PUBG Mobile Season 14 Release Date Leaks

by in PUBG Mobile | May, 26th 2020

PUBG Mobile players have a lot to look forward to this summer as the leaks just keep rolling for the mobile version of the battle royale game. Just like this current Season 13, leaks have reportedly appeared online for the PUBG Mobile Season 14 release date, content, and more.

PUBG Mobile Season 14 Leaks Appear

The PUBG Mobile Season 14 release date leak comes from YouTuber Mad Tamizha who has been great in the past about leaking accurate information and content for the mobile game. Despite this, we don’t have confirmation that any of this is real, so be sure to take this with a grain of salt.

In the video that the PUBG Mobile YouTuber posted recently, they showed off the 14th season of PUBG Mobile that is set to be called Spark the Flame. This will follow up on the current season that we are in right now that is known as Toy Playground that is focused on toys.

The currently leaked PUBG Mobile Season 14 release date is set for July 14, which happens to be nearly two months from now. We are not even in June yet and players are already getting information about the next season. That is honestly crazy and brings up the question of how this keeps happening.

As for the details about the Spark the Flame season, we have more information about its content beyond just the expected release date. Unlike the current season, though, the theme of the upcoming Season 14 isn’t exactly as clear as you would think when it comes to what that content will be.

Tier 100 Skin Details Leak

Interestingly enough, Spark the Flame doesn’t have a cohesive theme that is throughout the content that we know about. For some odd reason, none of the content has any relation to one another that we can tell from just the glances at the skins and the like that the leaker showed off.

That said, we do know what some of the skins in the upcoming battle pass will reportedly look like. Part of this is finding out about the tier 100 skin, the coveted outfit that you will get for reaching the highest level in the battle pass for the 14th season of battle royale.

Players who reach that tier will earn themselves a skin of a male character who looks to be some sort of steampunk-esque, alternative early 20th century-like war hero who is wearing an intriguing uniform that is both stylish and functional. They have an aura of a leader figure or someone who pilots planes.

What makes it feel very alternative history-like are the accents around the outfit like the lavish cape, style, and the almost anime-inspired mask around the eyes of the character. It is an extravagant and strange skin, to say the least, and one that doesn’t necessarily tell us anything about this new season.

Ranked Mode Rewards Shown Off

That said, there is even more that was shown off in the YouTube video like the skin reward for those players who can do well during the Season 14 ranked season. If players can reach the gold rank or higher in the ranked mode, they will receive a new skin when the season is over.

This interesting character skin shows off a silver outfit with a vest and silver pants. The person is seen wearing a helmet on their head that is also silver and sparkly with some interesting patterns on it. The helmet is oddly attached to an equally silver visor that they wear on their eyes.

Overall, this PUBG Mobile skin is, honestly, not nearly as high quality as the one that is seen in tier 100 for the battle pass. It is quite frankly gaudy and pretty tacky, feeling like a letdown for those players who can reach the gold rank in most seasons of the game.

Fortunately, that isn’t the only ranked reward. Everyone who can achieve the diamond rank or higher in Season 14 will get a new weapon skin for the M24 weapon that is quite nice. And last but not least, the players who achieve the coveted ace rank will get themselves a fancy new parachute.

Lucky Draw Will Be Egyptian-Themed

Like previous seasons, the upcoming 14th season will have a Lucky Draw that will be at the core of the season. This one is all about the Egyptian gods like Anubis and players will be able to try their hand at earning all of the items while the season is happening.

Altogether, putting the Lucky Draw, battle pass rewards, and the ranked items together paints a very different picture of this upcoming season. It feels all over the place as there is no cohesive theme bringing them together. Even the current season has more uniformity than this.

The current Toy Playground season has everything from cowboys to Power Ranger knock offs, but what they all have in common is the same theme of being toys that kids would play with growing up. Spark the Flame doesn’t have a vibe like that unless it is the flames of war, but even that doesn’t make sense with everything we have seen thus far.

For now, we will just have to wait and see as the PUBG Mobile Season 14 release is pretty far off at this time. We have a long time to wait as the new season will reportedly begin on July 14, a couple of days after the current end date for Season 13. Stay tuned for official announcements about that season likely once we get into July.


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