PUBG Mobile Esports Expands With New Regions & More in 2021

by in PUBG Mobile | Apr, 7th 2021

PUBG Mobile dropped some major news for the 2021 Pro League season. Perhaps biggest of all is that seven new regions are joining the PMPL 2021, and the best teams from each of these will look to compete at an incredible world tournament this summer. A huge prize pool awaits PUBG Mobile players for the Pro League 2021 (14,000,000 USD for 2021), and more regions than ever will be able to take part.

PUBG Mobile Pro League 2021: The Action Has Already Kicked Off

PUBG Mobile’s Pro League 2021 series has already begun back in March, with PMPL Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, as well as Malaysia & Singapore. They are all seeking a spot in the PUBG Mobile Pro League SEA Championship 2021 in May 2021. But what about the new regions?

Now there are regions for North America, Brazil, LATAM, CIS, Turkey, Arabia, and Western Europe. These matches will run from March through June, and while we don’t know the details about the World CLass tournament coming this summer, we do know it should be exciting, with this many teams vying for a spot.

The PUBG Mobile Pro League 2021 is the highest level of competition for PUBG Mobile and has four Regional Championships: PMPL Southeast Asia Championship, Americas Championship, South Asia Championship, and EMEA Championship. The best of the best will all come together to truly see who is the greatest.

We can expect the PMPL EMEA Championship battles to begin on April 20th with CIS and Turkey, and Western Europe begins on May 17th, alongside Arabia. The Americas Championship has also already begun, with North America starting on March 23rd. The Brazil matches start next Tuesday, and LATAM follows on April 27th. We also know that the PMPL EMEA Championship and Americas CHampionship end in June, with the Championship Finals.

The dates for the 2021 PMPLs are:

  • PMPL Southeast Asia Championship:
    • PMPL Indonesia: March 24th->
    • PMPL Vietnam: March 24th->
    • PMPL Thailand: March 24th->
    • PMPL Malaysia & Singapore: March 24th->
    • Championship Finals: May
  • PMPL South Asia Championship:
    • League: March 23rd ->
    • Championship Finals: May
  • PMPL Americas Championship:
    • PMPL North America: March 23th ->
    • PMPL Brazil: March 30th ->
    • PMPL LATAM: April 27th ->
    • Championship Finals: June
  • PMPL EMEA Championship:
    • PMPL CIS: April 20th ->
    • PMPL Turkey: April 20th ->
    • PMPL Western Europe: May 17th ->
    • PMPL Arabia: May 17th
    • Championship Finals: June

It sounds like it’s shaping up to be a very exciting year for PUBG Mobile in 2021! We can’t wait to see what shakes out of these matches. Which region will dominate this year? You’ll have to stay tuned to find out!


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