PUBG New State Will Release in India, Pre-Registration Begins

by in PUBG Mobile | Sep, 1st 2021

PUBG New State is one of the most anticipated mobile releases as the true sequel to PUBG Mobile and even the original PUBG. With us finally getting a brand new battle royale game in the series, it is even more exciting to find out that a PUBG New State India release is also planned. 

PUBG New State India Release Announced

That’s right, PUBG New State is coming to India, which is a bit surprising given how the series has turned out there thus far. This reveal was released on the PUBG New State official Instagram account.

Whenever the new battle royale title releases later this year, there will also be a PUBG New State India release, presumably, around the same time. It is coming to both Android and iOS in India, so players will experience everything that it offers no matter what device they have.

There is still no release date announced for PUBG New State, but we know that it is still currently scheduled for release before the end of the current year on both Android and iOS. That tells us that it is only a matter of time until we get a firm release date.

Furthermore, it will be launching worldwide around the same time, so it is expected that the PUBG New State India release date will likely be right around the same window of time as the rest of the world. This is reassuring news for a country that was seemingly unlikely to get the game up until this point.

New State Did Not Look Planned for India Originally

When PUBG New State was first announced this year, it was not coming to India. There had been no indication that it would be released in India, especially given what has happened last year and this year with the series. 

India banned PUBG Mobile last year, causing the game to be taken down and missing in action for Android and iOS for a while. Though it was planned to return last year, that did not happen. A brand new game was announced, known as Battlegrounds Mobile. 

This is just PUBG Mobile, but without the name and Tencent involvement, at least technically, the other title had. Thus far, this has seemingly been fine with the Indian government. The game has been there for a few months now and even came to iOS recently. 

New State Will Seemingly Not Change Its Name in India

At this point, it looks like the new Battlegrounds Mobile is an excellent solution for the government’s problem in India. The changes made to the game for that country have seemingly sufficed as we have not heard anything negative about it lately. 

What is odd about the PUBG New State India announcement is that the franchise’s name potentially has some negativity tied to it in the country. When Battlegrounds first came out, there were rumors that Krafton was requesting that streamers and players not refer to it and PUBG in the same sentence.

This was likely to keep the game from being associated with PUBG Mobile and, therefore, banned like its predecessor. Given how careful Krafton was regarding the mix of the two names to choose a brand new title for Battlegrounds, it is a bit surprising that it is coming to India and apparently in the same way as everywhere else. 

As far as we can tell, there will not be a name change for the PUBG New State India release. It will seemingly not be Battlegrounds New State or anything like that, so it is interesting to see how this will net out in the end for the new mobile battle royale game. 

New State Might Release in Early October

For now, though, we will have to wait and see as any possible ban would have to come after the actual PUBG New State India release date. Unfortunately, we do not know the game’s actual release date, but we know that it will likely happen very soon. 

After all, there are pre-registrations that players can sign up for in India on both the Google Play and App Store. Right now, you can pre-register, likely get some rewards for doing so, and also have the game ready to start installing as soon as it drops. 

Furthermore, when it comes to pre-registrations on the App Store, it usually will reveal some information about the possible release date. At this time, the App Store in North America states that the new game should release on October 8, 2021, which is just over a month from now.

Things can change, but I have found that many of the pre-registration dates are pretty accurate, so that is likely what Krafton is aiming for, but it could change some. If that date is true, that means that players would only have to wait just over a month to check out the new PUBG title finally. 

PUBG New State is seen as the next game in the series, bringing the battle royale experience with a brand new map and gameplay to a future setting. The new map is Troi and is the same size as Erangel and Miramar, making for a large new location to explore. We should find out more about the release date and other details very soon. 


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