PUBG Mobile Global Challenge 2021 Revealed

by in PUBG Mobile | Aug, 13th 2021

Krafton has revealed that we will not have to wait too much longer after all for PUBG Mobile to get a new esports competition. The publisher has announced the PUBG Mobile Global Challenge 2021. It is coming soon to give fans the chance to watch some of the biggest influencers worldwide. 

PUBG Mobile Global Challenge 2021 Announced

The PUBG Mobile Global Challenge 2021 will feature 28 of the most important content creators and players surrounding the mobile battle royale game. Instead of just competing against one another to see who will come out on top, this new event will feature a different setup. 

The 28 influencers from around the world chosen for the new PUBG Mobile Global Challenge 2021 will have the chance to show their skills in competing in the battle royale game and how they can manage a squad and work together as a team. 

That is because the PUBG Mobile Global Challenge 2021 is about these 28 content creators coming together to create 28 different squads competing in the event to see who will come out on top. At this time, 27 of the 28 creators have been revealed for the tournament. 

For now, it looks like Krafton is keeping the identity of the 28th person a secret, which has us intrigued as to who they might be. Regardless, the selection announced thus far is quite impressive and is great at encompassing many of the regions in which PUBG Mobile is popular. 

Influencer Captains List

Here are the 27 content creators captains that have been chosen for the PUBG Mobile Global Challenge 2021 that we know about for now: 

Full List

  • Akram Gaming
  • Aprons Plays
  • BTR Alice
  • DGray
  • Had use
  • Ju991
  • Levkin
  • Lia Clark
  • Lu Power
  • Mezarci
  • Miguel Layun
  • Mohamed Henedy

Moymoy Palaboy



Petite Pearce






Shoaib Akhtar


Star Anonymous

Tamim Iqbal

Tongton Kitsakorn


As you can see, there is a nice mix of the players and creators that will be leading the squads in the events from around the world, including players from the US, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Sweden, Thailand, Algeria, Turkey, Indonesia, Russia, Bangladesh, Egypt, and more. 

It is unknown what the teams will be for the 28 influencers, including who the 28th person is, but we know that it will likely include some pro players from around the world. This will ensure that there is immense talent on each team and that the event is unforgettable. 

Some of the teams to watch out for are BTR Alice and whatever squad this former pro player will pick, as they are sure to be one of the best teams in the event. Levkin, a current pro for the popular team Na’Vi, will likely have a pretty legit squad for this event. 

How the Event Will Work

The PUBG Mobile Global Challenge 2021 will begin with the regional matches on Aug. 20-28, which happens to be a week from now. There are two main parts. The first part will include the regions that the influencers come from. 

Presumably, these teams will be divided into different regions, like possibly an Americas one, where the different squads from that area will compete against one another to determine who is the best among them. That will go on for just over a week until the top teams are decided. 

At that point, the very next day, on Aug. 29, the finals match will happen. We will find out who the overall winner of the PUBG Mobile Global Challenge 2021 will be. This is a great, fun event that is here to help players with the wait that is going on as we anticipate the next major PUBG Mobile event. 

Anyone interested in checking out the PUBG Mobile Global Challenge 2021 live as it happens will be able to watch the content of the regional matches and the grand finals on the YouTube channel for PUBG Mobile. There, all of the matches will be shown live as they happen later this month. 

Fans Can Pick Their Favorite Team

But that is far from the only feature that fans can look forward to for this event, as you can get involved in your way. Similar to the Pick ‘Em Challenge that PUBG had in the past, there is a Team Up 2021 event that is also happening. 

While the PUBG Mobile Global Challenge 2021 is going on, players will pick their favorite team in the event and support them. Through this, you will be able to unlock a skin for PUBG Mobile. This is already in the game and will stick around through the duration of the event until Aug. 30. 

If that is not enough, this is just one of many events that are on the way later this year for the mobile battle royale game. The PUBG Mobile Global Championship 2021 was recently revealed and will take place later this fall when the best teams around, including possibly some of the players in this challenge, will compete to find out who the very best is.

The opening stages of the championship will happen later this year. They will all build up to the grand finals in January of next year, where the new global champion is decided. Krafton is hoping to host that event in person next year, but it has not been fully decided yet. 


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