PUBG Season 11 Releases: Paramo Map Returns, Emergency Pickup

by in PUBG | Mar, 24th 2021

A new season is always exciting in PUBG battle royale, and that is what is happening with the impending release of PUBG Season 11. This 11th season brings with it some major new content like a “new” map location, a new gameplay feature, and so much more.

PUBG Season 11 Release Schedule

As always, Krafton has yet to figure out a way to make sure that all of the new seasons and content come out simultaneously for all of the various platforms like the other battle royale games do. However, it is still new content nonetheless, and that is exciting. 

If you are reading this near the time in which we publish it, likely, you are only going to be able to play it on the test servers for PC as that is the initial place where PUBG Season 11 is being released. Like in past updates, it will come here first before making its way to live servers. 

It will be available on the PC test servers for a bit of time before it will make its way to the live servers on PC and the consoles. The full release on PC will happen in about a week on March 31, with the console release happening on the live servers there on April 8. 

This does mean that you will have to wait a good while before you can play it on PS4/PS5 and the Xbox family of consoles, but in the meantime, you can find out what is going on with the new season. Fortunately, Krafton has revealed everything that we need to know about PUBG Season 11. 

We will present you with the patch notes for the 11th season of content, including the new map location offered in this season, the new gameplay feature that should offer some interesting solutions to some problems, and a whole host of general changes board. Let’s get started with the ranked modes that are important to some in the community. 

Seasons 10 and 11 Ranked Modes

Season 10 is either wrapping up on your platform of choice or already has, depending on when and where you play the game. There are some Season 10 ranked rewards that you can look forward to in the game very soon. 

That monumental was challenging, and players deserve some hard-earned rewards for their efforts during the ranked season. Depending on your final end-of-season rank in Season 10, you will get anywhere from no rewards to possibly three in total, and they are all pretty good. 

First off, for every single player who earned a rank in Season 10, you will be able to get a unique ranked emblem per tier. This will be dependent on the rank that you got during the season, but so long as you got any emblem in the season, you will get this to show off in Season 11 and beyond. 

The second-ranked reward is a bit harder to get as it requires players to have reached gold and above rank. If you could get gold or higher, you will get the Season 10 ranked Mirado skin for your collection. And then the third and final item is for those players who did really in Season 10. 

Those players who could reach rank diamond or higher will get the Season 10 ranked parachute glider skin for use in matches. All of the items that apply to you will be automatically added to your inventory when you first log in at the beginning of Season 11. 

Furthermore, we have the start of PUBG Season 11 either happening or about to happen for you, which means more ranked rewards on the horizon. But there are some major changes to the rewards and how the ranked season works in general. 

From now on, the ranked seasons will run for around two months in total instead of matching the length of the normal battle pass seasons. This will no longer be the case, so the survivor pass’ end and beginning dates will not line up with the ranked seasons anymore. 

There are some changes to how ranked rewards are given out and how you unlock them to help with this. One of the most important changes is that emblems are now temporary items. They will no longer last in your inventory as permanent items but, rather, last for the duration of the season that you received them in. 

This is because the data reveals that most players use the most recent emblem they have received, which means that the Season 10 ranked rewards will likely leave the game after Season 11 concludes. 

Other changes include the fact that ranked parachute skins will now be available from gold ranks and higher. Vehicle skins will no longer be a ranked reward, and animated emblems are for platinum ranks and above. Master rank and the top 500 players will get a nameplate and emblem. 

Some other general changes to the PUBG ranked mode include spawn rates for all weapons that will make it more similar to esports mode for all of the maps. The item spawns increased by around 30%-40% to help with the time spent looting in ranked modes. 

Paramo Map Is Back

One of the most important additions in Season 11 is a “new” map. Well, new. Paramo is coming back once more to battle royale and will stick around for the season’s duration, perhaps longer. The smaller-sized fan-favorite map will be returning but at the cost of two other maps. 

Both Haven, which we already knew was going to be a limited-time map for the duration of Season 10, is gone along with Karakin, which is a bit more surprising of a decision. In their places, Paramo is back and will be available in both normal and custom match options. 

But there are some major changes to Paramo from when you last saw it a few seasons ago. The terrain now has one extra randomized location possibility to shake things up and further make this map’s random nature more appealing to players. 

There are increased item spawn rates in the secret room and for the care package helicopter. The terrain, in general, has been improved. There are new cover options on the fields. This smaller map will feature the standard small match sizes of 64 players with bots included when it comes to normal matches. 

It will have both third-person and first-person options plus the game modes of solo, duo, and squads in Season 11. When it comes to the custom match options for this map, the secret room key will be a possible option in the settings to give to players upon spawning. 

With all of the growing number of maps and different gameplay elements in PUBG at this time, PUBG Season 11 will see the start of restrictions on map rotations. There will only be five maps in each season with changes from season to season. 

In the meantime, Erangel and Miramar will be the only maps that will be permanently part of this rotation each season. The other three slots will rotate each season, giving time for the developers to work on the sunsetted maps while they are away. 

Emergency Pickup Feature

There isn’t a ton of new content this season, but one of the most important features is the new emergency pickup. Sometimes you are in the middle of the blue zone, are getting damaged, and you have no way of escaping from the terrors of that area. 

Fortunately, there is where the new emergency pickup item comes into play. You can find it only on Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok, and Vikendi at this time. It is a lootable item held in your inventory. When you use it, a Fulton balloon will be released from its bag. 

The balloon will inflate and then call in an airplane that will arrive in 60 seconds. While you wait for the plane to arrive, you can grab onto the balloon’s rope and then wait for the plane to come and rescue you. It will then carry you towards the center of the safe zone. 

You can, of course, hop off of the balloon early and glide away if you would like or stick around. But make sure that you have a clear area near you when you try to deploy the balloon. Also, be aware of the time it takes for it to arrive, which will only be useful in certain situations. 

It is also restricted to only being usable after the first circle but before the fourth one. There are other restrictions, too, like not being able to shoot once picked up by the plane and being vulnerable to enemy fire. Also, the camera is locked to third-person view even in first-person matches while hooked up to the balloon. 

Weapon Changes and Mastery Medals

Some major weapon balance changes are coming in PUBG Season 11 that you should know about. There is the Mini14 that has a bit of a boost with increased damage from 46 to now 47. The VSS also has increased damage from 41 to 43. 

And the SCAR-L has increased damage from 41 to 42. However, the Beryl and SLR have been nerfed a bit due to performance and popularity. The SLR had increased horizontal recoil now with 15% more than before and decreased recoil recovery rate from 2.1 to 1.9.

For Beryl, there are several changes, like increasing the horizontal recoil magnitude by 5% and the horizontal recoil speed from 10 to 11. The vertical recoil speed has increased to 16.5. It should make both of these weapons a little bit harder to handle from now on. 

For Mastery medals, there are 10 new types that you can unlock. There are ones for missed victories, eliminating an entire enemy squad in battle, coming out on top in certain situations, and even working well together with your team. You will be able to unlock these new Mastery medals in both normal matches and ranked ones. 

Friends System and ID Changes

Those medals are now more useful, too, for the social aspect of the game. You can display up to two medals at once as a way to show how hard you’ve worked in the game. If you upgrade a medal tier, it will show you the higher one and remove the older one from the profile.

You will be able to customize your PUBG ID from the customize tab. It will be part of your profile pop-up rather than the previous passport-style format. There are changes to how friends work, too, with a new mutual friends system. 

In this new way, you will no longer have to follow someone as you will be able to send requests and accept friendships from other players like in other games. The friends’ list supports up to 300 players. You can block requests from players for 30 days if necessary. Because of this, the following feature is now gone. Make sure to send requests to those players you connected with already!

For more on the various other bug fixes and changes in PUBG Season 11, check out the full patch notes on the official PUBG website, where you can find out more about the store, quality of life, and performance improvements. 


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