PUBG New State Alpha Test Will Begin This Quarter

by in PUBG | Apr, 12th 2021

Krafton has revealed that players won’t have to wait that long to see the next evolution of the PUBG series. It seems that there will be a PUBG New State alpha test soon that will allow the first group of players to check out this official sequel to the current PUBG Mobile

PUBG New State Alpha Test Announced

We already knew that New State would be the new game in the series that follows up after PUBG Mobile and offers a new take on the battle royale formula, but we weren’t sure when exactly that would be. Instead, we just had a vague release window that would be coming sometime this year.

Now, the official New State Twitter account has posted something enlightening about just how close this game will be. I was happy they announced that a PUBG New State alpha test will be happening fairly soon. 

The alpha test will only be open to certain players from certain regions worldwide, and it will only be for a limited time. But the best part about this whole situation is that it’s close. Players will only have to wait up to two months or so for this alpha to happen. 

Unfortunately, no exact release date was given for the PUBG New State alpha test, but we know a pretty broad window of time in which it will happen. Fortunately, that window of time is going on right now, so we could quite literally have it any day now. 

When the Alpha Test Will Take Place

Krafton noted that the PUBG New State alpha test would happen during the second quarter of this current year. For those who don’t know, the second quarter occurs from April 2021 to June 2021. It encompasses a total span of three months. 

Fortunately, we are right at the beginning of the second quarter, meaning that it will happen within the next two and a half months or so. It could be in June, it could be in May, or it could even be in this current month of April but later on. 

But given that Krafton didn’t give a specific month for the alpha test window, we imagine it isn’t too close to now. We expect the release window to not be this month at all, so your best bet will be next month in May or even June. 

Worse than that, though, this will be a pretty limited alpha test in a couple of different ways. For one, it’s an alpha, meaning that the game is potentially not even in the beta stage of development at this time. Though test builds are usually a few months old, it could indicate that the game will only be in the early beta phases by the time the alpha drops. 

Test Will Have Limited Regions

Typically when it comes to alpha tests, they are extremely limited since the game is in active development and could be for several more months after the test, if not for years later. The Twitter account even noted that this test would be in only a limited number of regions, emphasizing the limited part in all capital letters.

This tells us that there will be more than one region where the test will take place, but the test will be a very limited set of regions. Furthermore, we take this to mean that those of us in the U.S. will likely not be selected for this regional test as that would potentially be way too many players.

Again, typically with cases like this, the alpha tests will happen in a region where the player count will be less than somewhere like the U.S. This is why we have had alpha tests in the past for games in places like Canada and Singapore, where the population is less than the bigger locations. 

If this alpha test happens, we imagine that it will happen somewhere like South Korea, where most of the players are located. Though the PUBG fans’ population is high there, it can still be limited to only so many thousand or so players at one time. 

New State Is Still Scheduled for This Year

For now, players will have to stay tuned for more info about the PUBG New State alpha test as we know nothing else about it, including the game modes or maps that will be available then. And, worse still, we still don’t know the game’s release date for much of the world. 

The account even noted this, stating that there is no release date for the main game at this time, but it’s still coming out this year worldwide. This is good news as it seems likely that we will still see New State sometime this year but, if we had to guess, it would be much later on.

Given that we are just getting news of an alpha test, we don’t expect to see a beta test of the game until a couple of months after that. If the developer releases the game in an early access open beta format, that could speed up the release for everyone. 

But, if not, we don’t expect the full release of the mobile battle royale title on Android and iOS until late this year. We know about New State at this time because it’s a sequel of sorts to PUBG Mobile that will have great graphics and take place in a near future setting. 

There will be more advanced weapons and locations for players to explore as they and their squad fight to be the last one standing at the end of the match. The PUBG community seems very excited for this release as it already has well over 10 million preorders on the Google Play Store alone, not counting the iOS side of things. 


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