PUBG Mobile Will Replace Vikendi with Karakin Temporarily

by in PUBG Mobile | Apr, 2nd 2021

Fans of Vikendi, don’t worry, Karakin will only temporarily replace the snowy map in PUBG Mobile. It’s still very exciting to see the sixth map for PUBG Mobile. Karakin is something different, a two km by two km map, and 64 players will vie for dominance upon it. Karakin launches in PUBG Mobile on April 7th, and Vikendi will only temporarily disappear from the game.

Is This A Shock? Perhaps Not

This move doesn’t seem to be a shock though. Vikendi’s been dropped from the PUBG Mobile esports tournaments for the first half of the year (PMCO, PMPL respectively). Instead, those events are using Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok, and perhaps in the second half of the year, Karakin. That’s not confirmed though. With the Vikendi map leaving esports, it really sounds like they have been thinking about this for a while though.

We imagine people will probably miss Vikendi, perhaps PUBG Mobile’s Karakin map will be just as engaging. According to beta versions of the map, there are new mechanics, in the Demolition Zone, and bullet wall penetration. The Demolition Zone is far more interesting to me. It’s a small circle that can randomly show up on Karakin. Entire buildings will be demolished in that zone, and it sounds like players will just be annihilated in it.

Bullet wall penetration’s self-explanatory. Certain thin walls will be able to be penetrated by bullets. So while Vikendi will be going away in PUBG Mobile, you can try a brand-new map on April 7th the game – Karakin! We can’t wait to see what people think of it. From the reaction on Twitter, people are still very excited about the new map but are less excited to see what hackers do on a brand-new map. Either way, there’s lots of new content coming to PUBG Mobile. With a new map, we get new challenges, new ways to play, and new strategies to uncover.


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