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PUBG Mobile has taken the esports and gaming community by surprise as it stealthily rose through the charts to become one of the most popular mobile games of all time. While maintaining the spirit of PUBG on your mobile device it has managed to draw in an entirely new audience of battle royale fans and curious mobile gamers alike. For breaking PUBG Mobile news and updates including breakdowns of upcoming events and patches, check here.

Latest PUBG Mobile News

Cody Perez | December 30, 2020
It is that time of year once again where one year is closing, and another […]
Cody Perez | December 21, 2020
It looks like the PUBG Mobile esports community will be shaken up entirely by removing […]
Cody Perez | December 1, 2020
Tencent has released some new clothing item sets for PUBG Mobile on Android and iOS […]
Jason Parker | November 23, 2020
PUBG Mobile manages to be one of the biggest games on the planet somehow, despite […]
Jason Parker | November 20, 2020
Ahh, yes, the PUBG Mobile India saga rolls forward with more cryptic tweets and hints […]
Jason Parker | November 18, 2020
Now, this is an interesting rumor. There’s still not a 100% chance that PUBG Mobile […]
Jason Parker | November 12, 2020
It’s not news that PUBG Mobile was banned in India. It was the highest-grossing/most played […]
Cody Perez | November 10, 2020
Tencent has released the latest season of PUBG Mobile battle royale. The PUBG Mobile update […]
Jason Parker | November 6, 2020
According to rumor, PUBG Corp has informed several high profile streamers that returns to PUBG […]
Cody Perez | November 6, 2020
PUBG Corp. has revealed that one of the newest franchised esports leagues is coming soon. […]
Jason Parker | November 3, 2020
PUBG Mobile has a brand-new gameplay show coming, and they couldn’t have picked bigger stars […]
Jason Parker | October 30, 2020
Let’s be honest: Cloud9 is a pretty awesome org to represent North America just in […]
Cody Perez | October 29, 2020
The conclusion to the Execute debacle during the PUBG Mobile Pro League has been decided. […]
Cody Perez | October 16, 2020
Tencent has revealed that PUBG Mobile is finally getting into the spooky spirit with the […]