PUBG Mobile Pro League NA Finals Begin This Week

by in PUBG Mobile | Apr, 15th 2021

The PUBG Mobile Pro League is gearing up for one of the most important parts of the entire 2021 season, with the finals coming up. The PUBG Mobile Pro League NA Finals are happening this week and will see the region’s best teams compete to determine the overall winner. 

PUBG Mobile Pro League NA Finals Start Soon

The league began its competition in March, now the normal stage of the event is over. With that, the top 16 teams from around North America will be competing in the PUBG Mobile Pro League NA Finals to see who the overall champion of the entire season will be. 

There were 20 teams that stepped into the competition for the league stage, but only 16 have qualified for the finals. The four teams that were dropped due to the number of points they earned during the league stage are We Support Farmers, Alphelion Esports, Dior Esports, and Pro Era. 

Some of these teams will likely sound familiar to you. Some of them were actually in the running for the Global Championship earlier this year. But now, they won’t even be able to qualify for the PUBG Mobile Pro League NA Finals to close out the inaugural season. 

Instead, the other 16 teams from the North America region will fight over the first North American championship’s rights. It will take place this week from April 16-18. During those three days, the 16 teams will compete in 18 different matches to determine the overall winner. 

All of the 16 Teams Competing in the Finals

You can find the full list of the 16 teams below, including the number of points that they have earned thus far in the league’s first season for North America. They are listed from the current first-place team that won the league stage through the 16th place.

  • Ghost Gaming: 603 points thus far
  • Nova Esports: 497 points
  • Xset: 419
  • The Unnamed: 391
  • Lazarus: 384
  • Mezexis Esports: 336
  • The Panthers: 320
  • Enigma Fan Club: 279
  • Passionfruit Esports: 272
  • 19 Esports: 271
  • Knights: 244
  • LevelX: 227
  • Syndicate: 203
  • Just Causing Reality: 201
  • The Hitlist: 176
  • Helping Quit Addiction: 152

Notably, We Support Farmers barely made it into the PUBG Mobile Pro League NA Finals as they earned 151 points. That put them only one point behind Helping Quit Addiction to miss out on making it to the finals for the North America region. 

Ghost Gaming Is Currently at the Top

Ghost Gaming is currently the top team and won the group stage by a long shot with over a hundred more points than the next team on the list. They are looking to be one of the best teams from North America and potentially the world. 

The next team on the list, Nova Esports, is currently the reigning Global Champions when it comes to PUBG Mobile. They won the Global Championship in January, cementing themselves as the current best team globally when it comes to the mobile battle royale game. 

But it looks like that could be changing if Ghost Gaming continues on the current trend. After three weeks of league play, it will be interesting to see how the rising esports team does when it comes to a more traditional and hectic three-day competition. 

Match and Prize Details

With only 18 matches for the teams to compete in, it will be back-to-back nonstop action for the three days, with around six matches per day. Through that, the overall champions for the North America region will be determined. 

Of course, there will be some prize money for the teams based on how well they do during the event. The league’s total prize pool is fairly modest compared to other high-profile events, at around $55,000. 

The first-place team will walk away with the most money after the finals with $10,000 in total. Second place will get slightly less at $7,000, then third place at $6,000, and fourth place at $4,000. From there, some teams will have the same amount of prize money from $3,500 to only $1,000 for the 15th and 16th-placed teams. 

How the NA Finals Will Affect the Rest of the Season

Not only is there a lot of money on the line but future events as well. Not just the winners of the league’s first season, but the overall top five teams from the PUBG Mobile Pro League NA Finals will be invited to the PUBG Mobile Pro League Americas Finals. They will compete against the top teams from Central and South America as well.

This is likely all leading from there to the global standpoint, much like the Global Championship earlier this year, where the top teams from all of the different regions worldwide will compete once more to determine who the new reigning world champions will be. 

In the meantime, other leagues worldwide are having their finals around the same time as the PUBG Mobile Pro League NA Finals. This includes the Brazil and LATAM regions gearing up for the Americas Spring Finals later this year.

In June, that will happen with a similar format to the current North America finals, with the top 16 teams from North and South America competing over three days worth of matches for placements, prize money, and potentially the chance to go further than that. Only The Unnamed has qualified at this point.  


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