PUBG Team Deathmatch Is Here: Here’s Everything You Need to Know

by in PUBG | Feb, 14th 2020

PUBG is evolving into a new era with the release of the Arcade and Team Deathmatch in the game. The battle royale game is stepping away from its roots alone and branching out into something much larger than it was previously.

PUBG Is Getting Arcade and Team Deathmatch in Update 6.2

This all began with the release of the new update in the game, 6.2. With the release of it, players now have access to the new PUBG Team Deathmatch game mode. Of course, this only applies to players on the PC test servers.

Unfortunately, the update, like others before it, is only available on the PC version of the game. If you own it on Steam, you can download and enjoy this update on the separate test server version of the game. Sadly, for players on PS4 and Xbox One or prefer the live server version on PC, you are going to have to wait for now.

The update is one of the biggest ones for the game, which is impressive since the Season 6 update wasn’t that long ago. It brings with it a ton of important changes from the release of Arcade to the first major changes to the new Karakin map based on feedback from the actual community.

PUBG Team Deathmatch Release Date

The PUBG Team Deathmatch game mode is part of the update 6.2 patch version. If you have the PC version of the game, you can access it on the test servers right now. If you don’t, you have to wait for a while longer to play through it.

The new Team Deathmatch mode will come to the live servers on PC next on Wednesday, February 19. Players who prefer playing on the official live servers won’t have that long to wait. Unfortunately, the console versions of the battle royale game on PS4 and Xbox One don’t have a release date currently.

Thankfully, the developer has noted that update 6.2 will be coming to the console platforms soon after the release on the live PC servers. Based on previous releases of updates like this one, we expect it to drop within a couple of weeks after the PC live server release.

Team Deathmatch Rules and How They Differ from Battle Royale

Up until this point, the main mode in PUBG has been battle royale and that’s it. Of course, the mobile version of the game on iOS and Android is an entirely different case as that game has created its niche with this game mode and many more that are quite popular.

Unfortunately for the main game, though, players have only had battle royale to play with but at least on several different maps. But with the release of 6.2, that changes as Arcade has arrived for the battle royale game.

This section of the game contains the arcade modes separate from the main battle royale gameplay. It ensures that there will be more game modes in the future, but for now, it is all about the classic PUBG Team Deathmatch mode.

Taking the tried and true gameplay formula that players love about the PUBG battle royale experience and translating it into a nonstop action-packed match, we have the Team Deathmatch mode. If you’ve played any other shooting game like this, chances are you already know this mode quite well.

It is the classic first-person shooter experience where your goal is simple: take out as many enemies as you must. Players who like the gunplay aspects of the battle royale and want to use this mode to focus solely on that.

Players can practice their shooting in the game in this game mode. Of course, players who are generally fans of Team Deathmatch will find enjoyment here as well.

The standard Team Deathmatch that you know and love has a PUBG twist. It has some rules of its own that are a bit different than you might expect. Since this is Team Deathmatch for starters, this does mean that respawns are enabled.

Players come back to life in the game around five seconds after dying in the match. Players have the option to respawn close to friendly players on their team so long as the location is relatively safe from any enemy threats around the living player.

Also, the player who just respawned will be invulnerable for a period to ensure that they don’t just die again immediately after coming back to life. Team Deathmatch rounds have two teams of eight players each take each on in this action-packed mode.

The new Arcade game mode will be first-person only for all matches. Fans of third person in battle royale have to settle for first-person for now. Friendly fire is disabled in this game mode, so you don’t have to worry about these griefers on your team here, at least.

The downed but not out state is disabled in the PUBG Team Deathmatch mode since there are respawns. You’ll have to be more careful if you want to stay alive as your health reaching zero means instant death in this game type.

Unfortunately, there is no way currently to reconnect to a Team Deathmatch match. Even if you intentionally leave the game or if you get kicked out due to crashing or internet problems, you can’t get back into the match. If you are disappointed by this decision, be sure to send feedback to the developer and perhaps this could change in the future.

In each of the Team Deathmatch matches, the two teams of eight engage in basically the best two out of three rounds. In each round, the first team to get 50 kills in total or the team with the most kills after 10 minutes, wins that round.

Teams need to win two rounds to secure the entire match as the actual winner. Each match grants rewards, with BP rewarded based on the player’s score during the match. Unfortunately, in this mode, no one gets the survivor pass experience.

Like in other games, one thing to watch out for is that you may be placed into an in-progress match of the game so long as they are not near the completion of the match. Players who seem AFK get removed from the match after prolonged inactivity.

Deathmatch Maps Available at Launch

The Team Deathmatch game mode wouldn’t be complete without some actual maps to play it on. Since this isn’t battle royale anymore, you shouldn’t expect to play through massive and varied maps available in the traditional portion of PUBG.

Instead, aspects of the existing battle royale maps were taken into consideration. Players have the option to play on portions of those already fan-favorite battle royale locations. Seven battlefields in Team Deathmatch will be available at launch.

The seven maps for the new Arcade game type have been taken from four of the PUBG battle royale maps. All seven of them provide a different sort of experience for players who engage in the Team Deathmatch game type.

From the original Erangel battle royale map comes two Team Deathmatch battlefields: Stalber and Sosnovka Military Base. From Sanhok comes Paradise Resort and the Docks. Vikendi has inspired the Podvosto and Peshkova maps while Miramar has the lone map of Campo Militar.

Each of these offer up different experiences like Podvosto having a more long-range combat focus across a bridge. In contrast, the Docks from Sanhok has more close-quarters combat around various containers. Unfortunately, no Team Deathmatch maps are based around the new Karakin map at this time.

How Respawns and the Scoreboard Work

In Team Deathmatch, players killed in a match typically respawn at a respawn point based on their team’s current location. So, this means you unlikely to have the same spawn points over and over. The game attempts to determine the best place for this to happen.

The general rule of thumb is having players respawn closer to teammates, but far from the enemies. If your team controls a section of the map, you should respawn close to the perimeter of that location.

But if the game recognizes that the spot is contested with the enemy team, it might spawn you closer to the starting area where you began the match. Of course, no matter where you end up, you always have invincibility for a brief period.

The scoreboard in each match of the new game type keeps track of more than just the kills that each player and team has. You can see the stats of everyone in the match, including the player kills, assists for kills, and multi-kills that someone has.

What You Need to Know About the Boost Gauge and Spawn Kits

The Team Deathmatch boost gauge fills up by scoring kills and assists during the match. The boost gauge restores your health if you haven’t received any damage for five seconds in a row.

It works differently from the gauge that players are familiar with from the normal battle royale mode. When you first spawn, your gauge will be 50% full. It doesn’t decrease until you start to take some damage. It heals and depletes faster than in battle royale.

If you can get kills, you can fill the gauge up by half for each kill and 20% for each of the assists that you get. While healing you, the boost gauge replenishes 10% of your health every second. However, it doesn’t offer movement speed boosts, though.

Looting and equipping yourself works differently in Team Deathmatch mode than in battle royale. Before the match even starts, you select your spawn kit. This is the set of equipment and weapons that you select for your loadout for that match.

You can change your spawn kit while the match is going on. It applies the next time you respawn in the match or at the start of the next round. At the launch of the new game mode, you can choose from eight different spawn kits.

There are two assault rifle kits, two DMR kits, two sniper rifle kits, a lone SMG kit, and a single shotgun kit. In the mode, you can select whichever one you want to help with whatever you are dealing with.

More is the way for the Arcade modes beyond Team Deathmatch. Other game types and more maps for players to battle it out on in Deathmatch are coming soon.


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