PUBG Mobile Armory Arena Game Mode Revealed in Beta

by in PUBG Mobile | Jun, 10th 2020

If you are a PUBG Mobile beta player, you will be happy to know that the new beta version 0.19.1 is out now for those players on Android. It comes with the expected additions like a new game mode in the form of PUBG Mobile Armory Arena, Fourex changes, and much more.

PUBG Mobile Adds Armory Arena in Beta Update

Overall, the beta 0.19.1 version is great as it releases a ton of new content for those players who use it. And for those of us on iOS or who don’t play the beta version, it is great as it gives a clear picture of what is likely to come soon for the live version of the mobile battle royale game.

There are a few new additions in this beta but, by far, the most important and interesting one is the addition of a new game mode that players can use, in addition to the other EvoGround modes that aren’t battle royale. This one, in particular, is the new PUBG Mobile Armory Arena mode.

What is exciting about the new PUBG Mobile Armory Arena game mode is that it is the battle royale game’s take on a tried-and-true game mode from other first-person shooters. In this case, it is a twist on the beloved Gun Game mode that Call of Duty fans know well.

In Armory Arena, players will have a smorgasbord of guns to go through to defeat the enemy and win the entire match. There are 18 different guns that you are likely already familiar with from the other game modes and you will need to be good at them all to make it far here.

What You Need to Know About Armory Arena

You see, for those of you who don’t know Gun Game this new Armory Arena will give you and your teammates a single gun at the start of the match. This could be a pistol or assault rifle, but everyone will start on the same footing with the same selection of weapons.

Every single time that you get a kill with one of the guns that you are given in this new game mode, you will immediately swap out to the next gun on this list. It ranges from anything, including sniper rifles, shotguns, and much more.

Overall, there are 18 guns in total that you will have to cycle through, so it is essentially a race to see who will get 18 kills first. Interestingly enough, the kills are based on each player on the two teams, so it is the first team to have a player get 18 kills that will win the whole match.

This game mode is compelling on its own as it encourages players to be experts at not just one type or category of guns, but just about everything that you will come across in PUBG Mobile. While the mode certainly isn’t for everyone, it is a great and fun party mode that many players in other games have loved for a long time.

New Library Map and Fourex Changes

If the beta is to be believed, the PUBG Mobile Armory Arena game mode will likely be the next new one for the live version of the battle royale game so long as it all works out nicely in testing. To pair with this new game mode, there is also a new map that players can battle on.

This map is Library and features the teams of players battling it out in, well, a library. The map uses the unique location to its advantage, having bookshelves and standard library features that you would expect, giving you areas to hide and fight in a more strategic way indoors.

Speaking of new maps, the previously released Fourex map will have some changes in the new beta version. It is the Fourex map and it is exclusive to PUBG Mobile, as this is the first map that players won’t find in the main PUBG game on PC and consoles.

What is different about the new version of the Fourex small map is that players will now find that the map has its named locations, well, named. For some reason, the locations that you can visit on the map weren’t named in its initial release in the previous beta version.

Other Minor Gameplay Changes

You can find places like the power plant, aqueduct, Forstad, Midtstein, Lumber Yard, and many more around the area. Though the map is pretty small in size compared to Erangel and most of the other maps, it has quite a lot of named locations that make the location rather dense.

With the named locations now added to the map in Fourex, the location is one step closer to an official release soon. We wouldn’t be surprised if we saw it in the next major update for the mobile battle royale game’s live version on Android and iOS.

From here, there are a couple of other game features that are minor but change up the gameplay a bit. The first is the ability to change the hit color for when a player is damaged in battle. This is basically like changing the color of the blood that they have.

You can choose between red, yellow, dark green, and light green. These colors should make the game a bit more accessible for players around the world. The other new feature are some new camera rotation settings that you can turn on.

You can enable or disable the camera rotation while leaning or aiming down the sight, which should make the game a bit more manageable for those players who don’t like the camera moving around while you are doing those actions. PUBG Mobile 0.19.1 is now available on Android and you can check it out ahead of its eventual release on the live game.


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