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PUBG Mobile has taken the esports and gaming community by surprise as it stealthily rose through the charts to become one of the most popular mobile games of all time. While maintaining the spirit of PUBG on your mobile device it has managed to draw in an entirely new audience of battle royale fans and curious mobile gamers alike. For breaking PUBG Mobile news and updates including breakdowns of upcoming events and patches, check here.

Latest PUBG Mobile News

Jason Parker | July 31, 2020
One of the big talking points we’ve had here on Esports Talk in the last […]
Cody Perez | July 28, 2020
PUBG Mobile is expanding very soon to offer something new for players on Android and […]
Jason Parker | July 27, 2020
PUBG Mobile is hanging on by a thread in India. It might once again be […]
Jason Parker | July 24, 2020
We’ve talked about Mortal a few times here on Esports Talk for his work in […]
Jason Parker | July 17, 2020
There are 16 teams taking part in the PUBG Mobile Global Extreme Challenge hosted by […]
Cody Perez | July 14, 2020
PUBG Corp. has revealed that the popular battle royale game PUBG has reached a new […]
Jason Parker | July 14, 2020
Team FreeStyle, out of Pakistan, will not be able to compete in the PUBG Mobile […]
Jason Parker | July 13, 2020
PUBG Mobile players always seem to find a new exploit or way to game the […]
Jason Parker | July 9, 2020
Do you think the motorcycles in PUBG Mobile need a little more oomph to them? […]
Jason Parker | July 7, 2020
Okay, maybe there is something to be said about banning PUBG Mobile in India. From […]
Cody Perez | July 6, 2020
Tencent has revealed that it is releasing a new updated version of PUBG Mobile this […]
Jason Parker | June 30, 2020
The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology of India banned 59 Chinese apps for India […]
Cody Perez | June 15, 2020
The PUBG Mobile World League is getting a little bit bigger with the recent announcement […]
Cody Perez | June 10, 2020
If you are a PUBG Mobile beta player, you will be happy to know that […]
Cody Perez | June 10, 2020
Mobile games, in general, had a really good month in May 2020, as many users […]