PUBG Reveals PCS2 NA Grand Finals and Celebratory In-Game Items

by in PUBG | Aug, 19th 2020

Do you love PUBG esports, and want some awesome in-game items to show your love for PUBG? Of course, you do! Everyone loves awesome cosmetics. It’s a key component to esports, after all. So starting tomorrow for PC, and August 27th for consoles, there’s going to be awesome PUBG PCS2 items you can purchase! Even better, 25% of the revenue from these will go to the teams across four regions: Europe, North America, Asia-Pacific, and Asia.

We also have the teams that will participate in the North American Grand Finals! It’s going to be a heated competition when things kick-off, that’s for sure.

Who Will Go All The Way?

During the PUBG PCS2 North American Group Stage, 24 teams battled it out for the right to see who will be able to fight it out on the Grand Final stage. The goal? Place in the top 16 to move on. It took six intense days of PUBG action to see who will go to the PCS2 Grand Finals, and now we have the teams!

  • 303 Esports
  • Any Trolls in Chat
  • Carnage Gaming
  • Comets
  • Dodge
  • Duel
  • Fabled
  • Houston Hardshifts
  • Illusion
  • LIberate
  • Oath
  • Radiance
  • Shoot to Kill
  • Soniqs
  • Team Veritas
  • Zenith Esports

Who is going to come out on top? This writer puts his money down on Radiance and the Soniqs. When are the matches going down? Fans of PUBG can watch the North America Grand Finals on Twitch every day at 4 PM PST at the following dates: August 27-28, September 3-4, and September 10-11. There’s plenty of time to get ready and think about who you want to root for!

PUBG PCS2 Brings Gits for All

On top of that, there’s the new items to talk about! These celebratory PUBG PCS2 items you can purchase. In addition to the 25% of the revenue going to the four regions that will be participating, 12.5% of that will also be added to the 800,000 USD prize pot. 12.5% will also be equally split among the rosters themselves. What kind of items can you buy though?

  • PCS2 Gilded Triumph – BERYL M762
  • PCS2 Tactical Torque – BUGGY
  • PCS2 Unseen Survivor – MASK
  • PCS2 Fierce Conflict – S12K
  • PCS2 Fierce Conflict – SLR

I appreciate that PUBG went for a more casual look instead of the intense military tac-op gear. After all, this game already has lots of really fun, cool costumes. If you’re the voting type, every PCS2 item purchase grants at least one voting coupon that goes to the PCS2 Pick’Em Challenge.

But what is the PCS2 Pick’Em Challenge? It offers the fans a chance to obtain rewards for guessing the winners of each regional tournament. You get your voting coupon by purchasing the PCS2 items or earning free coupons by watching the tournaments. So there are two great ways to get them!

Successfully predicting the winners will award players Esports Points (EP) that can be redeemed for more exclusive in-game items. EP can also be gained by voting for which teams will place higher than another. This specific voting mechanic, known as Team Faceoff, does not require voting coupons. Honestly, the in-game items look awesome, and we’re always glad to see the teams themselves getting a cut of the pie.

On top of that, your purchase also goes to the prize pool, so let’s see just how much can be raised for the PUBG PCS2 prize pool! It reminds us of DOTA 2 using in-game items/purchases to help boost the prize pool, and that’s never a bad thing.


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