PUBG Update 10.3 Now Live, Brings Squad Emotes and Reputation Changes

by in PUBG | Feb, 23rd 2021

PUBG is growing a little more this week with the PUBG update 10.3 patch notes. This new update is the third major content one for the current 10th season of battle royale. It actually comes at a pretty significant time for the game. 

PUBG is nearing the very end of the current 10th season. This latest update might be the final major one for the season. That means that the 11th season is on the way soon (though with a slight possible delay in store) and will bring with it a whole lot of new stuff but, for now, the PUBG update 10.3 patch notes are here to improve and change things up for the players on console and PC in the meantime. 

PUBG Update 10.3 Patch Notes: Weapon Sound Selects and Karakin Map Improvements

For the PUBG update 10.3 patch notes, we have the weapon sound select system that is being implemented into the game now. This feature is one that players have wanted for some time. It helps to give players a bit of choice in how they want their guns to sound. 

This will allow the player to choose between having the original sound for a gun and the remastered one. This is great for those nostalgic players for the olden days when PUBG was new. There wasn’t so much fluff to the game. 

There are only four weapons that are allowed in the weapon sound select system. They are the M249, M416, Kar98k, and the SKS. You will pick which of these versions you want to hear in combat by heading on over to the settings menu and then the audio section. 

For Karakin fans, this map is getting some significant improvements in this update, starting with the lighting of the actual location itself. It has received the lighting pass and will have improved overall lighting throughout the map and give each area its unique feel and tone.

In addition to the lighting changes on the Karakin map, there is a new overcast weather option that will appear randomly on the map when you are in the middle of matches. This new weather option will add some variety to how the map feels and give you a fresh new look. 

Beyond that, some general bug fixes have been addressed in the PUBG update 10.3 patch notes for the Karakin map. These are there to ensure that the player experience is the best possible when playing on this map. No specifics were given on which bugs were fixed here.

Squad Emotes and Reputation Changes

One of the few brand new features in the PUBG update 10.3 patch notes is the new squad emote option that you can select in the game. This new feature is there to allow players to truly show their talent and creativity when it comes to making sweet PUBG viral content. 

Certain emotes in the game will now be able to sync up with your teammates and use them simultaneously. How you know if the emote you want to use will have this feature is by checking to see if there are two characters next to each other in the emote image. 

The squad emote feature will work within 15 meters of one another or when you are just hanging out in the lobby waiting for the next match to begin. You can choose to stop emoting at any point, no matter who started the whole thing, but the free look camera is only available while emoting in third-person game modes. Keep in mind that you are unable to do other actions while emoting. 

The reputation system is still relatively new to PUBG, introduced in 10.2, but it has already had its fair share of criticism and problems in the community. Fortunately, some changes come in this update that aim to deal with the issues with it. 

One of the most common complaints from players, and rightfully so, is that the reputation system’s penalties and punishments are far too harsh when they need to be more lenient in certain areas. Thankfully, those changes are coming with this update and should help out a lot. 

First off, exiting a match in a normal unranked mode while in the starting area of the map before boarding the plane to begin the match will no longer negatively affect your reputation in the game. In general, this is not the case in ranked mode, where leaving the starting area will usually make you lose reputation. 

One of the few exceptions in the ranked matches is that you are allowed to leave a match and not be harmed for your reputation up to five minutes after (not before) the plane has taken off if you are in a situation where a teammate has left the match. 

This is the same case for situations in which the matchmaking system is not able to give you an extra teammate for whatever reason, and you are down by yourself in the ranked squads mode. PUBG will continue to listen to feedback and adjust the system to let the developer know your thoughts.  

There is a lot more to the PUBG update 10.3 patch notes that we were unable to cover at this time, like changes to how the in-game store works, the inventory system, and the various bug fixes implemented in this update for Season 10, and much more. If you want to see all of that info, be sure to check out the full patch notes here


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