PUBG Season 8 Payback Is Here: Everything You Need to Know

by in PUBG | Jul, 15th 2020

PUBG Corp. has dropped the latest season of battle royale for some players to start enjoying, beginning today, Wednesday, July 15. PUBG Season 8 Payback is now here and will be available on other platforms soon, offering a ton of new content like a remastered map.

PUBG Season 8 Payback Release Dates

Before we dive too deep into everything released as part of the PUBG Season 8 Payback patch notes, it is important to note when you can play through this update soon. After all, not everyone will play the new season today.

The developer is following standard procedures for releasing this new update, similar to how things were handled for previous ones. The test server is getting the update first for that platform, where players can check it out there before releasing it for everyone else.

The PUBG Season 8 update is available on the PC test server if you are reading this. Download the test server client through Steam, and you can play it. That test server client is free and available to anyone who owns the full version of Steam’s game.

If you are on the console side of things, we have exciting news to share. For the first time (at least that we have seen), PS4 and Xbox One are not getting left out of the testing phase of the new season and will participate early as well.

Players on console can also check out Season 8 on the test client on their respective platform ahead of the live server launch, but it will (of course) be a little bit after the release on PC. The test server launch on PS4 and Xbox One will happen in a few days on July 20.

The live server full launch of the new season of battle royale for the PC live server on July 22 follows this. If you are someone who just likes to wait for the full version on the live servers, you only need to wait a week from now. That said, the console live version isn’t until July 30. So, it is understandable if those players want to jump into the test version.

Everything You Need to Know About the Sanhok Remaster

When it comes to the PUBG Season 8 patch notes, the most important addition is the Sanhok remastered map. Sanhok is the latest map in the game to release with an updated version that includes a ton of changes and new additions.

Sanhok remastered from the ground up for this new season, including texture, material, and other changes to how the map looks and feels. There are updated points of interest, new locations, and general gameplay changes that will make the map feel different.

It all begins with the boot camp, which has been reworked to look much more desert-like in this update. There is plenty of line of sight for long-range fights but now also underground areas for close combat fights, too. Quarry has a similar look and feel as before, but now has larger rocks to provide better cover and more balanced fights than before.

Mongnai is now known as the new point of interest Airfield. This new location is home to a possible spawn of the motor glider, which is the only place to find it on the map. This is a great way of boosting this previously unpopular destination and making it more important.

The Docks are now known as Getaway and is now a resort town that has replaced the rather loot-empty docks. There are bars by the pool, a boardwalk, a dance club, and a lot more to attract players. Of course, this means there will be much more loot, too, to find here.

When it comes to the Ruins, the temple-like area expanded to have towering ruins looming over the players. This should help balance the location more, with plenty of loot and a deadly labyrinth.

When it comes to the Mountain, it upgraded in some ways visually. It is similar to the Ruins with larger buildings and structures. But more importantly, the Mountain now has additional paths to get up and around it to make it easier not to get caught in the blue zone here.

The Cave is largely the same insane drop as it was before, but the difference this time around is that you will find the location is filled with an underground temple to explore now. The four Pai Nan, Khao, Sahmee, and Kampong towns have reworked a good bit to add verticality and other variation to their gameplay.

What is brand new to Sanhok remastered is the loot truck. This new map feature isn’t a vehicle that you can drive but one that drives on its own around the map. Shooting it will cause loot to drop, but destroying it will result in insane and exclusive gear for your team.

There are up to four loot trucks that will spawn at the start of a match. Every time one is destroyed, another will spawn until a total of eight loot trucks have spawned in that match. Be careful, though, as they have a lot of health. Other players are likely to surprise attack you at the same time.

Loot trucks only spawn in normal matches, not ranked ones. There are a few other general changes to Sanhok remastered like the Panzerfaust now part of the world loot, the C4 being removed, and general vehicle spawn changes. And Docks is no longer a map in Team Deathmatch.

Payback Survivor Pass and Gameplay Changes

With the release of the new PUBG Season 8 Payback survivor pass comes new missions, skins, cosmetics, and so much more to unlock and collect as the season goes on. There are almost 100 new skins in total added to the game this season alone.

Better yet, the amount of experience you can gain per day has been increased to up to 7200, making the grind a little bit quicker than before. But in this update comes other changes like the removal of the community, progression, and beginner mission tabs.

But what is happening in return is the release of all mission sets at the same time at launch, rather than staggering them throughout the season. Completing all four of the Sanhok missions will earn the player four unique weapon skins. And general experience will be around 600 per hour of normal gameplay.

Speaking of gameplay, there are some improvements and changes to the general game as well. The gas can improvements are here finally and include the fuel now blending much better into the environment so that it isn’t too easy to see it and it will light similar to the Molotov cocktail.

You can now equip the gas can into your melee slot and use it to spread around the ground. This allows you to set a gas trap of sorts then and set it on fire using gunshots, cocktails, and grenades. You can even throw the gas can to release some fuel and make for a quick explosion if necessary.

As for the map rotation, it has changed a good bit this season. The featured map is the new and improved version of Sanhok, with the random maps being Erangel, Miramar, Vikendi, and Karakin. This will likely only last until 8.2 when Sanhok returns to the random selection.

Ranked Mode and Performance Changes

With the release of the new season comes the new ranked season as well. The biggest part of this new ranked season is that the Season 7 revamped version of Vikendi is now part of the map pool. Otherwise, it’s the same general changes of resetting points ranks and the leaderboard.

There are some general changes to how ranked points work, like giving more points to players who eliminate someone higher than five divisions from yours and an overall boost of 50% to the ranked point growth rate. The minimum survival mastery level must be 40 to enter ranked, rather than 20 like before.

With Vikendi part of the ranked map pool now, there are some other changes and how ranked works. The M249 and DBS weapons are now world spawns while the Mosin-Nagant will spawn on Erangel and Vikendi. And a small number of crossbows will now spawn in the world.

Motor gliders will now spawn in ranked mode, but only on Erangel and Miramar. You can no longer call in the BRDM-2 with a flare gun as it was proving to be too powerful. As for the amount of exp you can get, the max is now 1500 per match you do.

On the performance side of things, the game has optimized in terms of unnecessary processes that would happen when opening and closing various UI like your inventory. The game will now preload the blue zone before the match starts to avoid hitching when the first blue zone spawns. And general improvements have been made to help CPU performance.

Sound, UI, and Other Changes

There are more sound changes in this PUBG Season 8 update, including the overall quality and detail of sounds improved and how they are across distance for footsteps. There is also minimal difference now between bare feet and walking around in shoes.

There are some improvements to the UI, including dragging and dropping emotes in the emote wheel. Changes will save automatically to make things easier and preview emotes. The boost icon has improved to allow for easier distinguishing between the two different running boosts.

There are new items in the store that you can purchase this season for a limited time. The Starfairy weapon set will be available starting on Aug. 5. On the same day, you can get the Corgi helmet set, backpack set, and crew backpack. On July 29, the Victory Dance 22 emote will become available.

Bug Fixes

As always, there are some bug fixes in this update that will improve the game. You can find all of them below:


  • Fixed an issue where footstep sounds were not played correctly
  • Fixed the abnormally quiet footstep sound on certain floor types in large apartment buildings on Erangel
  • Fixed the issue where melee weapons teleport when thrown inside a vehicle
  • Fixed the awkward movements the second player would make in the lobby when readying up


  • Fixing the floating part of the race track in Training Mode
  • Fixed the issue with a certain object becoming invisible when using scopes in Training Mode
  • Fixed the issue where windows in the Cement Factory building would not break after players vaulted through them


  • Fixed the excessively narrow scroll bar located in the store menu
  • Fixed the system message displayed in wrong language when playing War Mode: Conquest
  • Fixed the false preview screen displayed in the customize tab when previewing item boxes which are still on sale
  • Fixed the unnecessary penalty pop-up message displayed in ranked mode after spectating the player’s killer
  • Fixed the issue where players were directed to the wrong menu screen
  • Fixed the wrong season title displayed in the Career menu
  • Fixed the issue where observing the player’s weapon UI is not correctly displayed

Skins & Items

  • Fixed the issue where the character’s neck could become invisible when equipping the Biker Jacket and Ice Princess costume
  • Fixed the issue where part of Tenebres AKM weapon skin remained on the weapon even after changing to another weapon
  • Fixed the issue of PEL 2019 Phase 3 item displayed as another item
  • Fixed the clipping issue with the Major Trouble costume with a character
  • Fixed the clipping issue with PlayerUnknown’s Trenchcoat and PGC 2019 Combat pants

Replay System

  • Fixed the abnormal camera view when exporting the replay in certain situations
  • Fixed the issue where other players are also getting kicked when kicking a player


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