PUBG Mobile Season 15 Is Here: New Erangel, Beyond Ace Battle Pass, More

by in PUBG Mobile | Sep, 16th 2020

Tencent has released the PUBG Mobile Season 15 update for players to download. Though the update has been available for a little bit, most of the Season 15 content has been locked until now. Now, players can jump into PUBG Mobile on Android and iOS to experience the Beyond Ace season.

PUBG Mobile Season 15 Is Here

PUBG Mobile Season 15 is one of the largest and most important battle royale seasons to date for the mobile game. Dubbed the Beyond Ace season, this new seasonal bit of content includes a ton of new additions, game modes, map changes, etc.

But perhaps more important than anything else, PUBG Mobile Season 15 is also releasing the highly anticipated update 1.0 patch. For years now, the mobile battle royale game has been around on iOS and Android devices, but it has always been in the beta format for players to check out.

But that is no longer the case as the game will be joining Fortnite and many others as the next battle royale game to come out of beta and into its full release. With this full release, players can now enjoy a “complete” game experience full of new content and changes.

One of the biggest changes and additions to the game is the long-awaited release of the New Erangel map promised quite a long time ago to the community. But that is far from the only major part of the Beyond Ace season as there is a lot more.

If you are looking to update your game on Android or iOS, you can do so right now but keep in mind that this is a pretty substantial update. You are looking at around 1.8GB for those on Android and around 2.17GB for those on iOS. Find out everything that you need to know about this seasonal update here.

Everything You Need to Know About New Erangel

Kicking things off is the New Erangel map released as part of the PUBG Mobile Season 15 update. Erangel has become the latest map in the battle royale game to get an overhaul visually. The results are quite different from before in the mobile battle royale game.

New Erangel takes the original PUBG map and amps it up even further, giving it all-new visuals for players to check out. The entire sky, land, water, and even vegetation has been updated in New Erangel to have a more realistic and detailed landscape for players to explore again.

As part of this, some buildings and locations have been changed up quite a bit in this New Erangel update. The updated Mylta Power building has a new layout inside where the resource points will be closer to one another from now on.

The Quarry now has improved terrain structure, different buildings for its overall layout, seven new large warehouses full of supplies for you to gather, and even more landing options for players to check out. This should make Quarry a more viable location for searching for loot.

As for the Prison, this location’s overall terrain has more walls in the area. The building layouts offer more options for players when scavenging and fighting against the other players.

Players will also find new map elements to the New Erangel location with trenches, wooden barricades, abandoned tanks, and other constructions that will now be populating the whole map. It allows for New Erangel to be more diverse and offer new strategies for players across the area.

Then there are some general changes to the layout of many buildings across the entire New Erangel map. Some of the locations will now feature basements at the bottom of the building where there will be loot. Players will have to smash the door open with their weapons to enter and plunder the area.

Because of this, the basements will likely be great places to get loot in the battle royale matches but will not be the best place to hide as the door will be smashed open permanently. Overall, this massive overhaul of New Erangel should please players who have been waiting for it.

Livik Additions and Beyond Ace

Other general additions have been added to the PUBG Mobile Season 15 update beyond the New Erangel map. There is a brand new weapon for players to check out known as the M1014 shotgun weapon.

This new shotgun is a semi-automatic one that will be a fast and effective way of taking out enemies in close combat. The M1014 semi-automatic shotgun can load up to seven rounds at once in its chamber and blast them off fairly quickly.

You can further make the new shotgun even better by equipping it with attachments like the shotgun muzzle or bullet loop attachments. Overall, Tencent is touting it as the most efficient shotgun that you can use in combat, making it clear that this is a defining weapon here.

Though it is a semi-automatic weapon that will reload itself after you have unleashed all of the seven rounds, you can manually reload the weapon like other shotguns whenever you want. This makes it much more versatile than some other weapons. So, you can adapt to any wild situations in the middle of battle.

Though M1014 looks to be the very best shotgun in the game currently and that will change the metagame considerably, it is, unfortunately, a limited shotgun that you won’t be able to use too often. That is because Tencent is currently making it only available on the Livik map in the classic battle royale and Arena modes. It could come to other maps in the future.

When it comes to other changes for the Livik map, there are some general visual improvements that players will check out. The rock textures will now have better graphics, the water (including the visuals for waterfalls) will look smoother and better, and the monster truck should look better from a distance.

There are some bug fixes on Livik as well, including fixing the bugs that had to do with clipping, floating objects, and other gaps in the area’s general terrain. There is a fix for the issue where the monster truck could become stuck in walls and a fix for trees disappearing on the map.

When it comes to the Beyond Ace-themed season available, players will have a brand new battle pass to explore with new items and cosmetics to collect throughout the season. But there is also some new gameplay that players will experience this season.

The Beyond Ace theme comes into play in battle royale with the new energy towers that will appear randomly in certain New Erangel classic battle royale matches. If you are thrown into a Beyond Ace Erangel match, these energy towers will allow you to redeem supplies there by meeting certain currently unknown combat conditions.

New Game Modes and Improvements

The release of a new season wouldn’t be complete without some new game modes to check out. There are a couple of them that are coming on the horizon for the new season. Unfortunately, neither are here at this time, but they will come soon.

Both new game modes will be joining the plethora of EvoGround game modes that are already available, starting with Payload 2.0. Coming soon, players will be able to experience Payload with a new and improved format that should make it a lot better for players.

There are now fully armed vehicles that you can use in combat, including the new armed helicopter, to take out other players in the Payload 2.0 game mode. If you can take the base in this new and improved version, you will find new super weapon crates available there.

These super weapon crates include heavy weaponry and other powerful items that you will use to dominate the field. There are also advanced communication towers in the mode that will act as respawn points for bringing back fallen teammates in battle.

If that isn’t enough, a new seasonal game mode will drop for a limited time next month. The Halloween Infection mode will be the returning seasonal event mode that will let players get into the spooky spirit as we enter the fall season.

Infection mode will make its long-awaited return as one of the most popular EvoGround modes to ever exist, and this time around, it will have a major Halloween aesthetic. The zombies will wear Halloween masks, there will be new decorations around the map, and more to give it that Halloween vibe.

Then there are the general improvements to the game, including security. There are improvements to how the security system will work from now on. It should upgrade the experience to now make it less taxing on the performance of the game.

There are graphical changes as well, including improved skin and facial details for the character models. Hair is more accurate and detailed, so that it looks more natural than before. When it comes to gameplay, there should be more natural transitions between parachuting and landing.

Visually, the buildings and terrain transitions between zones in the various maps in battle royale should have better blending and look more natural. The lighting has been improved, so it should make vegetation and the sky look more impressive. Then there are changes to the water that should optimize it better.

In a surprising turn of events, Tencent stated that this update makes it so that most cell phone models should now support 90 frames per second. That is an amazing improvement. It is coupled with the fact that there are some improvements to reduce the lag from hitting another player.

Other Changes

On the combat side of things, some new weapon balancing has occurred in this PUBG Mobile Season 15 update. The popular Tommy Gun has been improved even more to have a slightly faster fire rate and a new scope guide. You can now equip the Tommy Gun with the red dot sight or holographic sight.

The UMP45 has been buffed some with higher damage, rate of fire, and bullet speed. You will now find this weapon on the ground for the DBS instead of just in air drops. No other changes are noted for the DBS. It will presumably work as it did before when it was a loot drop weapon.

While you are in combat, there should be better transitions from now on between standing and crouching. When you are using med kits and moving simultaneously, it will only end if you start sprinting, so walking slowly should keep it going.

You can use the gyroscope for throwing throwable items in the middle of battle if you like aiming that way. When it comes to the Arena, firing will now remove invincibility in Arena so that you can better practice. Sliding has changed, too, so that you can change the direction of it.

Because this update is so massive, there is only so much that we were able to cover. We were only able to go over the major additions and changes that happened in the new season. If you are interested in the other minor improvements and changes, check out the full patch notes.


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