PUBG Mobile Higurashi Anime Collaboration Announced

by in PUBG Mobile | Oct, 1st 2021

PUBG Mobile is hosting yet another crossover event that will see perhaps the strangest one to date. Anime crossovers are not too surprising for the mobile battle royale game, but a PUBG Mobile Higurashi anime collaboration has been revealed and it is honestly pretty odd but awesome.

PUBG Mobile Higurashi Crossover Announced

The PUBG Mobile Higurashi crossover will see some of the main characters from the hit anime and visual novel series debut in the game in a simple way. This crossover will only last for a limited time in which players will be able to enjoy picking up some nice rewards for free.

You really will not have to do much at all for the PUBG Mobile Higurashi event to earn the items that are there. Starting now and going through October 14, 2021, players will have roughly two weeks to enjoy this limited-time collaboration event and pick up all of the themed rewards.

Unfortunately, there are no skins, clothing items, outfits, or so on that will be available as part of this crossover event. Instead, it will be focusing mainly on one type of in-game item that players will be able to earn through the event and then use in subsequent battle royale matches.

But, at the same time, these items are mostly free and players will be able to get other nice rewards for PUBG Mobile through the experience. So, while it is a pretty disappointing collaboration overall in terms of lacking in content, especially compared to events like the Godzilla vs. Kong one, it will still offer some goodies for fans of the Higurashi anime.

What Rewards You Can Get

For starters, there are three special voice cards in the game that are based on the same voices of some of the main characters. The ones that have been noted already to be in the game include the voices of Keiichi Maebara, Rena Ryugu, and Satoko Hojo.

It is interesting if these three are the only three characters to have their voices integrated into the game as missing out on Rika, Mion, and even Shion is a darn shame if that is the case. How it all works is that players will be able to get rewards just from logging into the game mainly.

Until October 28, players who log into the game during this time will get one of the voice cards from the PUBG Mobile Higurashi event for free. That is for the first day that you log in during this event, while the second day will grant you a Traveler Ticket to use.

This ticket can be used to open up the PUBG Mobile Higurashi collaboration crates that are in the event. Through this, you will have the chance to pick up some of the other themed items that are available for a limited time. Of course, you can optionally choose to buy more crates to open up if you’d like.

Challenge and Other Promotional Items

Furthermore, the themed PUBG Mobile Higurashi comes with a single challenge that Rena is giving to players until October 14. The challenge asks players to, hilariously enough, defeat an opponent in a match using a melee weapon of any kind.

This is hilarious because of the fact that the anime series is all about people being massacred by melee weapons in some horrifying and interesting ways. If you are able to complete this rather simple quest from Rena, you will earn another Traveler Ticket that you can use to open up a second collaboration crate.

While the overall in-game PUBG Mobile Higurashi event is a bit disappointing, there is a social media campaign that is here to add to the prizes that players can earn. If players follow and retweet certain tweets from the PUBG Mobile Japan account, they will be entered into for a chance to win one of 10 Amazon gift cards with 5,000 yen (or just under $50 USD) on it.

PUBG Mobile is doing a giveaway on their Twitter related to the collab.

That particular promotion will end on October 11. Another one is that players can retweet a different giveaway entirely to have a chance to win an autograph from one of the three voice actors for the main characters in the anime, and it will end on October 7.

Overall, this is mostly a promotional event for the Higurashi anime rather than PUBG Mobile since the in-game rewards are a bit lackluster in my opinion. However, if you are a fan of the show like me, this could be a great chance to pick up some voice cards for the mobile battle royale game.

With these voice cards, you will be able to hear and use the Higurashi characters’ voices when you are playing the game itself. If you have a favorite and want to show off how much you love that character, this is the way to do it by having them join you on your journey to get that highly coveted Chicken Dinner.

What You Need to Know About Higurashi

If you do not know about Higurashi, it is an anime and visual novel series that focuses on a small village in the 1980s that is perfect for this spooky time of year. It hones in on a small group of students who encounter some mysterious happenings that are going on in their village, including the disappearance and death of people each year around a certain festival.

Without spoiling much, the very gory story goes in some surprising places and directions, spanning four main seasons with the final one ending this week in time for the start of this collaboration event. While the final season was, in my opinion, pretty disappointing or at least way too drawn out, there is a lot to love in the first three seasons.

Interestingly enough, in one of the final episodes of the show, there was a character wielding a frying pan for some dastardly reasons, so there is definitely a random PUBG Mobile connection there. To celebrate, you can enjoy the PUBG Mobile Higurashi event right now.


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