PUBG Season 10 Breakthrough: New Haven Map, Pillar NPCs, More

by in PUBG | Dec, 9th 2020

PUBG Corp. and Krafton have officially announced that PUBG Season 10 is available right now for some battle royale players. The 10th season of the gigantic game is one of the most important seasons to date, and it brings with it some massive additions and changes. 

PUBG Season 10 is officially known as the Breakthrough season, and for a good reason, too. This season features the release of an enemy faction, new items, battle pass, ranked season, other changes, and more. But there is one addition that soars above the rest. 

PUBG Season 10 Breakthrough: Everything You Need to Know About Haven

When it comes to the 10th season of battle royale, the most important addition is undoubtedly the new map added to PUBG. That’s right, the game has received yet another new map, and this one is new, bringing Haven to the rest of the ever-growing collection of locales.

Haven is unlike any other map in the game to date with its size, style, and purpose. It is in America’s rust belt as a smaller industrial island that you can explore and survive in. The catch is that this urban jungle is relatively tiny compared to other maps in the game.

It is the smallest map to date that we know of with only a one by one square map. It is mostly an urban area where there is a lot of density, verticality, and indoor areas to help make the place feel alive and exciting overall. 

There are rooftops, buildings to explore, and many streets to journey across when looking for supplies and loot to take out your opponents. Speaking of enemies, you have more to watch out for in this city other than just the other players in the game match. 

There are only 32 players in each match of Haven in PUBG Season 10, but this number boosts a bit when you include the new NPC enemies that you will encounter throughout the map. You will have to deal with all of these threats throughout the six districts on the new map. 

The first of these is the Carbon Steelworks, which is at the Haven map’s very heart. This massive mill is a complex that includes some fiery locations with precious loot and some nice platforming sections for those of you who would like to explore its rooftops and have some vantage points. 

Next is the Coal Yards, an industrial wasteland filled with piles of junk and materials, cranes that you can freely climb, and other areas. But this open space is one that you need to be very careful when visiting as you will be vulnerable to snipers here. 

Industrial Zone is on the northern side of the city and includes various industry locations like factories, manufacturers, and other facilities throughout this location. There are many varied indoor areas here; therefore, you will deal with some intense close combat fights in this location. 

Residential Zone is a significant portion of the city, being home (literally) to the workers who make this industrial city run. There are high-rise apartments, buildings, and crowded streets. There is also the Overpass in the middle of the Haven map. 

The Overpass is noteworthy for being a dual-purpose location. The top of it leaves you vulnerable to the new faction, while underneath the Overpass is where lots of players are likely to be found. And last but not least, there are the Docks. 

The Docks are where you will find this varied port area with lots of crates and barges around. There is plenty of cover here with some riskier areas, potentially leading to some lengthier fights. 

Haven is a new map that will be the seasonal map for only the current PUBG Season 10. It will have third-person and first-person modes, 32 players per match, and no normal bots at all. There are only duos, including one-man duos, so, unfortunately, not even true solos.

The overall match length is shorter than the other maps around. This means that you will only get approximately 70% of the BP you would typically get from a full match on other maps in the game. Thankfully, your mastery, survivor pass, and all that will progress in Haven, but your stats will not be recorded in the career tab for some reason.

Pillar Faction Joins the Game

As mentioned, one of the main features of the Haven map that is unique to it is the Pillar enemies. This faction of NPC enemies is the other threat you will have to worry about besides the 30 or 31 other players you will encounter in Haven’s matches.

These enemies seem to stick to certain areas around the map like the Overpass and other places, protecting them and attacking on sight. The normal guards will have basic equipment, while the commanders will have top-tier gear that might be worth trying to pick up. 

Once you attack the Pillar enemies, they will send out backup requests to the Pillar scout helicopters, who will alert the Pillar tactical so be very careful when taking these foes. They will be a worthy threat in addition to the regular players you have to worry about. 

The Pillar scout helicopter is a unique vehicle that roams around the map’s skies, looking for players sticking out in open areas. A spotlight will shine on the players it finds and then relay that info back to the tactical team. The tactical is a terrifying land vehicle that also roams the island. 

It will attack on sight, and it cannot be destroyed at all. Don’t even try to fight this (like seriously) and just run away. If you see the scout helicopter, get out of there as the tactical vehicle is likely soon on its way. The tactical will even target players who try to hide from it in cover, so just run. 

The Pillar supply cache will replace the normal care packages on Haven that you would typically find on the other maps. However, you can’t just open these bad boys up as you will need a unique cache key item to access the items inside. 

The only way to get the cache keys is to take out the Pillar commanders, who will be tough to take down. Once you have the key, find a cache, and you can access the impressive loot inside. Once someone in the match has opened a specific supply cache, everyone in the match will have access to the loot inside, so fights will likely form around them. 

The final unique part about Haven is the emergency parachutes. These items are throughout the island and is a single-use item that fills your belt inventory slot. It can be used to descend safely and quickly from some of the high-rise buildings on the island. 

Breakthrough Survivor Pass and Ranked Mode

PUBG Season 10 is available right now for the PC test servers only at the time of writing this. Details about when it will come to the console live servers are currently unknown, but we know when it will hit PC live servers at least, which is Dec. 16.

That is when the survivor pass will begin officially. You will be able to progress through all 100 levels of it. It will last for three months in total per usual, ending on March 24. When it comes to the kill missions in PUBG Season 10, they will only count for kills you get in the match, not any assists.

But the accumulated kills and assists that you do get in the match will count towards their respective kill and assist missions. There are four main mission types that you will be able to complete in the game. There are daily missions, weekly ones, challenge missions for exploring every corner of the map, and two season missions for different weapons.

Players who participated in the Season 9 ranked mode will get rewards after the season starts. Season 10 ranked modes will begin with the new season’s start. Players will need to complete five placement matches as always to get their initial rank. 

Once again, this new ranked season means more changes for how ranked points work. The overall pace of gaining or losing ranked points has increased significantly to reduce the necessary grind. It should also mean that players can accurately predict how many games they need to win to reach a certain rank.  

If you kill a teammate in ranked, you will now encounter a matchmaking delay penalty. The Erangel Ferry is now leaping ranked and esports matches. There are new rewards in ranked Season 10, depending on what rank you reach, including new emblems, Season 10 ranked Mirado and a new ranked parachute. 

Matchmaking and Other Changes

There are some significant changes to the queues available worldwide, especially when it comes to ranked. Lots of regions will not have both ranked solo and squads, especially in the third-person perspective.

For instance, the EU only has the first-person solo, duos, squads, ranked solo, and ranked squads. On the third-person side, there are only solo, duos, squads, and ranked squads. There are only solo, duos, squads, and ranked squads for first-person for players in North America. Third-person only has solo and squads, so no ranked third-person modes at all.

Be sure to check out your specific region or switch regions, if necessary, so that you can keep playing the mode(s) that you prefer. New mastery medals are now available, too, revamping the system in the process. You can view the new ones in the career medals section of the menu. 

There are combat, survival, and commemoration medals available right now, with 15 in total to earn. The 15 medals can upgrade to a new look if you can reach certain conditions. The existing weapon mastery medals have been removed entirely and their details have been deleted. 

UI and Quality of Life Improvements

The UI has some changes once again, including wearing or taking off skins during previews. Opening up the menu in the middle of a match will now show more useful info. You will now see the already existing menu items plus the teammates list, voice chat settings, and the mission list in normal matches. Of course, the teammates part is not there for solo matches.

In the ranked matches, you will also have the teammates list, kills/assists, and the survivor pass mission list. For the Arcade side, up to 10 team members will be shown in the teammates list and custom matches. There is now an option to display advanced key commands instead of just the regular ones. 

The UI sounds in the lobby have improved. Feedback has been heard about Sanhok as well. The weather, overall brightness, color palette, and interiors have improved for Sanhok. You can now customize spawn kits in Team Deathmatch as well. 

Each weapon can be customized using the kit button on the spawn kit settings page. It is optional. You can still use the default options if you want to. For the performance side, hitching while the players were in the starting plane has been reduced. 

There are a whole lot of other bug fixes and minor changes that have happened in the game. If you would like to find out everything about the PUBG Season 10 patch notes, you should check out the full list of everything right here


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