PUBG Mobile Global Champions, Overall Results Revealed

by in PUBG Mobile | Jan, 27th 2021

The PUBG Mobile Global Championship season has come to a close. The finals for the event has happened and now we know who the winner of the entire event and PUBG Mobile world champions are.

PUBG Mobile Global Championship Finals Are Over

There were four days of grueling competition in which the teams went up against one another and tried to figure out who the winner of the entire event would be.

The 2020 season was the first of its kind for the mobile battle royale game and it has now culminated in the finals event. The last several days featured the best players and teams from around the world competing against one another to determine who would come out on top.

Well, now that the four days are over with, we now have our first ever PUBG Mobile World Champion for the 2020 to 2021 season. Featuring 29 matches for the 16 top teams to compete in, the event was a wild one and you have come to the right place to find out all about it.

You are able to watch all of the previous matches that have happened online on various channels, including YouTube and Twitch, in case you missed out on any of the action. However, if you would like to just see the end results and find out who the PUBG Mobile World Champion is, you’ve come to the right place.

Road to the Finals Were Messy

For starters, there is the fact that the road to the finals was extremely messy during the last couple of weeks and months. The inaugural season of the PUBG Mobile league was one that was exciting as it allowed players and teams from around the world to compete for a shot at the champion title.

Along the way, though, it was fraught with controversy, sudden decisions, and other changes that resulted in the finals that we got. Many will say that some of the controversy began with Loops Esports in December when their team captain was suddenly dropped from their team by their organization.

This had nothing to do, from what we know, with the PUBG Mobile officials and the esports organizers but the remaining team largely decided to fight back in the middle of the qualifying rounds for the finals. Three of the four members protested and lost the final match rather easily.

While they were one of the top teams in the entire world and were basically guaranteed a spot in the finals and a shot at the championship, they were disqualified because of this and they lost all prizes and have been banned from competitions for the next six months.

That allowed another team to join the finals that wasn’t originally going to be there otherwise. Then the competition only continued with controversy as the teams gathered in Asia to prepare for the competition in Dubai that was going to be a hybrid in-person event.

Teams began to gather onsite to quarantine, test, and do all the things to ensure that it was going to be a safe and secure finals this year. However, three players did test positive during this and that required the officials to enact the backup plan, which involved everyone competing remotely in isolation.

This led to an online event, rather than a hybrid in-person one and that made it so that teams were suddenly on edge and in a more stressful environment than before. And then as the event was getting started, a sudden delay for a couple of days was announced.

This was due to the online connection issues that much of the competition was having in this sudden switch to an online event. Because of that, the event has finally come to an end later than it would have otherwise and we now have the true PUBG Mobile World Champion and results now.

Teams and Match Results

The PUBG Mobile Global Championship began with 24 teams battling it out to see who among them would be able to make it to the top 16. The top 16 are the teams who competed in the finals event these past several days and these are the 16 teams:



  • Nova Esports
  • 4 Angry Men
  • Zeus Esports
  • Navi
  • Alpha7 Esports
  • A1 Esports
  • Team Secret
  • Aerowolf Limax
  • Secret Jin
  • Bigetron RA
  • Futbolist
  • Klas Digital Athletics
  • Abrupt Slayers
  • RRQ Athena
  • Power888 KPS
  • Konina Power

That is the list of the 16 teams in no particular order. How it worked during the four days of competition is that the 16 teams would compete in various battle royale matches in PUBG Mobile to determine who the overall PUBG Mobile World Champion would be for the first time ever.

In total, there were 29 matches that were played across the four days of events in the finals. We aren’t quite sure why it was 29 matches in total rather than 30 or something else that sounds better but, perhaps, an odd number was chosen to avoid the possibility of ties or something like that.

The 29 matches were played across four of the maps from PUBG Mobile, including the original Erangel plus Miramar, Vikendi, and Sanhok. These were cycled throughout seemingly randomly for the matches across all four days.

Teams would get points for how well they did in each of the matches from getting the overall winner winner chicken dinner and eliminations inside of the matches, too. These would all contribute to the overall points that a team received over the course of the four days.

It was less about how many wins and kills that a team gets but a combination of these things to see who the winner would be. You can find the full list of the 29 matches below along with their respective winner and the answers may surprise some of you since some top teams didn’t even get a single win.



  • Match 1 Erangel: Four Angry Men get the first win of the event
  • Match 2 Miramar: Abrupt Slayers win this one
  • Match 3 Vikendi: Klas Digital Athletics win
  • Match 4 Erangel: Navi win
  • Match 5 Sanhok: Secret Jin
  • Match 6 Erangel: Four Angry Men
  • Match 7 Erangel: Navi
  • Match 8 Miramar: Klas Digital Athletics
  • Match 9 Vikendi: Nova Esports
  • Match 10 Vikendi: Bigetron RA
  • Match 11 Sanhok: Aerowolf Limax
  • Match 12 Erangel: Nova Esports
  • Match 13 Erangel: Team Secret
  • Match 14 Erangel: Futbolist
  • Match 15 Miramar: Four Angry Men
  • Match 16 Vikendi: Bigetron RA
  • Match 17 Erangel: Secret Jin
  • Match 18 Sanhok: Zeus Esports
  • Match 19 Erangel: Nova Esports
  • Match 20 Sanhok: Aerowolf Limax
  • Match 21 Erangel: Four Angry Men
  • Match 22 Erangel: Aerowolf Limax
  • Match 23 Miramar: Navi
  • Match 24 Vikendi: Four Angry Men
  • Match 25 Erangel: Nova Esports
  • Match 26 Sanhok: Zeus Esports
  • Match 27 Erangel: Team Secret
  • Match 28 Miramar: A1 Esports
  • Match 29 Erangel: Alpha7 Esports

As you can see, there are a lot of matches that have happened throughout the four days and many of them went in some crazy directions. Where one team might have dominated a match or two before, another team could come out of nowhere and win the next one.

In addition, just by looking at the names of the winners of the 29 matches, it does paint an interesting picture that might seem to spoil who the PUBG Mobile World Champion is in the end, but you might be surprised. Just because a team won a lot of matches doesn’t mean that they were able to win the entire event.

In fact, when it comes to the wins in the event, you might be surprised that one of the last teams in the entire leaderboard for the event actually got three of the wins. While there are some top five-worthy teams that weren’t even able to get three wins, the number 13 team Aerowolf Limax was able to.

However, that was not enough to help the team to win the entire event. At the same time, there are some teams like Zeus Esports who only got two wins but were able to place very high in the leaderboard. And then there are teams like Konina Power who landed in the top six but was one of only three teams to have no wins at all.

Final Leaderboard and PUBG Mobile World Champion Determined

The PUBG Mobile Global Championship was wild and it is unexpected who came out on top in the end. We are going to let you know who the PUBG Mobile World Champion team is and you might be shocked to find out that the number one team in the world is currently Nova Esports.

A team that was fairly good and definitely near the middle of the pack when it came to the start of the event, Nova Esports is an excellent team that has proven time and again that it is capable of winning these remote events like these.

They are the team who is flexible and versatile, able to bend and mold to whatever is necessary to win unlike some of the more rigid but talented teams like RRQ Athena who were poised to be winners but did pretty bad compared to past accomplishments.

You can find the full leaderboard for the finals below:



  1. Nova Esports
  2. 4 Angry Men
  3. Zeus Esports
  4. Navi
  5. Bigetron RA
  6. Konina Power
  7. Team Secret
  8. Klas Digital Athletics
  9. Alpha7 Esports
  10. Secret Jin
  11. RRQ Athena
  12. Futbolist
  13. Aerowolf Limax
  14. Power888
  15. A1 Esports
  16. Abrupt Slayers

As you can see, Abrupt Slayers had a solid start, getting one of the first wins in the entire event but was unable to keep that going and ended up in last place in the process. Then there is 4 Angry Men who are likely to be actually angry this time around.

They are the juggernauts of the mobile battle royale scene and the team that has dominated the entire league for most of the season. They were touted by many to win the entire thing and be our first world champions but they were unable to pull through and get the win after all.

This was despite getting the most chicken dinners out of all of the teams with five in total. Even still they were able to get second place and win a huge portion of the prize money that was given out. In the end, though, Nova Esports proved themselves the champions and walked away with a whopping $700,000 USD in prizes.

MVP and Other Awards Revealed

Of course, there were other awards that were given out besides just the world champion title. The most valuable player award was given out to Sukkkk who deserved the award as the star of the 4 Angry Men team. He is an unbelievable player and one that is potentially the best in the world. He was given a separate $15,000 prize for this accomplishment.

The Gunslinger award was given out to Sukkkk as well for the most kills in the entire event at 203 total kills during the four days. Meanwhile, the Grenade Master award went to Ryzen for 26 grenade kills in the event.  Eagle Eye was given to Beer11 for the longest kill in the event at 463 meters away.

Dante won the Survivor award for surviving for a total of 124,414 seconds during the 29 matches. Field Medic was given to Lovazon for 67 rescues of some kind during the 29 matches. These accomplishments show that each team and player had their own set of gameplay styles and focuses that allowed them to excel at that and is why they were in the finals.


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