PUBG New State 90FPS Support Could Be Coming Soon

by in PUBG | Nov, 10th 2021

PUBG New State is nearing the release of one of the most exciting entries in the series to date. Billed as the successor to PUBG Mobile and the franchise as a whole, it looks like it could be doing that performance-wise, at least with PUBG New State 90FPS support. 

PUBG New State 90FPS Announcement Removed

While not yet confirmed at this time, it does look like there will be PUBG New State 90FPS when it releases very soon at some point. This is due to a since-deleted tweet that included the impressive feature that would allow some players to enjoy silky-smooth gameplay. 

While we do not have access to the original tweet that mentioned the PUBG New State 90FPS support, there is the updated version of the tweet released through the PUBG Twitter account that was reuploaded edited to remove all mention of the support from the announcement. 

In this new version of the tweet, it notes that there is only one more day to go until the release of PUBG New State and that players will be able to “experience next-gen battle royale right on your phone.” Included in the tweet is the launch trailer for the game to celebrate the release date.

The launch trailer for the game is just over two minutes in length, mostly showing off cinematics and a bit of what looks to be actual gameplay from the game that are there to hype up the community for what is coming soon as the next main entry in the PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds series. 

Launch Trailer Revealed

Through the launch trailer, we get to see much of the new Troi map that will be the home for many players when PUBG New State launches on Android and iOS. We can see some of the many locales featured in the game and a glimpse of the updated, “next-gen” graphics that it will offer. 

There are crazy scenarios shown off throughout the quick cuts of the trailer, like escaping into the new circle at the last minute, car chases and takedowns, insane sniping moments, and the like. It concludes with the reminder of the global release date of November 11, 2021, on Android and iOS.

After that, we are shown a quick tease that is likely to remind players that Troi will not be the only battle royale map that you will be able to play on when the game comes out. The series’ original destination and fan-favorite location, Erangel, will also be available in the game at launch. 

Launch Trailer Originally Showed 90FPS Support

However, it is the end of the launch trailer that has been edited as it originally showed that it would offer up to PUBG New State 90FPS support when the game launches. However, removing the original tweet mentioning this, the trailer was also edited to take that part out. 

This is quite the puzzling situation as it begs whether or not there really will be PUBG New State 90FPS support at some point and, if so, why was it removed from the announcement? This is something that Krafton would best clarify, but that has yet to happen at the time of writing this. 

Instead, all we can do is speculate as to what exactly happened with the previously announced but then changed PUBG New State 90FPS feature. Notably, this is a feature already available in PUBG Mobile. Some players on specific Android and iOS devices can enjoy up to 90 frames-per-second in large-scale battle royale matches. 

That is a solid FPS, one higher than 60FPS, which is usually the bare minimum that you would want from a shooter like PUBG Mobile and New State to compete on a decent level. Presumably, the PUBG New State 90FPS feature announcement was something that was intended and not an accident. 

If that is the case and the announcement was real at one point, PUBG New State 90FPS support will likely not be available in the game at launch, which is why it was removed. If it were going to be there, there would have been no problem announcing it, after all. 

Will PUBG New State Receive 90FPS Support in the Future?

Since it was removed, there is the distinct possibility that the PUBG New State 90FPS support was intended to be at launch, but perhaps something has recently come up that has pushed it back some. As such, we highly recommend going into the game at launch expecting a lower FPS than that. 

This is a rather unfortunate situation as it gets the hopes up of some players and then dashes them immediately afterward. It would have been great to get some clarification about the situation from Krafton to at least let us know if and when the feature would become available. 

Presumably, though, it will come down the road in a later update once whatever is holding it back currently is dealt with. When that happens, we expect that only some devices will handle the higher frame rate. It may not necessarily be the same as how it works with PUBG Mobile. 

Given that Krafton is billing New State as a “next-gen” experience, it is highly likely to be almost more intense and demanding than its predecessor. We will have the chance to find out for ourselves in just a little while when PUBG New State finally launches worldwide on November 11, 2021. 


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