PUBG Mobile Returns to India? Not Yet, But PUBG Corp is Trying Hard

by in PUBG Mobile | Nov, 6th 2020

According to rumor, PUBG Corp has informed several high profile streamers that returns to PUBG Mobile content creation are on the way. Tech Crunch states that PUBG Corp expects to be back in India by the end of the year, but requested anonymity. This isn’t the kind of deal you want to be the spoiler on, after all. Two months ago, PUBG Mobile was banned in India over cybersecurity concerns, and as we’ve covered time and again, it’s kind of a huge deal to the esports scene in India.

There have been reports that players have still been playing PUBG Mobile despite the ban anyway; could that somehow influence the decision too?

Is This Good News? Maybe

PUBG Mobile was far and away the biggest esports title in India. It was the most-played game that we can conveniently think of. However, there were so many problems with addiction to PUBG Mobile in the nation, that maybe it should stay banned. That’s not why it was removed, regardless. If PUBG Mobile returns to India, we would likely expect many streamers to come back and dominate the landscape.

How could this even happen though? Reportedly, PUBG Corp is working with global cloud service providers to store Indian data within their own nation, to ensure the security and protection of the citizens who play the game. One of the Tech Crunch sources say an announcement could be made this week, and that a marketing campaign is planned for the Diwali festival next week.

Whether that’s true or not, we’ll certainly see. If all this is true, and PUBG Corp has also been looking to Indian forms such as Paytm and Airtel to publish the game, which in theory is huge. If the data is stored in India, and the publisher of all content is an Indian firm/developer, would the New Dehli governing body have a reason to prevent the game from returning?

Well, Tencent was the initial publisher for India and Tencent’s based in China. That would be all the excuse India needs to keep the game out of the hands of their youth. It’s no secret that tensions between India and China are very tense right now.

Let’s say for example, that PUBG Mobile returns to India. What happens to their current gaming climate? There are quite a few games being worked on right now, that are trying to cash in on the gap that PUBG Mobile left in the market. 50 million+ active players were in India for PUBG Mobile, and a lot of money came with them. Right now, there’s no telling what could happen for PUBG Mobile, but we’re keeping our eyes on this story as it develops.


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