PUBG Mobile Infection Mode Is Here for Halloween

by in PUBG Mobile | Oct, 16th 2020

Tencent has revealed that PUBG Mobile is finally getting into the spooky spirit with the launch of a new Halloween game mode. That’s right; it’s October, so you know what that means: PUBG Mobile Infection mode is finally here for players to check out online.

PUBG Mobile Infection Mode Is Back

The announcement was revealed on the official PUBG Mobile Twitter, and it looks like something “spooky” this way comes. PUBG Mobile Infection mode has arrived in the game. Players can squad up to fight the zombie horde (or the humans) in this fan-favorite game mode.

For those of you who love the Infected mode in games like Call of Duty Mobile, Modern Warfare, the Halo series, and so on, then you might be happy to hop into this exciting take on zombies versus humans. But keep in mind that it will only likely be here for a limited time.

Players will find the PUBG Mobile Infection mode in the Evo Ground section of the battle royale title, where all of the other game modes are located that have nothing to do with the main battle royale game modes. In Infection, players will be randomly put on one of two teams in each match.

The two teams are the zombies and the survivors, with the match starting with 12 players across both teams. The survivors will have the bulk of the players on their side, with nine players starting in a full match on that team while only three will begin on the zombies side.

How the Infection Game Mode Works

It will be randomly chosen at the start of the match, with the zombies having the goal of taking out all of the survivors in the match while the humans have to survive until the time runs out. In this unique take on the Infected formula, there are three rounds that you can compete in.

Each of the three rounds will last around three minutes and 25 seconds, but, technically, the fighting will only happen for the main three minutes. During the first 25 seconds of every single round, three zombies will freeze in place while the nine survivors have the chance to hide or find their camping spot.

While the humans do outnumber the zombies initially, the zombies have the advantage of having infinite lives if they need them and much more health than the humans. They only have melee attacks at their disposal, but that is more than enough to take someone down quickly.

On the humans side of things, the survivors will have access to a gun to protect themselves from afar from the zombie hordes. Points are given to each player in the match based on how well they do in the match, like how many kills they get, how long they survive, etc.

Infection Returns After Its Debut in 2019

At the end of the three rounds, every player will be shown the overall scores. You will be able to see who did the best out of everyone in the whole match. The shortened nature of the rounds means that the survivors have a chance at surviving, but the odds are against them, and it is rather tough.

With the PUBG Mobile Infection mode return for this Halloween season in the game, this marks the second time that it has appeared in the battle royale title on Android and iOS. The first time was last year in October 2019 when it debuted as part of the Evo Ground section.

The PUBG Mobile Infection mode’s return isn’t too surprising overall with the spooky fall season, but it is welcome nonetheless since we are now getting the chance to see it in action once again. And better yet, it arrives in PUBG Mobile with a couple of changes.

The game mode is largely the same as before when it debuted last year, but it comes to the Lost Harbor map with the map itself looking slightly different from it initially. The Lost Harbor map will now have some better decorations and visual changes to fit the Halloween style much more.

We Don’t Know How Long Infection Will Be Around

What is interesting about this whole situation is that the Infection mode has been available in the beta testing version of the battle royale game for well over a month now. Before the 1.0 update even dropped for PUBG Mobile and brought it out of beta, it was already available on the game’s test version.

As such, it does make it seem like the Infection mode could stick around for a much longer time this year, but we aren’t certain. It would be nice if it became a permanent game mode in Evo Ground, but that is something that we will have to wait and see.

For now, we highly recommend that players check it out while it is available during this month as there is no guarantee that it will stick around for too long after Halloween comes and goes. Players should also keep in mind that you had to be level five to access Infection at least in the beta version.

While that won’t affect most players who have been playing the game for a long time now, it could affect those newer players who are just wanting to check out the Infection mode. PUBG Mobile Infection mode is available right now with no news regarding a similar game mode for the main PUBG game at this time.


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