it is now that spooky time of year, so PUBG is celebrating it with some Halloween updates. What you will find is that various parts of the map have been decorated for the season, including the School, Hospital, and the Starting Island with nice Halloween decorations. 

There is even unique Halloween-themed weather at these locations, like unique moon colors and fog. This is only available in normal and custom matches with a 30% chance of happening in matches. There is also a change to the care package smoke color to fit the event. 

Carry Teammate Feature and Map Rotations

From there, we come to one of the most bizarre additions in PUBG in the PUBG update 14.1 patch notes and that is the carry teammate feature. This is not inherently a weird feature, but one that is so strange to just now be getting in the game. It has been in Fortnite for quite some time, so it seems odd to take that feature from its competitor and just now implement it. Regardless, you will now be able to pick up your downed teammates and carry them to a safer area for reviving them. 

There are both pros and cons to doing this, depending on the situation. What’s great about the carry teammate feature in PUBG is that you can use your teammate as a shield from incoming fire, which balances out the trade offs that you have for it. You cannot sprint, jump, crouch, prone, or hurdle while carrying them. However, you can fire your gun but it will be hip fire only. This is available on all maps in the game but there are some items that you cannot use. This includes throwables, healing items, Panzerfaust, melee weapons, emergency pickup, and emergency parachute. This also cannot be brought into a vehicle. 

With a new ranked season here in PUBG, this means that the map rotations have changed and now include a few swaps here and there. For instance, in the normal matches of battle royale, Vikendi and Karakin are being swapped out for Taego and Paramo. For ranked matches, Sanhok and Vikendi are being swapped out for Taego and Paramo. In ranked Taego, there are only 64 players in a match and a leaving penalty for dropping out of the match before doing the Comeback BR segment if you are eligible. 

For Paramo, the max is set to 32 players and seven blue zone phases. There is also the new ranked season 14 that is now available, meaning that your rewards from the previous season will now be given to you depending on your final end of the season rank. 


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