PUBG Mobile May Get Banned in India

by in PUBG Mobile | Jul, 27th 2020

PUBG Mobile is hanging on by a thread in India. It might once again be on the chopping block for a ban. Recently, 59 apps from China were banned in the country, with fears of national security on the line. There’s serious tension across the LAC between India and China, and even popular apps like Mobile Legends: Bang Bang and TikTok have seen bans in India.

There are 275 apps as of right now being considered for a ban India. Whether they are an actual threat to national security, that’s the premise that they will be viewed under. So, what’s the deal?

A Curious Thing

The fascinating thing about this is the games and apps aren’t considered for how destructive they are. We aren’t worried about a PUBG Mobile ban in India because of how many lives it has ruined. Kids overplay it, steal their family’s money, or even take their own lives.

According to The Economic Times, the apps are being “examined for any violation of national security and user privacy, signaling heightened scrutiny and the possibility of more Chinese Internet companies being banned in the country, according to people aware of the developments.”

Data-sharing isn’t uncommon in China. It’s probably a requirement. User privacy doesn’t exist in a country where certain words and phrases are banned from Google/Internet searches. The Indian government is concerned about user privacy, or China using that data from the apps out of their country for perhaps, more sinister purposes.

One of the most famous apps/games in all of India is PUBG Mobile. So, the ban would cripple the esports scene in the nation. Other popular apps like AliExpress, Resso, Ulike, 15 MI, and more are also on this list. Interestingly enough, Supercell, which has no ties to China except through Tencent (which is a stakeholder in the company), is also potentially going to be banned.

If PUBG Mobile gets a ban in India, it will irreparably harm their esports scene. There will be other games to play, sure. There’s still the ultra-popular Dota 2 and CS:GO in India, but PUBG Mobile makes up a lot of the game’s revenue in general. India and China are major sources of PUBG Mobile’s revenue, after all.

The ban isn’t confirmed. This isn’t the first time we’ve mentioned it either, but it’s come up in the news again, so it is again addressed. In June, we discussed this, but not even a month later, we’re talking about it again. That can only mean the discussion is getting very serious. We cannot help but wonder if Tencent’s answer will be to make a version of PUBG Mobile, rename/reskin it, and launch it out of the United States instead.

How would that be as an answer? The PUBG Mobile esports scene is growing in India, so it would be a shame to see this go down. We’ll keep you up to date on it, and any ramifications that come as a result of this. Do you think it should be banned? Where do you stand on the “ban PUBG Mobile” debate?

Editor’s Note: We now have an update on this story that may change the whole perspective!

PUBG Mobile pushed out an update for users in the India region, that may save the game’s existence in India. It has more transparency around how personal information is processed. This is one of the major things going to see a potential PUBG Mobile ban in India, after all. Not all of the tragedies that have come as a result of the game. No, it’s the personal information (which is still very important).

This update comes after we heard the news that dozens of apps from China were going to be banned in India. This includes TikTok, CamScammer, Shein, and so many others. Forty-seven more Chinese apps were banned this week, which were mostly clones of previously banned apps. It’s been said that over 250 apps are on the potential chopping block.

On the PUBG Mobile India Discord, the following statement was made: “To answer some questions regarding this, we update our user privacy policy from time to time to reflect our current privacy practices. These updates are intended to make the user privacy policy easier to understand and to give more transparency about how we process your personal information.”

They have taken great pains to explain what data they can access and why. PUBG Mobile also pointed out that the user data remains on Indian servers. It’s not being transported or sent to China or any foreign nation. They do point out that the information can get shared with third-party services based on no further disclosure.

What Data Does Game Services Share?

Open ID, IP address, device information (such as application version, battery level, WiFi strength, available space, network type, OS version, platform, carrier, country code, series ID, Android ID, MAC and IDFV), registration time, login time, and information regarding your use of the Game Services, such as the date and time stamps of actions.

Now, this doesn’t promise India won’t still ban PUBG Mobile. We do appreciate that PUBG Mobile saw the threat to their game, and responded positively. It’s an incredibly popular game in India, and it would be a shame to see so many incredible players lose their income/way of life over this ban.


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