PUBG Mobile Spider-Man No Way Home Event Teased

by in PUBG Mobile | Dec, 13th 2021

PUBG Mobile has had a lot of crossovers in the past, but there might not be a more exciting crossover than the one that we are apparently getting in the near future. It seems that Krafton and Tencent are teasing that there is going to be none other than a PUBG Mobile Spider-Man event coming soon.

PUBG Mobile Spider-Man Event Teased

This was revealed on the official PUBG Mobile Twitter account, where the developer shared some very minor details about what is coming soon. All that was said in the tweet was that “something big is swinging its way” into the mobile battle royale game, inquiring what fans think it is. 

Using “swinging” in the post certainly seems to indicate something similar to Spider-Man already, but that is not the only tease here that is seemingly pointing at an imminent PUBG Mobile Spider-Man limited-time event. There are a couple more hints that are shown in the tweet, too. 

For one, there is the fact that whatever this swinging thing or person is, they will be showing up in PUBG Mobile and on “the big screen” at the same time, likely meaning movie theaters. And as we already know, Spider-Man No Way Home is just about to hit theaters exclusively in about a week. 

If that was not enough information to go on and reveal that we are getting a PUBG Mobile Spider-Man event soon, then there is the fact that the final part of the tweet was an image that was shared along with the text. And this image certainly seems to drive it home that this event is happening.

Tencent Is Definitely Teasing Something Spider-Man Related

In the image of the tweet, we can see that there’s the classic PlayerUnknown helmet that is floating in midair. What is keeping it up in the middle of the image are some webs that have stuck around it, just like the ones that Spider-Man uses. 

If it was not already clear by this point in time, it looks like we are definitely getting a PUBG Mobile Spider-Man event of some kind in the very near future. At the time of writing, further details about the event have not been shared so we only have a little bit to go off of for now. 

In fact, we do not even know when this event is going to start, but there is enough here to help us speculate about everything. For starters, the Spider-Man No Way Home movie will launch in the US on December 17, 2021, with the early showings the night before on December 16. 

Given that the movie is about a week away at this point, we fully expect the PUBG Mobile Spider-Man limited-time event to arrive around the same time or just before it. That means that any time between now and December 16 or 17 would likely be when this new event would begin in PUBG Mobile. 

It would be nice to see the PUBG Mobile Spider-Man event drop before the movie comes out, but we do not expect it this weekend or else it would have already happened by now. Instead, we could see it coming out Monday or Tuesday next week at the earliest, or else it might just wait until the end of next week.

What Will Be in the Event?

As for what is actually coming out in the PUBG Mobile Spider-Man in terms of content, it is hard to say for now. It is all but certain that players will be able to get Spider-Man costume outfits to equip on their character and run around the various maps in the game, but there might be even more than that. 

There could be other Spidey costumes and/or characters that you can unlock in the mobile battle royale game, like Venom, Miles Morales, and perhaps some of the iconic villains like Doc Ock and the Green Goblin. These will more than likely be paid content, so players should keep that in mind. 

At the same time, there could even be some gameplay content that players can enjoy in the upcoming PUBG Mobile Spider-Man event. Tencent is really great about offering players the chance to feel like they are a particular crossover character or visiting a themed place in events like these. 

That is why it is likely that we could see some web-shooters or other abilities/items come to the game to let players unleash their inner Spider-Man. There is also the chance that we could get a themed location on one of the maps, like Erangel, like a mini-New York City or something like that.

This Is Not the Only Spider-Man Battle Royale Event Right Now

Regardless, the PUBG Mobile Spider-Man event is ultimately not too surprising since one of the game’s competitors is actually hosting its own No Way Home event of sorts right now. Fortnite just began its new era with the first season of Chapter 3 and it includes a whole lot of Spider-Man. 

Players are able to unlock the Spider-Man costume at the end of the new paid battle pass as well as visit The Daily Bugle where Peter Parker has famously worked in the past to capture shots of his own superhero secret identity. 

In addition, there are web-shooters that are coming to Fortnite in the near future that will see players being able to swing around the island like Spidey himself. It would be weird to see two competing battle royale games implementing essentially the same events at the same time, but it looks like that might be the case. In the end, that is just the reach and power of the most popular superhero of all time. Stay tuned for more details about the PUBG Mobile version of the Spider-Man event soon.


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