PUBG Mobile Korea Will Be Unplayable in India Soon

by in PUBG Mobile | Apr, 6th 2021

Though PUBG Mobile is still banned in India, PUBG Mobile Korea is still an option there. However, that’s not going to last too much longer; it sounds like. While many players could still enjoy the game if they had access to PUBG Mobile KR (Korea), upcoming restrictions will prevent Indian players (and others around the world) from easily accessing the game. These limitations will prevent people in certain regions from accessing the game. 

PUBG Mobile KR Is For Korea (and Japan) Only

This comes courtesy of a post on Instagram. PUBG Mobile Korea’s developers said that it’s meant to be played by users in Korea and Japan. For everyone else, there’s a localized or global version. China has “Game for Peace,” which is the Chinese localized version. Conversely, we in America play the global version. This means India will no longer have an option for PUBG Mobile once the Korean release goes away.

This means the APK will no longer be able to be downloaded, and anything you’ve bought in the game will disappear. So, you won’t have access to the game if you’re outside of Korea or Japan. 

The PUBG Mobile KR devs had this to say: “KRJP build is a version of local service for users living in Korea or Japan. For those who live in other countries or regions, your local version or global version is available. Considering the local cultures and issues of every country and region and providing the highest quality of service, the following would be put into effect. Please note that all these changes are for a better service, nothing related to inequality or discrimination.”

There is a small light for the Indian users of PUBG Mobile Korea. The post points out that the Indian players will have until June 30 to play. A few months remain before they lose access to the game. The only hope would be PUBG Mobile India, but that seems more unlikely as time goes on. The Indian government has yet to greenlight the new version of the game, so Indian players will have to find another way at the end of June.

Perhaps they will find some VPN way to get through, but there’s no telling if it will work. Again and again, it becomes harder to play PUBG Mobile in India, and it all began with the government ban. Though people continue to find ways around the ban, this may be the end.


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