#PUBGBan is Trending in India, Scaring Gamers

by in PUBG | Jun, 30th 2020

The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology of India banned 59 Chinese apps for India as of yesterday. This includes wildly popular ones like TikTok. The reason? The ongoing border dispute between China and India has really ratcheted up tensions, so Chinese apps are getting the ban.  However, there is a fear of a PUBG Mobile ban in India.

It was spared the ax so far, leaving quite a few people wondering why. It is one of the most popular mobile games in India (if not number one), but #PUBGBan is definitely trending in India right. There is a huge group of people that want to see it banned for one reason or another; it’s not hard to see why.

Cause and Effect

Millions play PUBG Mobile in India, so that ban would take away something from a large group of the population. But is it a safe game to be binging on? Addiction to PUBG Mobile seems to be very serious, especially in India. There are several recorded instances of deaths due to playing PUBG Mobile far too much. It’s not the first time banning PUBG has been brought up, either.

Perhaps this could be said for any mobile game that these people binge on though. But the one in question, the one that’s causing people to die of strokes or worse is PUBG Mobile. Earlier this year, Harshal Menane of Maharastra, India died of a brain stroke, for example. He was too excited while playing the game, and died of Intracerebral hemorrhaging

Whether or not we can blame that on the game is open to interpretation. There may have been an underlying condition, for example. But there’s also another case where a man died of drinking a chemical instead of water, while obsessed with the game. Again, this is not the game doing it, but someone who becomes addicted and loses track of what they’re doing in the real world.

Addiction is serious in any instance. It harms us, and our loved ones in great amounts.  It’s perfectly fine to play a game because you enjoy it. But moderation, friends! Moderation’s the key.

A Korean Game by a Chinese Company

There’s confusion concerning why PUBG Mobile has not seen a ban in India yet.

The game itself is made in South Korea, sure. Bluehole is a South Korean company, but that’s just the PC version! The mobile edition is a Tencent product – and as we all know, Tencent is a major Chinese company. One of the reasons those other apps were banned is there was a risk of farming personal information of Indian users. 

If that’s not happening in PUBG Mobile, it just might be safe for now. But there’s a real danger in people overdoing it and overplaying. We understand that content creators have to keep actively putting work out there, and so do esports players. But remember to never play a game so much that you harm yourself or your loved ones in the process. Take a step back from time to time. Have a drink of water, do some exercising. Moderation is key.


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