PUBG Taego Charity Showdown Begins Later This Week

by in PUBG | Sep, 9th 2021

PUBG’s latest battle royale map, Taego, has quickly become one of the more popular destinations in the game. Likely due to the general quality of the map and the fact that it is only the third 8×8 in the game, it has become quite popular and even has an event soon in the PUBG Taego Charity Showdown. 

PUBG Taego Charity Showdown Announced

This official esports event is a collaboration between Krafton, the creators of PUBG, and the charity organization LifePack. The PUBG Taego Charity Showdown is here to not only promote the new map that has been in the battle royale game for a couple of months but share some goodwill as well.

The PUBG Taego Charity Showdown will take place on Friday, September 10, at 4 pm PT and feature some of the top PUBG content creators and pro players in the world battling it out for one day only. This short and sweet competition will offer intense battles and also some changes for the good. 

The PUBG Taego Charity Showdown has been announced as part of the PUBG Change for Good initiative, where Krafton aims to make some good change in the world through the power of PUBG. In this case, the esports tournament is happening on September 10 to raise money for charity. 

Some of the top talent from around the globe will be competing in the event together to raise money for charity and make some changes in our world. This is a great moment to watch some great action and see some change brought about through the money raised. 

Participants in the Showdown

The PUBG Taego Charity Showdown will be a competition that will feature players competing on the Taego map to win the event. In total, there are 34 content creators and esports players who will be in the event competing for a chance to help bring change to the world. 

Full list of the competitors (click here)






























303 Apples

Shrimzy (Soniqs)

Hwinn (Soniqs)

Baddylul (Gravity)

SneakAttackOfficial (Eternity)

Charity Showdown Is Raising Money for LifePack

The players will be competing in the PUBG Taego Charity Showdown for the opportunity to raise money for the LifePack organization. This is a new initiative dedicated to bringing Ready to Use Therapeutic Food (RUTF) packets to children worldwide. 

In the world, the number one cause of death overall for children is malnutrition. This is an unmatched crisis that has only been made worse by the pandemic that is ongoing across the globe. For every 25 cents USD raised in the event, LifePack will be able to provide one RUTF to a child in need. 

What’s great is that Krafton is putting out some incentives to get more players watching the PUBG Taego Charity Showdown and raising money for the children in need around the world. You will be able to receive some in-game rewards just for showing up to the stream. 

Players Can Earn Rewards for Watching

When the event begins, you will be able to watch it on the official PUBG Twitch channel, as well as most likely the individual channels of the 34 participants who have one. Be sure to link up your PUBG Global account to your Twitch account to earn some Twitch Drops rewards. 

Once you have linked the two accounts together, head on over to the livestream of the PUBG Taego Charity Showdown event and watch it live. There are two rewards in total that players will be able to earn through this event. It all depends on the amount of time that you watch the stream. 

If you watch the stream for 30 minutes in total live, you will be able to earn a total of 10 Contraband Coupons that you can then turn around and use in the battle royale game itself to get some new cosmetic items possibly. However, if you watch for longer than that, you will be guaranteed a unique cosmetic item of your own. 

For players who watch an additional 30 minutes of the PUBG Taego Charity Showdown live, so a total of one hour for both rewards, you will get the special Blackpink head mic item. It looks like the Blackpink crossover items are not over just yet and you will be able to earn this one for free. 

You Can Donate Right Now to LifePack

This is a great bonus for tuning in to the PUBG Taego Charity Showdown, watching some great battle royale matches live, and being part of the excellent move that LifePack is creating. That said, if you want an early start on making a difference, you can do that before the tournament even begins. 

You can head on over right now to the donation portal for LifePack and instantly donate to the charity. All proceeds generated this way will go directly to providing these RUTF packets to children in need worldwide. 

LifePack states that it only takes three packets (75 cents a day USD) for six to eight weeks in total to bring a child back from the brink of death from malnutrition. Players can wait to help raise money during the PUBG Taego Charity Showdown or go ahead and donate now to get the ball rolling on some change for children across the world. You can tune in and watch the stream live on Friday, September 10, at 4 pm PT on the PUBG Twitch channel. 


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