PUBG Taego Map Released in Update 12.2

by in PUBG | Jul, 1st 2021

Krafton has introduced a brand new update for PUBG right in the middle of the current 12th season that it is in. This new PUBG Taego content patch is a massive one, introducing a brand new map to battle royale, some new gameplay features, and a whole lot more for players to check out. 

PUBG Update 12.2 Is Here for the PC Test Servers

The PUBG update 12.2 is only the second major one in this current season, and it is already matching, if not exceeding, what the initial season 12 update included with it. One of the most amazing additions to the game ever is releasing the new PUBG Taego map and more. 

However, the unfortunate situation with this is that the 12.2 patch notes state that it is only available for the PC test servers. So, that means that unless you play on the test servers for the PC version of the battle royale game, you are going to have to wait a while to enjoy this new content.  

By the time you are reading this, the test server has this new update available, and you can enjoy the first new map in a while there. But if you prefer the live servers on PC, you will need to wait around a week to enjoy it as it will be coming to everyone on PC on July 7 with the live server patch. 

It will be arriving for console players on PlayStation and Xbox in about two weeks on July 15. However, if you prefer to play on consoles, you will have to wait even longer than that. This is a fairly long wait for the exciting new map that was just formally revealed, but it will be worth it in the end. 

PUBG Taego Map Releases

Here is everything that you need to know about the new PUBG Taego map. It is not just any new map in the battle royale game, for starters, but it is the first new 8×8 map in a very long time. It is only the third 8×8 map to ever release for the game. 

Though we have so many locations in PUBG at this point, the only 8×8 maps have been the original two that we got: Erangel and Miramar. For fans of the largest locations that you can have in PUBG, that classic gameplay experience was only available on those two locations. 

And if you’re like me, that means only Erangel because I’m not a fan of Miramar even with the recent changes. Furthermore, the new PUBG Taego map is also the first to feature Korea as a location in the series, even though that is where the developer is from. 

The PUBG Taego map takes place in 1980s Korea as a period piece of sorts with a massive location for players to explore. It is a beautiful locale that is now the featured map in the game. It has clear weather nonstop on the map, and up to 100 players will be found here. 

It is playable in the usual modes, including third-person and first-person, with solo, squads, and one-man squads versions. However, the odd one out is that you will not be able to play on the new PUBG Taego map in duos at this time. 

Furthermore, Krafton warns that some modes and perspectives may vary depending on your region, so please keep that in mind. Bots can spawn on this map, and there is no red zone at all. There are two friendly bird varieties that you can find on the map, reacting to your actions. 

Taego is already available in custom matches for those who want to tweak the settings a bit, and the PUBG Partners out there can already use it in the Sandbox Mode as well. This new location looks to be a picturesque region stuck in decades past with sunny, bright textures.

In the screenshots shared with us, you can see the fields where the farms are, villages for players to explore and loot, and the surrounding forests. It is a stunning region that might be the best-looking battle royale map in PUBG to date. 

How the Comeback BR Feature Works

Since the new PUBG Taego map is one of the biggest maps in the entire game to date, it stands to reason that it would come with some major additions that are unique to it. One of these unique features is the comeback BR mechanic that players will only find on Taego. 

This exclusive second-chance feature is PUBG’s take on what Call of Duty Warzone has been doing for over a year now with the Gulag. It is essentially the ability to come back into the battle royale match in each one you are only once, but there are some restrictions. 

For one, it is heavily restricted to only the very early parts of each Taego match that you are in. The comeback BR mechanic is only available during the first blue zone phase of the match. After that phase has been completed and moves to the second one, the comeback feature is gone. 

It is only for those early, sometimes unfair, deaths that players will get at the beginning of a battle royale match. It is something that players should not try to rely on as heavily as the Gulag, for instance, in Warzone, as it is not nearly as available. 

When you die for the first time in the first blue zone phase, you will be sent to the Comeback Arena, a location that is completely separate from the main PUBG Taego map. Oddly enough, this is a different take on this comeback system where you do not battle against another player one-on-one, like in the Gulag. 

Instead, this is essentially another game of battle royale where players who died during the first phase will be sent here to survive for a while. You need to stay alive for the entirety of the time that the Comeback Arena is around, and you will be able to come back to life. 

All players who are still alive in the arena will be sent back to Taego in the third phase of the match. This is also only available in squads matches, so this is not something that solo players will take advantage of; death will be permanent in that mode. 

Furthermore, at least one player on the squad must be alive for the other teammates to come back. There are no bots or knockdowns in the Comeback Arena, so watch out for that. This is a fascinating take on the comeback mechanic in other battle royale games that is likely to set Taego apart from the other maps. 

In addition, it is likely that, for some, Taego will become the de facto squads map for future matches and streamers. Interestingly enough, though, it is only one of many new gameplay features that you will be able to find on this massive new battle royale map. 

Self AED and New Weapons

The next new gameplay feature that you will take advantage of is the Self AED item. This is exclusive to Taego as well and is the self-revive item for PUBG. You can find it normally as loot in the world and carry it around for the moment you need it. 

How it works is that the Self AED is a self-revive item for players who are downed but not out just yet in the match to take a few seconds to bring themselves back into the ring. Fortunately, unlike the Comeback Arena, this feature is available in both the solo and squads matches of Taego. 

This means that this is the only way to keep fighting that solo players will have on the map when they are taken out. How it works is that you interact with the item when you are downed. It will take some time for it to complete, in which you are vulnerable to the other players around you. 

It cannot be canceled once started, meaning that you are stuck in whatever position you are in once you use it. This means that you should try to find the best possible location to stay put and stay safe for a little while the revive item brings you back before you start to use it. 

It also cannot be used while a teammate in a match is already reviving you. In squads, how it works is that this revive item can be used even when the entire squad is downed because the item will prevent your team from being immediately eliminated like usual. 

However, once every player is killed who has the self-revive item, your team will then be eliminated in that scenario. If you are playing solo, you will enter the downed state instead of being instantly eliminated, which means that seeing an enemy downed means they can revive themselves. 

This could cue you to know that you should take them out fully before they can come back and fight you again. When you use the Self AED item in matches, these will be recorded in your account stats as revives. 

There are two new weapons on Taego. The first is the K2. You can find it normal world loot and a 5.56 mm caliber assault rifle from the 80s and 90s. You can fire it in single, burst, or full-auto versions as an exclusive on the Taego map. 

The other new weapon is the Taego-exclusive MK12. This is a powerful new DMR weapon that is also found as normal world loot. Its firing range is not as great as the K2, but it has some solid stats and uses the 5.56mm ammo typing. 

Pony Coupe and Taego Survivor Pass

There is a new vehicle in this update as well. The Pony Coupe is inspired by the very first Hyundai concept car that was premiered at the Turin Motor Show in 1974. It is an all-wheel-drive car and looks like the next crossover of sorts with a vehicle company. 

It has a max HP of 1000, max speed of 150 km/hr, AWD for driving off-roads and the like, and is a four-seater. Your full squad can fit in the Pony Coupe, but the realistic design of it means that the two players in the back of the car will not be able to shoot out of the vehicle at enemies; only the driver and front passenger seemingly can. 

Even though the season 12 survivor pass is not too old, there is already a new one joining the game, and that is the special Taego survivor pass. You can get it for 990 G-Coin or 3270 for the weapon and level pack that also comes with it. 

There are changes to the survivor pass, including bonus rewards for players who reach level 50 and beyond before the end of the pass. Premium owners at level 50 will then level up further and receive rewards like medals, emblems, and even G-Coin. For more on this 12.2 update, be sure to check out the full patch notes here


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