PUBG Mobile Bans Over 2 Million Players for the Holidays

by in PUBG Mobile | Dec, 30th 2020

It is that time of year once again where one year is closing, and another is about to begin. The holidays are here, and it looks like PUBG Mobile is in the holiday spirit this year. The mobile battle royale game is spreading some holiday cheer with some newly announced PUBG Mobile bans.

PUBG Mobile Bans Well Over 2 Million Accounts

As usual, the official PUBG Mobile Twitter account posted this week about the various bans that have happened in the game recently. From Dec. 18-24, there was an unbelievable number of PUBG Mobile bans made. 

The tweet from the game’s account confirmed that it gave some record-breaking bans this past week leading up to Christmas in which a whopping more than two million players were permanently suspended from the game entirely with no chance of using that account again. 

The PUBG Mobile bans equal exactly 2,395,953 accounts for the mobile game that are now permanently unable to access the game. These well over two million players will no longer be able to log in and torment other players online with cheats, at least with that particular account. 

Typically, the PUBG Mobile bans are pretty high from week to week as there are just so many cheaters in the game every day, but this last week might be the most ever been done at once. Banning more than two million accounts is a pretty hefty chunk of the entire playerbase for that whole week. 

There Are Likely Lots of Cheaters Due to the Holidays

Sure, the game is rather popular on Android and iOS devices worldwide, but banning this many accounts means an exceptional number of cheaters present in the past week. This is likely because the holiday season is going on right now. 

With many players off from school and work, this means that cheaters are also freer than ever to start cheating. More importantly than that, they are also aware that the players are free to play the game more often right now, so they likely started cheating in full force.

Fortunately, the PUBG Mobile development team has helped out the community by noting some exciting stats about the latest ban pan that happened for the battle royale title. These are fun to look at for more info and help figure out what these cheaters are doing. 

The PUBG Mobile Twitter account shared an image of a pie chart that reveals the percentages of the banned accounts in terms of the ranks for them. This is helpful since there were so many accounts that it could be hard to know where they are on the spectrum of play. 

What Rank the Banned Accounts Are

No surprise to anyone, the vast majority of the bans come from the bronze rank tier. This base tier that everyone starts in is not surprising since most of these accounts are likely brand new ones that new cheaters or veteran ones have created to start messing with other players. 

A whopping 29% of the banned accounts were in the bronze rank, making up almost a third of the more than two million accounts permanently suspended forever from the game. From there, we go to the surprisingly low silver rank. 

Only 8% of the accounts banned come from this group. It is similarly low for the following gold rank as well with only 10%. From there, it starts to climb up some more with 14% of the accounts coming from the platinum rank and even more in diamond with 16%, making it the second-highest group.

Crown is tied with the platinum rank as the numbers decrease again to 14%, while it plummets even more when you get to the Ace rank with 7%. Finally, the highest rank of Conqueror made up only 2% of the banned accounts, which makes sense given the lower number of players in that rank. 

However, it is interesting to know that most players are right at the start of the game in bronze and in the upper-middle tiers of the ranking system with the platinum to crown ranks. These are the areas that players should watch out for the most when dealing with cheaters. 

Why These Accounts Were Banned

In addition to revealing the banned accounts’ ranks, PUBG Mobile also announced what the cheating accounts were banned for. The highest percentage in this category goes to modifying the character model in which 23% of the accounts used. 

This could mean a variety of things but likely has to do with the visual appearance of the character being hacked and the possibility of making the player harder to eliminate. This was followed by the “other” category of cheats with 20%, likely encompassing a wide range of different offenses.

From there, the next four main groups are all roughly around the same percentages with auto-aim hacks at 16%, x-ray vision and speed hacks tied at 14%, and modification of area damage falling just barely in the last place at 13%. For the most part, though, it looks like cheaters use a wide range of exploits. 

These are problematic issues, though, as they can make the game unfair and make the fair players who want to play the game lose. Even though many were banned this week, many cheaters are likely to return with new accounts, so be careful playing the game, especially as it looks like the PUBG Mobile Indian version could return soon


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