PUBG Roadmap 2021 Revealed: Miramar Remastered, More

by in PUBG | May, 26th 2021

PUBG is set to have one of its biggest years to date with the content that is on the way. Krafton revealed the PUBG roadmap 2021, highlighting the biggest content set to release later this year or in early 2022, including several new maps, a new game mode, and more. 

PUBG Roadmap 2021 Revealed

The PUBG roadmap 2021 starts with what is just in front of us, in terms of new and updated maps, and it all begins very soon with the release of Miramar Remastered on both consoles and PC. The updated version of the fan-favorite location will see it changed up considerably. 

Miramar was only the second map to be released for the battle royale game when it first came out and one of the only 8×8 maps still available at this time. That said, it is one of the least favorite maps in terms of our ranking of the best locations, and for a good reason. 

It is a large desert map that is just too open and visually unappealing. Everything on the map looks the same. There is not enough diversity to appreciate what it has going for it. If it were up to me, I would pick one Erangel every time to go to Miramar for the large map fix. 

Fortunately, it does look like that should change soon with some major visual upgrades to the Miramar map that we know so well. This is the second time that Krafton has updated the location, but this one will focus on wider visual changes to make it look more appealing. 

Miramar Updated Version Details

The updated Miramar version of the map will come out with the launch of the 12th season of the game, including the visual quality and technologies used in Paramo and Haven most recently. The few screenshots that we have seen thus far point to a much better-looking place. 

It is already available right now in the test server for players on PC to check out, but it will be coming out in the next couple of weeks for the live servers on PC and then consoles after that. However, it will not be the only “new” map experience that players can look forward to this year. 

The next one on the PUBG roadmap 2021 is a brand new map that will launch for the game that is known as Tiger. That is not going to be the actual map title when it launches but the codename for it. What is great about this new location is that it is the first new 8×8 map to launch in the battle royale game since 2018. 

Tiger and Kiki Maps Announced

There are so few of these huge maps. Tiger will be the latest one to join the roster. The large map will feature a brand new mechanic for the game in the form of a way to return to battle after being defeated the first time. It seems that it takes a page from the Call of Duty Warzone Gulag book for this one. 

Not much else is known about the Tiger map as the key art shown does not give us much to go on other than it seems to be visually similar to maps that we already have. It will release sometime in the third quarter of the year (July-September), so we should find out more soon.

There is another brand new map on the way in the PUBG roadmap 2021, and this one is the location that I am most excited about. Codenamed Kiki, this map is the fourth 8×8 location that players will check out in the game. It will feature a wide variety of locations, from underground labs to skyscrapers to swamps and more. 

It is a unique destination that has key art that looks somewhat futuristic and unknown. It is currently in early development, but it gives off some New State future vibes to make this a fan favorite location. Kiki is currently scheduled to launch in either the fourth quarter of this year or the first quarter of 2022.

PUBG Season 12 Content Teased

In the meantime, players have more content on the PUBG roadmap 2021 to look forward to, including the crossover event with the El Solitario motorcycle company. This will see a new racing mode come out for a limited time on the Miramar. 

It will include a new race mode where you can race together with up to four players or in a solo version. It will only stick around for less than two weeks when the new season launches, so interested players should check it out while you still can. 

With the launch of this new and improved Miramar map, there are some new additions to it as well. We will have more details soon regarding what is all in the 12th season of content for PUBG, but there is both a new vehicle and weapon that will be released. 

The new vehicle is the quad ATV that you will be able to drive around the wastelands of the map with. Though it is based on the racing-style ATV, it will have a rear seat so that two players can ride together. The new weapon, however, is a brand new one that we have never seen before. 

The Lynx AMR is the first anti-material rifle in the game and will be exclusive to Miramar in the care packages. This semi-automatic gun will be capable of dealing some devastating damage to both armored vehicles and players on the map. The L6 Lynx will be a powerful sniper rifle in the game. More content is coming in 2021 for PUBG and in Season 12, so stay tuned for more details soon. 


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