PUBG Mobile Runic Power Mode, More Added in Update 1.2

by in PUBG Mobile | Jan, 8th 2021

Tencent has announced the latest update for PUBG Mobile that will bring with it a ton of new content and changes as the preparation for the next season of battle royale is underway. As part of update 1.2, players will experience the PUBG Mobile Runic Power mode and more. 

PUBG Mobile Update 1.2 Release and File Size

The PUBG Mobile update 1.2 patch notes were formally announced in a blog post, detailing everything we can expect from the upcoming content season. The season will start slightly later on than when the update and most of its new features drop. 

For those of you who are looking forward to the PUBG Mobile Runic Power mode and other new content, you won’t have to wait too much longer as the new update drops next week on Tuesday, Jan. 12. While that isn’t when the new season starts, it is when the new content releases. 

On that day, players worldwide will be able to download and install the new update for the mobile battle royale game and get ready for everything that is coming soon. The file sizes for the new update vary depending on what specific platform you are currently on.

For players on the Android platform, you will have a much smaller update than your iOS counterparts at only 615MB of storage space required to install the new update. Meanwhile, players on the iOS versions of the game will have nearly double that at 1.5GB in total space needed. 

There is no server downtime expected for this update, so you shouldn’t have to wait at all, except for the install itself. When you first log into the game upon downloading the new update, you will find some login rewards for a limited time only to celebrate the new content and upcoming season. 

If you update the game between Jan. 12-17, and then log into the game during that same period, you will receive 2,888 BP, 100 AG, and the Acolyte of Justice 3D backpack. These are some solid free rewards that you can get.

Also, keep in mind that players who are on different versions of the game cannot play together so you are highly encouraged to update as soon as possible so that you and your teammates can continue to enjoy the battle royale content as a team. 

What Is PUBG Mobile Runic Power Mode?

By far, the biggest part of update 1.2 is a brand new game mode known as PUBG Mobile Runic Power mode. This mode is at the crux of the upcoming new season and is essentially PUBG Mobile’s version of what Fortnite did with its fourth season that was themed around superheroes and Marvel.

PUBG Mobile is doing its own take on superpowers with the PUBG Mobile Runic Power mode. In this special game mode that is only available for a limited time, runes from another world have brought three special powers for players to check out in battle royale. 

It is still the same battle royale experience that you know and love but with the addition of some superpowers. Players will have the chance to choose their powers, collect rune fragments, and use these advantages to win an otherwise standard battle royale match. 

How the special PUBG Mobile Runic Power mode works is that players will first select one of three powers, or classes, that they want to play. This is done on the spawn island where you have a chance to discuss and figure out which power will work best for you. 

The three powers in PUBG Mobile Runic Power mode are the flame rune, arctic rune, and the wind rune. Each of them has two skills at their disposal that will allow you to take out your foes in different ways. Flame rune is the first of the three and looks to be a more offensively-focused class. 

Each class has a summon skill and a boost skill available to use. The summon skill for the flame rune class is a wheel of flame that you can summon in the match. The wheel will roll slowly forward, damaging any enemies that it touches along the way. 

The boost skill is more of a buff for the character for a period of time. The boost skill for the flame rune power is to add a burning effect to your weapon ammo for a short period of time. This class looks to be for those players who want to deal as much damage as possible. 

The second power is the arctic rune, which is more of a control class from what we can tell. The summon skill for this class is to summon an ice wall. Each block of the ice wall can be taken out individually, allowing for some interesting scenarios of controlling the battlefield. 

The ice wall will lift any players or vehicles underneath where you place the ice wall in the match. The boost skill for this class adds a freezing effect to your ammo temporarily. Freezing will reduce the effectiveness of healing rather than deal damage. 

And last but not least, we have the wind rune class that seems to be more focused on defense than offense or controlling the field per se. The summon skill for the wind rune allows you to summon a semi-transparent shield of wind that reduces the damage from bullets shot outside the shield.

Meanwhile, the boost skill increases your movement and reload speed so that you can go much faster briefly. All of these skills require rune energy that can be replenished in the match. It comes down to which class you want to choose, depending on your play style. 

If you are a damage-dealing person who wants to dominate the other players, the flame rune might be for you. If you wish to control the field and manipulate the combat scenarios, then the arctic rune might be better for you.

And if you are someone who is focused on survival or dies quickly in combat situations, then the wind rune might be best for you. This special PUBG Mobile Runic Power mode will be available from Jan.12-March 7, so feel free to check it out until then. The Erangel map is the exclusive location for this mode, so pick that area to test it out. 

Power Armor Mode Launches in the Future

On Feb. 5, EvoGround is getting a new game mode, known as the Power Armor mode. In this mode, players can craft some high-tech power armor on the Livik map. This armor will allow you to have boosts to your character and unlock an ultimate weapon. 

To craft the Power Armor in a match, players must find and bring nanocrystals and an armor blueprint to the Matrix Base on the map. There are three armor pieces in total that you can build. They will each do something different for your character. 

The chest piece will reduce the chest damage that you take and increase your overall backpack capacity. The arm piece will reduce arm damage to your player and then increase melee damage as well. And last but not least, the leg piece will reduce leg damage and fall damage. 

It will also give you a special quick dash ability. Assembling all three of the pieces will unlock the ultimate Dragon’s Breath grenade that you will then be able to use against your opponents to take them out. If you are taken out, fortunately, there are respawns that will be in this game mode. 

Players can respawn their teammates at the research stations around the map. All players in the match can be brought back twice. You will have basic equipment when you return. In addition to that, there are special Matrix events that will happen randomly.

The first event is that you will have improved regional supply output. The second event is that there will be multiple Matrix airdrops and increased supplies in each drop. And the last Matrix event is that life detectors at research stations are active and can be used to locate nearby players. 

Metro Royale Honor Game Mode

If that isn’t all enough, a new game mode is coming out in the Metro Royale series that started with the Metro season. Metro Royale: Honor is also available on Jan. 12, offering the newest chapter of this particular game modes series. 

Your rankings and inventory will be reset completely at the start of this new Honor chapter, but the fame and NPC favorability you have already acquired will remain. There are new rewards in this chapter, including voice packs, skins, and other permanent rewards you can get with honor. 

There will be new weekly rankings as well, including loot and eliminations ones. The Steel Front and Cobras will have improved AI to make sure that they are still challenging and feel intelligent in combat. Honor is going to be at the crux of this new chapter in Metro Royale. 

You pick up this new currency of sorts by taking out enemy players or picking up specific honor items. Weekly missions will reward you as well. Once you have acquired a certain number of honor currency, your actual Honor level will increase. 

When a new chapter is released in the future, your honor will reset, but you will start with an initial amount based on how you did in the previous chapter. With the new chapter of Metro Royale, there is a new solo mode for all maps and modes where you won’t encounter teams. 

Minor improvements to the Metro Royale mode include mail being read in the lobby, the NPC chat feature removed, missions now not awarding you more fame after you reach the max level, and the same goes for favorability. 

New Weapon and Improvements

There is a new weapon that players will be able to use in PUBG Mobile, the FAMAS. This new, classic assault rifle has 25 rounds at its base, has the fastest rate of fire out of all of the AR guns, and pretty darn impressive when it comes to close-range fights as well. 

It can be equipped with a muzzle, scope, and magazine to make it better. There is notably no foregrip available, but it does come with a bipod that reduces the recoil when you are shooting in a prone position. It will only appear on the classic battle royale version of the Livik map.

There are also some significant improvements and changes to the overall game as a whole. For one, backpacks should now open faster the first time they are opened. This problem in the past was likely due to a loading issue. 

Cheer Park has been improved in general to allow for you to see many more players than ever before on the same screen. Power consumption improved for iOS players, so you should have better chances of your device not getting overheated while playing PUBG Mobile. 

There is now enhanced detection for the auto-aiming, x-ray vision, long-distance jumping, movement speed hacks, grass-removal hacks, and unofficial versions of the game client. This should help ensure that cheats and hackers are found more easily to be dealt with quicker, making the overall gameplay experience and balance better for everyone. 


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