PUBG Pajama Party Survivor Pass, More Release in Update 11.2

by in PUBG | Apr, 29th 2021

The latest update for PUBG is now available known as update 11.2 and players are now able to install it across all platforms, both console and PC. It was released last week for the PC version using the test server but now live servers everywhere can enjoy this new update.

The new PUBG update 11.2 includes the release of the very bizarre PUBG Pajama Party pass (yes, you read that right) as well as a host of other changes. This is by no means the start of a brand new season in the battle royale title but it is the start of something new for sure. Here’s everything you need to know about the new PUBG 11.2 update.

PUBG Update 11.2: Erangel Map Changes

First off, there are some major map changes that have arrived with the release of PUBG update 11.2, specifically, for Erangel. The original battle royale map is still going strong as one of the most popular in the game, and for good reason, but there is still room for some improvements.

As such, Krafton has come up with some changes that are here to address some of the issues that players had with one aspect of the Erangel map: the bridges. The two iconic bridges that link up the mainland of Erangel and the southern island of Sosnovka have been adjusted in this update.

These are the two main ways that a player is able to go from one section of the map to the other and these two bridges have become quite controversial because of that. They are highly dangerous and some of the most popular destinations for players to get attacked.

These two bridges now have major changes to them, starting with the general look of it. It could be just the screenshots that we are seeing from the update post but it looks like the bridges are slightly wider than they were before, including the two lanes that go across it.

As part of this expansion, there is even more cover that players will find on the bridge to protect them when running across it. Part of this is helped by the new catwalks that are available on the bridge that run along the sides of it. This is a new, smaller bridge-like area that you can run along to get to the other side.

The catwalk is a bit hidden from the main view of the two lanes on the bridge, allowing on-foot players to run across this bridge more safely. And it seems that there are tiny bridges that run under the main bridge at times to connect the two side catwalks so you can cross over or hide easily.

The dump truck on the bridge has been repositioned as well and seems to be more beneficial towards players who are trying to hide behind it. Overall, these changes are pretty good for two of the most popular and dangerous destinations that you can pass through while on the Erangel map. This could even make the southern island a more viable location to visit now.

PUBG Pajama Party Changes Everything About Seasonal Passes

The other major addition in this patch is the new PUBG Pajama Party survivor pass. That’s right, Krafton is releasing a brand new survivor pass right now in the middle of the current season 11. No, the season is not coming to an end early but, rather, there is a new battle pass for players to check out.

The new PUBG Pajama Party survivor pass breaks the trend that has been used for the battle royale title up until this point where a new season meant a new pass, much like other games in the genre. They are no longer linked to time and theme in a season, meaning that many more can happen now.

You can have more than one pass in the same season as well as the opportunity for more overall survivor passes throughout the year. The general structure of the PUBG Pajama Party survivor pass is similar to passes in the past but the difference is how we can now get these passes more often and randomly.

Several PUBG players posing in Pajamas from the update 11.2 battle pass
Time to (pajama) party! Credit: PUBG

If you want the premium version of the PUBG Pajama Party survivor pass, there are two main ways to get it. The first is the Pajama Party weapon pack bundle that costs 990 G-Coins and comes with the pass and The Big Sleep AUG weapon skin.

The other alternative is pricier, known as the Pajama Party weapon and level pack. This costs 3270 coins and comes with the PUBG Pajama Party survivor pass, The Big Sleep AUG weapon skin, and a level 30 coupon. There are 50 tiers to it and you can get more than 30 rewards across those levels.

There are special missions that you can complete to level it up faster, like daily, weekly, and challenge missions. It will only be available until June 9, so be sure to pick it up as soon as possible if you’re interested in the casual slumber party outfits that you can get as you won’t be able to unlock rewards after that.

Gameplay and Balance Changes

Several patches back, there were changes to aiming while driving that caused a shift in the game that resulted in more players driving by and shooting at players. To fix this issue, the first step in this update is to increase the recoil by 10% for players who are in vehicles and aiming. This does not affect sidearms, though.

The reputation system has been changed and improved here, especially in the case of speeding up the process of players being able to improve their reputation and make it positive again. The potential number of reputation points that are available have been increased for level one or below.

For players at level four reputation, there are more points that are available here, too. These should improve the experience and make it easier to recover your reputation. However, there are restrictions in place to make sure that someone doesn’t game the system with these new changes.

There are performance improvements in this update as well, including disabling certain voice chat-related features when you actually have the VC disabled, helping client performance in the process. There are additional optimizations and other changes that should help with playing the game, animations, and so on from now on.


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