PUBG Mobile India Rumored to Increase Player Salaries and Prize Pools in 2021

by in PUBG Mobile | Nov, 20th 2020

Ahh, yes, the PUBG Mobile India saga rolls forward with more cryptic tweets and hints at the future. If the tweet by TSM Ghatak is accurate, we could be seeing a real rejuvenation of esports in India. The current word is that PUBG Mobile India players will see a RS 6 Crore Prize Pool for 2021. For reference, 1 Crore is about 150,000 USD.

If PUBG Mobile Returns, Big Money Could Be Coming

Presently, we’re still looking to see if PUBG Mobile India really comes to life, as we’ve been hearing; so the Prize Pools of 2021 might just be moot. Everything right now seems to be pointing towards a PUBG Mobile revival in India though. PUBG Corp is looking to invest a great deal into the India scene, as they revealed in a press release – an esports league exclusively for India is just the start.

All of this came to light thanks to TSM.ENT Ghatak, who pointed out the following in a recent Tweet:

From the fan and pro perspective, this is quite exciting. This could lead to more than just Tier 1 teams coming back to India, but it could allow would-be PUBG Mobile pros a shot at fame and money. Again, leaning into the “if this is true”, PUBG Mobile India’s prize pool would lead it to be the biggest esports tournament series in not just 2021, but in the history of India’s esports scene in general! 

Will this be accessible to the majority of Indian players though? Or will Tier 1 teams just re-recruit their old squads that were dismissed thanks to the original ban? We hope that it will lead to the growth of the scene and allow more people than ever to attempt to compete.


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