PUBG Mobile Confirms Blackpink Collaboration

by in PUBG Mobile | Sep, 17th 2020

The wildly popular K-pop group Blackpink is officially collaborating with PUBG Mobile. We’ve seen teases on Twitter, and while there are no official details on what this collaboration will bring, we know it is going down. Our first real glimpse is an all-pink Erangel with Blackpink’s four members: Kim Ji-soo, Jennie Kim, Roseanne Park, and Lalisa Manoban.

With the latest update arriving, this is perfect timing. Get ready, K-pop fans, it’s going down!

Blackpink in Your Area

Should we be surprised, though? In July, Blackpink and PUBG Mobile crossed paths with the “Playing with Fire” song added to the game. In certain spots on the map, you could hear the iconic Blackpink track playing. It’s not even the only artist to team up with PUBG Mobile, either. Last year, they teamed up with DJ Alan Walker with the song “On My Way” and the song “Live Fast.”

Big names have come to PUBG Mobile, but perhaps never quite like this. Tencent’s been promoting this pretty heavily on social media, leading us to think it will be a much bigger collaboration than promoting a song in the game. If we haven’t missed our guess, there will probably be new Blackpink themed cosmetics to pick up as well. What a great way to hype up PUBG Mobile!

While we have no idea what will go on, if it’s as big as some of the past collabs (Resident Evil as a huge example), this will likely feature several cosmetics, a new or recent song, and probably a new character skin. If it’s modeled after only one of the members of Blackpink, who will it be? At the risk of upsetting K-pop Stans on Twitter, this writer guesses Lisa.

We imagine PUBG Mobile will be playing Blackpink’s “How You Like That” in the game somewhere, likely in Erangel. Perhaps we’ll also see the BI-Ping-Bong lightstick, which is synonymous with Blackpink.

No matter what happens, it’s sure to be huge, and we imagine further details will be coming out soon.


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