PUBG Mobile YouTube Premium Membership and More Is Being Given Away for Free

by in PUBG Mobile | Nov, 29th 2021

PUBG Mobile is entering a new partnership that is going to be a long-term involvement that is a great deal for players and Krafton alike. The new deal with PUBG Mobile and Google will see the two companies start giving away some freebies, including a PUBG Mobile YouTube Premium free trial and more.

PUBG Mobile Google Deal Begins

The deal with Google is a bit of a longer-term one compared to the crossovers and partnerships that we have seen PUBG Mobile do in the past, like with the PUBG Mobile Godzilla vs. King Kong movie crossover. In this new deal, it will last for around six months until May 2022.

How it works is that every single month between now and May 2022, PUBG Mobile will have new free goodies and content that players will be able to enjoy each month. As for what sorts of items will be offered during this period of time, we only know a little bit about some of them.

The partnership will start with the PUBG Mobile YouTube Premium free trial that is being offered to players. With this addition, players will be able to enjoy YouTube Premium for a good bit of time, seeing how it all works and whether or not this is something that they are interested in for the long term.

What is impressive about the free PUBG Mobile YouTube Premium trial is that it actually lasts for quite a long time, at least compared to the typical free trials that we get for subscription services. This is definitely more than the one week, 14 days, or even one-month trials that we are used to.

PUBG Mobile YouTube Premium Free Trial Details

The PUBG Mobile YouTube Premium free trial will allow players to enjoy this service for a whopping three months, which is about half of the duration of this partnership. As for what you get as part of the YouTube Premium subscription, there are a good bit of extras that are included in it.

YouTube Premium is the optional subscription service that you can get for the popular streaming video platform that includes goodies like being able to watch pretty much any video on there without having any ads at all, which is great considering how many and how long ads are on there these days.

You can even watch videos while you are not on the app itself, which is great for listening to podcasts or music on YouTube while doing other things on your phone, tablet, and so on. And then there is the fact that you can download some videos to be viewed offline, which is pretty awesome for commutes and moments when you are going to not have a good internet connection.

The PUBG Mobile YouTube Premium free trial is a solid one, but maybe not a service that most players would get otherwise, so this is a good chance to check it out for a few months. However, that is not all that is being offered through the first month of the new Google and Krafton deal.

Other Items Being Offered in the Crossover

Along with the free trial for the service, you are also getting 1000 BP to spend in the mobile battle royale game and a new parachute skin that you are only able to use for 15 days. That limited nature of the new parachute skin is an unfortunate move for a free goodie, but still cool to use at least.

The best part is that these three items are only the first of the next several months of goodies that Google and Krafton will be offering to PUBG Mobile players out there. There are more on the way in the future that will include rewards that are a bit more permanent than some of these.

Given that the free trial is only lasting for three months and the parachute skin is only going to be available for use in battle for players for 15 days, they are both temporary freebies for players. Thankfully, some of the later months in this partnership will include some items that will be permanent additions to your account.

As for what those items might be, that is, unfortunately, unknown at this time. This is something that players will have to wait and see for now, but it could be cosmetic items of some kind that players will permanently receive and be able to equip on their character, for instance.

How to Get These Items

For those players who want to take advantage of the PUBG Mobile YouTube Premium free trial and the other items that are being given out for the next month or so, all you need to do is log into the mobile battle royale game on Android or iOS and you are good to go.

That is quite literally it for this giveaway as players just need to open up the game to claim these offers and any future ones that will happen through May 2022 as part of this crossover with Google. You do not need to own the paid version of the survivor pass or anything like that to enjoy the free goodies.

This could even mean that you could tell your friends and family about the free YouTube Premium trial, they could download the game, create an account, and claim the offer while it is still available without needing to really play the game that often or even be a mobile player in general. As far as we know, the YouTube Premium membership trial and the other two items are only available for the next month, so be sure to grab that while you still can.


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