PUBG New State Mobile Battle Royale Game Announced for 2021

by in PUBG Mobile | Mar, 1st 2021

We had heard rumors in the past about a possible PUBG Mobile sequel as well as one for the mainline PUBG game, but they were reasonably unconfirmed at the time. But now, PUBG Studio and Krafton have announced PUBG New State, the latest game in the battle royale franchise. 

PUBG New State Announced

It seems that the leaks were, indeed, correct, at least for the mobile iteration. We now know about what is essentially the PUBG Mobile sequel. PUBG New State will be the next entry in the series, releasing for mobile devices around the world. 

It will release sometime later this year with no exact release date given as of right now. It will be a free-to-play title that will continue what we have seen from its now predecessor PUBG Mobile by being available on both iOS and Android devices around the globe. 

The new game will be a mainline entry in the series, following the battle royale games that have come before it. In this way, it will be similar to what players already know and love about the series, but it will come with its unique aesthetic and style choices.

Unlike the current PUBG Mobile, it is built from the ground up for the mobile platform and not taking from a core PC and console experience and trying to bring it to mobile. We all know how that turned out. It looks like this is a great way to make New State a better game overall. 

New State Is Built From the Ground Up for Mobile

PUBG Mobile did suffer, much like its mainline sister game, from numerous performance, graphical, and buggy issues when it first came out. Though the game is pretty good at this point and can be played without too many problems hindering you, its troubles likely come from its origin. 

It took what we know from the PUBG PC version of the battle royale game and translated it to mobile devices. While this works for something like Fortnite that isn’t too graphically impressive, it didn’t quite work for PUBG, especially since the main PC version was still riddled with bugs at the time. 

This led to a frustrating user experience that has grown over time into its own thing that is quickly much bigger and more popular than the original PUBG has ever been. As such, it makes a lot of sense for the PUBG Studio to make a sequel that will deliver on all fronts, hopefully from the start. 

In the single trailer that has been shown off for the battle royale game, it is clear that it is already looking to be something special. The graphics look great. The gameplay looks as frenetic and action-packed as ever before, potentially better than what we are used to. 

How PUBG New State Will Work

Many of the elements are familiar to current PUBG Mobile players, like the vehicles, choice between third-person and first-person gameplay, and the maps’ style. But it is worth noting that this game is a sequel, so it takes place in the future, years after the setting for PUBG Mobile.

PUBG New State is likely to feature some new maps and locations that we have not seen before, plus some gear and weaponry that will match the futuristic time. The game will use Global Illumination to allow for great graphics while the game plays smoothly at the same time. 

The general premise will be largely what you know and love right now. It will have 100-player matches across various maps, with the final team or player standing at the end of the survival against the blue zone being the winner. The maps are touted to be eight kilometers by eight kilometers in size, matching some of the largest PUBG maps. 

There are new vehicles, items, and even weapons that players will be able to use in their journey to get that winner winner, chicken dinner at the end of each match. What is unique about the weapons, in particular, is that we can see some new attachments and customizations in the trailer. 

New Features and Changes in PUBG New State

It seems that this is a significant part of PUBG New State as the new mobile battle royale game will allow players to customize their weapons to an extent using specific versions. Some will change up the attachments and make the gun work differently, while others increase certain stats’ ability and so on. 

Other minor changes will be seen and felt in the gameplay itself, from the ability to roll in matches to ballistic shields and more. While all of this sounds good, it is uncertain what will happen to the original PUBG Mobile after this. 

We presume that it will stick around in the iOS and Android markets, allowing the fans of that game to keep playing it for the foreseeable future. Still, we wouldn’t be surprised if seasonal content ended, especially since PUBG Studios has yet to address its future in any way. 

We could see a situation where no new content is added to that game, but the servers remain active to keep playing it for the years to come while the main development and new content are released for PUBG New State. 

This is likely to be the premier mobile battle royale game in the future, starting this year, so here’s hoping that it is available on a wide range of devices, much like PUBG Mobile is at this time. But we will have to wait and find out more in the future. 


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