PUBG Season 12 Is Here: Miramar, Lynx AMR, More

by in PUBG | Jun, 3rd 2021

It is time for the start of a new season in PUBG battle royale, with PUBG Season 12. With this launch, it means that it is time for a breadth of new content to arrive in the battle royale title, including the release of an updated map, brand new weapons, and a host of quality-of-life changes. 

PUBG Season 12 Is Here on PC: Console Release Date

With the PUBG Season 12 release, it is important to note that this will follow the same general format of recent seasons, where some platforms will get it before others do. In this case, as always, the PC version of the game will get the new content for a little bit longer than everyone else.

At the time of writing this, and perhaps by the time that you are reading this, you may find that the PUBG Season 12 release is only for PC live servers for now. After launching only for PC through the test servers recently, players there had the chance to check out an updated map and other content. 

But we know that not everyone on PC wants to play on the test servers, and prefer the main version of the game, so we are happy to announce that PUBG Season 12 is now live on the main PC server. However, those who like to play on consoles (likely also including Google Stadia) will have to wait a little longer to check this out. 

For those on the PlayStation and Xbox consoles, you will have to wait until the launch of PUBG Season 12 on Thursday, June 10. It will immediately launch on the live servers, so you will not have to worry about it only going to test console servers first.

In about a week, everyone will have the chance to check out everything offered in this new season of content. The new additions and changes include the updated version of the Miramar map, a new weapon in the form of a sniper rifle, a new type of weapon skin, and a whole lot more. Let’s take a look at everything you can expect in the 12th season of the battle royale game. 

All of the Miramar Map Changes

First and foremost, the biggest addition in PUBG Season 12 is the updated version of the Miramar map. Sadly, to this day, Erangel and Miramar are the only two maps in the game that are of the biggest possible size, and worse still, they both launched early on in the game’s life, though this is going change to in the future with the recently revealed PUBG roadmap for 2021

This situation is made worse because Miramar is not a fan favorite for some players, including myself, who would always rather play on Erangel. Fortunately, it looks like the launch of the 12th season comes with a new and improved version of the map, addressing many issues. 

Launched originally alongside the 1.0 complete version of PUBG after its early access period, Miramar has been largely improved with this new season in the graphical department. The overall visual quality of the location has been improved, especially when it comes to lighting and other areas. 

For instance, there is less random object clutter around the map, the coastlines are more valid for visiting, and there are changes to the cover that you can on Miramar. In general, you should keep in mind that the points of interest are largely the same, but there are changes to gameplay, too, hopefully, address them. 

Three items have been freshly added to Miramar’s loot pool: the jammer packs, decoy grenades, and the emergency parachutes. These should help with traversing the map and dealing with the gameplay styles that it mostly promotes. 

There are also some terrain updates to improve the look of textures in general and the various materials you will find around the desert. Cliffs have been updated, too, to look better in-game. The same goes for the trees, plants, and the like to match the current graphical state of the game. 

In terms of lighting, here is where a huge bulk of the changes have happened with improvements to give the location a warmer and more desert-like feel. This should help with the sun and deal with long-range fights that should not strain your eyes. 

There are changes and improvements to all of the weather types on the map, including the sandstorm and dusk weather patterns in the Challenger Mode. Many different buildings and objects within them have been updated to look better now, too. 

Map flow has been changed some, too, by removing the random objects and clutter found on the map, particularly when it comes to near the entrance to various buildings. Reducing this should make moving in and out of the buildings and around the points of interest better. 

Lynx AMR, Quad Release

Joining the new and improved version of Miramar is a brand new weapon in PUBG. These are not too common these days, so this one is sure to change the gameplay and meta in some fascinating ways. The new weapon is the Lynx AMR or anti-material rifle. 

It is the first of its kind in the game since there are no other AMR guns in the battle royale title at this time. The Lynx AMR is an impressive behemoth capable of decimating and dealing damage on a scale that has not been seen before, especially in the sniper rifle category. 

The main purpose of the Lynx AMR is to be there to destroy vehicles when you are in matches. It is a hard counter against vehicles of any kind and will deal some seriously hefty damage against them. The first .50 caliber weapon in the game, it is the best anti-vehicle sniper rifle around. 

What is insane about the Lynx AMR is that it can destroy weak vehicles, like motorcycles, in a single shot. And if they are a bit stronger than that, it can usually take out all of the other vehicles in no more than two or three shots in total. 

That is from the max health of the vehicle, no less. It is an unbelievably powerful weapon that will be the necessary counter against vehicles in PUBG that we have been needing. Furthermore, it is a sniper rifle, so it is fully capable of filling that role as well at the same time. 

It can take out enemies, just like any other sniper rifle, but we would recommend against using it for that purpose, honestly. This is because the nature of the Lynx AMR is to destroy vehicles, first and foremost. In a life-or-death situation, sure, use it if you need to, but this is an extremely limited weapon that should be used against vehicles. 

The Lynx AMR is only found in care packages, for one, meaning that you will need to risk your life and search well to find this weapon in them. It is also only available on Miramar at this time and in the normal matches, so ranked players will not benefit from it at this time. 

And then when you finally do find the Lynx AMR on Miramar in the care packages, it only has five shots and has no way to get more ammo or reload. Every one of the five shots will have to count as your only ones unless you can find another AMR. This is why you must use them for the most important moments of the match. 

Another new addition on Miramar joins the new Lynx AMR — only found there —and that is the quad vehicle. This is a standard four-wheeled off-road vehicle modeled after the racing style ATVs for those who would like to explore the desert map quickly and effectively.

But the one catch with this vehicle, being that it is a quad, is that it can only hold the main driver controlling the vehicle and a single teammate who sits on the back. If you have a full squad, you would likely need another vehicle, quad, etc., of some kind for everyone to move around. 

It has a max speed of 110 km/hr but can be boosted to 125 km/hr if you have the max boost. It comes with 750 health, so watch out for those Lynx snipers, and it has a max range of 24.4 km or 18.5 km with a max boost. It will add to the custom matches and training mode in a future update. 

Season 12 Ranked System

With the launch of PUBG Season 12, it is now time for the new ranked season to arrive. When you next log into the game after the new season has started, you will find that those of you who are eligible for Season 11 ranked rewards will be given them. 

Those rewards are given out based on the rank you were able to achieve by the end of the season. This includes a PUBG ID emblem based on the highest tier that you could get, including animated ones for the Platinum and higher tiers, plus more rewards. 

Those who can reach Gold tier or higher will also get a ranked parachute skin. Those players who can reach the coveted Master rank or higher will get the animated Master nameplate as well. For those in the top 500, there are unique animated ID emblems and nameplates. 

Fortunately, the parachute skin is a permanently unlockable item, so you will be able to keep and use it forever. However, the other items in the game are only for the duration of the new ranked Season 12, so you’ll need to reach a high rank again to use its counterpart in the next season. 

Upgradable Weapon Skins Arrive

One of the most impressive and unique additions this season is a new cosmetic type known as upgradable weapon skins. These special skins allow you to level them up over time and add new features and styles to them when you do so. 

The main place right now where you will want to pick up some upgradable weapon skins is in the Contraband Crate. These crates can be bought in the game for 200 G-Coin each or a pack of 10 of them for 1800 coins. They work like other crates where you are not guaranteed to get specific items. 

Instead, you will have a chance to acquire different items, like the new upgradable weapon skins. These regular weapon skins do not have this new leveling system, different rarities, schematic materials, and polymer materials. 

The polymer and schematics are the items that you will want to use to upgrade these new weapon skins in the game. Furthermore, you can get these crates and the items inside using 10 Contraband Coupons to open it up. 

For each crate that you open using G-Coin, you will also get 10 scraps. These scraps can be used at the Scrap Broker to purchase other items, like the progressive Gear Head Beryl M762 skin, schematics for upgrading weapons, and some Contraband Coupons. 

That is it for the bulk of the major new content and additions in PUBG Season 12 that we could cover. If you would like to check out everything else in the new season of content, be sure to check out the full official announcement of it here on the PUBG website. 


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