PUBG Mobile’s Mortal Becomes the First Indian to Receive Esports Awards Nomination

by in Entertainment | Jul, 24th 2020

We’ve talked about Mortal a few times here on Esports Talk for his work in PUBG Mobile. Now, the PUBG Mobile star from India has received an Esports Awards 2020 nomination! Not to mention, he’s the first Indian player to receive such a nomination. It goes to show how popular esports is in India, and how their scene is starting to stand out. The Esports Awards is a yearly event that celebrates esports globally. We’re glad to see someone like Mortal taking part.

Of course, we hope to see him get some votes and maybe even win his award he’s slotted for!

What’s the Deal With Awards?

The Esports Awards are supposed to be impartial, and a global celebration of esports in all its facets. All walks of life are welcome. It’s a series of awards given to professionals in the esports industry. While Mortal himself is a PUBG Mobile player, and thus definitely deserves an Esports Awards recognition, it’s more than just the players. Journalists, streamers, everyone has a shot, it seems.

We’ve seen people win and be nominated in the past: Slasher, Dr. Disrespect, Bugha, Nadeshot, you name it. We’d also like to point out that Esports Talk has been nominated this year, so maybe show us some love if you’d like? The actual voting process is pretty open and transparent, which we love. Anyone can submit an entry for a candidate, and those names are then sorted into five categories, and considered.

So, what’s Mortal up for? He’s one of the most prominent PUBG Mobile players in India and is up for Streamer of the Year. As the first Indian considered for this award, this is a huge deal. We hope that even if he doesn’t win, it puts more eyes on the Indian PUBG Mobile scene (and also hope that it doesn’t see a ban in Indian).

In the past, this award has gone to Ninja, Dr. Disrespect, and IMAQTPIE, just to name a few. Mortal’s up against names like Pokimane, Xqc, Summit1G, and TimtheTatman. Out of all of those names, Mortal’s the one this writer’s most interested in, with Pokimane a close second. Summit1G’s probably the biggest name here, with millions of followers. It would be nice to see a female streamer win the award, even if it would undoubtedly mean lots of unwanted vitriol, calls of “simp,” and worse.

Who exactly is up for an award here?

  • CourageJD
  • IBAI
  • Dr Lupo
  • XqC
  • AsmonGold
  • NickmerCS
  • Swagg
  • Pokimane
  • Summit1G
  • TimetheTatman

That is a stacked card of names. No matter who wins, we are sure they no doubt deserve it. We hope to see more love for the India esports scene, and so the award goes to Mortal for his PUBG Mobile work. He has spent plenty of time trying to be a positive role model and force for good in India. It would be awesome to see the captain of Team SouL wind up winning such a prestigious award.


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