PUBG Mobile India Rumored to Let Players Keep Previous Purchases

by in PUBG Mobile | Nov, 18th 2020

Now, this is an interesting rumor. There’s still not a 100% chance that PUBG Mobile will return to India, but if it does, purchases made will return to the players. PUBG Mobile allegedly will be returning to India by the end of 2020, and there may be a trailer or teaser coming this week. Again, that’s all just conjecture right now. This title, PUBG Mobile India still offered a bit of stress to the fanbase. Will they have to start over and lose everything they invested in the game? Apparently, the answer is no!

We’re really hoping that this comes to pass because PUBG Mobile’s biggest market was easily India. The game hasn’t suffered, but we want as many people to play as possible.

Global PUBG IDs, Fret Not

This bit of rumor news comes courtesy of Money Control. The way we hear it, PUBG Mobile IDs will be transferred to PUBG Mobile India, so the purchases they made initially will be returning to the player who acquired them originally. Another part of these reports say the Indian title will run alongside Global IDs, so players will hopefully still able to compete with anyone.

What’s interesting about this is how different PUBG Mobile India will be from the global version. What we wonder about is this: Will the Indian players see the global players in the same terms as their countrymen? Similar to China’s version of PUBG Mobile (Game for Peace), there are several bits of the game that are censored or otherwise changed. 

We hope this is true though. If PUBG Mobile India lets players get the purchases and game IDs they initially used, it could be the breath of life it needs to make a comeback in India. Technically, the game hasn’t gone anywhere, despite being banned. We’re still waiting to hear what the Indian government thinks of this, but we hope to have more soon. 


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