PUBG New State Release Date and Launch Trailer Revealed

by in PUBG Mobile | Oct, 21st 2021

The PUBG New State release date has finally been revealed. The upcoming mobile battle royale game is billed as the latest mainline game in the PUBG series and the next generation of battle royale. With the announcement of the PUBG New State release date, we also now know it is coming quite soon.

PUBG New State Release Date Announced

The PUBG New State release date was revealed in a new launch showcase event that showed off some of the latest details and information regarding the mobile battle royale title. But the most important part of it all is when players will get their hands on it for real this time.

The long-awaited PUBG New State release date has been announced for November 11, 2021. On that day, more than 200 countries worldwide will see this game release in their respective Google Play Store and App Store for Android and iOS devices. 

It is a massive worldwide launch that will feature a widespread rollout to most everyone in the world who currently has access to its predecessor, PUBG Mobile. Like that game, it will be free-to-play on Android and iOS, with microtransactions that will be the bulk of the profit there. 

The PUBG New State release date is rapidly approaching, with around three weeks to go until its full release. From then on, everyone will be able to continuously play the game in its launch format without worrying about early testing or only a handful of countries being able to play. 

A Final Technical Test Is Being Held

However, that does not mean that there will be no more testing periods for PUBG New State between now and the launch. Even though the game is coming out in just about three weeks, that is not stopping Krafton from hosting one more testing phase for players. 

The final technical test will be held next week in 28 countries and will give players in those areas another chance to check out the mobile battle royale game, perhaps for the very first time, before the PUBG New State release date drops a couple of weeks after that. 

The final technical period for the mobile battle royale game will occur in various countries across Northeast Asia, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and Turkey. Unfortunately, this means that most of Europe, North America, South America, Africa, and Australia will be missing out on this event and other huge PUBG countries like China and India. 

In the end, though, it doesn’t matter all that much since the PUBG New State release date is already right around the corner, with not much longer to wait for it. When it comes out in the 200-plus countries, it will be available in 17 different languages simultaneously. 

PUBG New State Details Revealed

Set in 2051, this sequel to PUBG Mobile takes the battle royale experience a few decades into the future. It features a brand new eight-by-eight map known as Troi that is on par with the size of fan-favorite locations like the original map, Erangel, and Taego. 

It is billed as a next-generation mobile game, one of the most advanced and best-looking games ever released on smartphones and tablets. The rendering technology is unparalleled, while the gunplay featured in the game is touted as being on par with the original PC version of PUBG.

With the release date showcase, we learned more about what the game will have at launch and what’s to come in the future. Up until this point, we have only known about the new Troi map that is exclusive to the game and nothing else beyond that. 

Fortunately, we now know that it will not launch with just one map as PUBG did back in the day, but it will have a total of four maps at launch. Only two of them are known thus far, but they include the Troi and where it all began: Erangel. 

More Content Is Coming on a Seasonal Schedule

The other two maps are unknown at this time, but it would be great to see a destination like the brilliant Taego come to the game that is not currently available in PUBG Mobile. Like its predecessor, it will follow a seasonal format with new content and improved gameplay delivered frequently. 

We do not know if PUBG New State will launch with a first season already available in the game or if it will come soon after that, but fans can expect steady content regularly. Furthermore, Krafton is committing to preventing cheating and hacking in this game, too. 

The anti-cheat strategy is there to create a safe and fair environment for players to engage in, which will ban the use of any authorized programs, emulators, and keyboard and mouse. At the same time, it will be searching to detect and stop any hacks and protect the game’s code. 

Also, Krafton is listening to the community for New State, reviewing the feedback that has already been provided through the various playtests, and will look at new feedback when the game launches to adjust and make changes over time. 

PUBG New State is already looking to be a massive mobile game, too, as the showcase also announced that it had achieved an unbelievable 50 million pre-registrations across iOS and Android worldwide. That means 50 million players are already excited for a game that is not even out yet, not including those who did not pre-register. We will have more coverage of New State as we approach its ever-encroaching release date. 


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