PUBG Mobile Globetrotter and Soccer Sets Released for Free

by in PUBG Mobile | Dec, 1st 2020

Tencent has released some new clothing item sets for PUBG Mobile on Android and iOS for players to start collecting. These new clothing items include the PUBG Mobile Globetrotter and Soccer sets for players to check out, each of them having different clothing items.

New Clothing Sets Released in PUBG Mobile for a Limited Time

The three new PUBG Mobile Globetrotter and Soccer sets are available right now in PUBG Mobile by the time you are reading this. But what players should keep in mind is that they are only sticking around for a limited time in the game, so you won’t have too long to get them.

There are three clothing sets in total that you can get, one for the PUBG Mobile Globetrotter side and two on the Soccer side of things. These three new clothing sets would typically not be too important or interesting to bring up in a separate post like this, but there is something special about these.

Players can get all three of these sets free if they do specific actions before leaving the game permanently. Usually, players will have to spend the in-game currency or real-world money to get some new clothing sets, but these won’t require any money from you.

But the catch is that you have to complete these tasks before the clothing sets leave the game permanently. The Globetrotter clothing set will leave the game on Dec. 7, while the two Soccer sets leave the game on Dec. 14. Here’s how to get all of them right now.

How to Get the PUBG Mobile Globetrotter Sets for Free

First up, we have the PUBG Mobile Globetrotter set. You can unlock this for free by completing some game challenges before time runs out on them. There are five possible challenges that you can do. It looks like they are repeatable for as much as you want during this time.

The five challenges are listed below, along with the reward that you will get for completing each of them:

  • Complete one Classic battle royale match: Get one bullet casing as a reward
  • Complete three Classic matches: two bullet casings
  • Send three hearts to friends: one bullet casing
  • Revive a teammate: one casing
  • Kill five enemies: two bullet casings

Those five challenges are simple ones that you likely already do in the battle royale game currently, so it shouldn’t be too hard to earn the PUBG Mobile Globetrotter for free. You see, though, the rewards for these challenges are not the clothing items but bullet casings.

These bullet casings are a special type of currency that you can earn in the game during this challenge event. Then, you can turn them in for the actual rewards, including the new Globetrotter set that looks pretty cool in-game.

In total, you will need 10 bullet casings to unlock the entire Globetrotter clothing set for your collection. That means that you will need to do some of these challenges multiple times, as even doing all five of them once each will only net you around seven bullet casings in total.

We recommend just sticking to the stuff that you are used to doing and are good at, so, for instance, don’t worry about eliminating other players if that isn’t your jam. But the rewards don’t end with the Globetrotter set. There is a unique skin for the UZI weapon that you can get with 15 casings. You may need to grind a bit if you want both of these rewards.

How to Get the PUBG Mobile Soccer Set for Free

There are two Soccer sets that you can unlock for free in PUBG Mobile right now. One soccer outfit is red and the other one is blue. You can get both or stick to the one that you like the most; it’s all up to you.

It follows a similar situation as the PUBG Mobile Globetrotter set. You need to complete some challenges to earn some in-game currency and then turn that in for these rewards. You can find the full list of the challenges for the two Soccer sets below, along with the rewards you get from them:

  • Log into the game: Receive one trophy item
  • Survive for 15 minutes in a match: Receive one trophy item
  • Complete one match while in a party with friends: Get two trophies
  • Complete two matches while in a party with friends: Get two trophies

As you can see, the challenges this time around are pretty limited compared to the Globetrotter one, but the good thing is that you don’t need as many trophies to get these clothing sets. One of the Soccer sets only costs five trophies each, or 10 in total if you want both of them.

Like the Globetrotter, there is one more item that you can get before time runs out, but it will cost more trophies to get it. It is the soccer ball head item that costs a whopping 36 trophies. You will need to survive a lot and play several matches with your pals to unlock this one. Be sure to spend your time wisely, too, as you only have until Dec. 14 to unlock all of the soccer-themed items.


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