PUBG Mobile Arcane Crossover Lets You Play as Jinx, Vi, Jayce, and More

by in PUBG Mobile | Nov, 15th 2021

PUBG Mobile has had a lot of timely crossovers in the past, like the Godzilla and King Kong one tied around that movie. Still, the latest event is interesting since it includes a crossover with, technically, another game series. There is a PUBG Mobile Arcane event coming soon that will link up with League of Legends.

PUBG Mobile Arcane Crossover Detailed

Technically, Tencent and Krafton are billing the limited-time event as a PUBG Mobile Arcane crossover rather than, specifically, about League of Legends, even though that is what the Netflix show is based on. Regardless, the currently hit Netflix show is going to cross over with the mobile game. 

Mirror Island is coming to PUBG Mobile. Announced on Twitter, PUBG Mobile revealed the limited-time event and the surprisingly detailed crossover soon. Players will fight on the streets of familiar League of Legends’ Arcane places like Piltover and Zaun. 

This is a timely and fun crossover that will offer players the chance to check out some League of Legends-like style and gameplay within the confines of PUBG Mobile. The mobile battle royale game is essentially going to offer a third-person, shooter version of Runeterra. 

While details are still scarce about how exactly the new PUBG Mobile Arcane crossover event will work, there is a lot that we can glean from the teaser trailer announcement. This includes what players will be able to do in the event, who is featured in it, and when you will be able to check it out. 

Arcane Crossover Event Release Date

The PUBG Mobile Arcane event begins shortly, kicking off on November 16, 2021. In the current season of the battle royale game, players will have the chance to check out some League of Legends characters featured in the PUBG world for a limited time only. 

Since this is a PUBG Mobile Arcane crossover, specifically, it will mainly focus on the MOBA characters from that particular Netflix show. Unfortunately, it is unlikely that some of the most popular favorites from the Riot Games title will be in the event since they are not in the Netflix show. 

Unfortunately, the teaser trailer only shows a few characters from the Arcane show, so these may be the only ones featured in the event. The ones shown in the announcement trailer include the expected ones like Jinx, her sister Vi, Jayce, and Caitlyn. 

They are battling it out across a couple of interesting, fantastic areas from the show and Runeterra world, including Piltover and Zaun. The graphics for the trailer look quite good, giving PUBG Mobile, in our opinion, the best look that we have seen for it until this point. 

It Is Uncertain What Modes Will Be Featured in the Event

The houses, buildings, fountain squares, and the like all look quite good, bringing the League of Legends fantasy world into PUBG Mobile in a reliable way. The strange part here is that we are unsure what we are looking at, be it a brand new game mode or simply a slice of the battle royale experience. 

We cannot see any areas outside of the ones shown in the trailer, making it seem like they are dedicated multiplayer maps outside of the usual places like Erangel, Vikendi, and the like, but it is currently unknown. However, the gameplay shown in the trailer does seem a bit different from what we usually have in battle royale. 

For one, the characters keep spawning in on these portals, making it seem like this is likely a respawn-centric game mode like Team Deathmatch or something else entirely. This does not mean that there will be no new elements in battle royale from Arcane and League of Legends, but we will have to wait and see for now. 

Gameplay Trailer Includes Some Familiar Battle Moments

In the battles that the League of Legends characters are fighting, Tencent tries pretty hard to make it seem familiar to what players know about these champions from the MOBA title. The parts of Jinx try to show off her using a machine gun to mow down her enemies and then a rocket launcher to try and replicate some of the moments that players know well from LoL.

Then there are power gauntlets of some kind that Vi is using in the battle to hop around and slam down at her enemies. It looks like Tencent is trying to be rather faithful to the original MOBA title with this crossover, so we could see some new weapons and items joining the game for a limited time to help with this. 

The PUBG Mobile Arcane crossover event will begin on November 16 around the world on Android and iOS devices in the middle of the latest season. It is currently unknown how long it will stick around, but the Netflix show is nearing its end soon, so players should check it all out while they still can. 

The whole reason behind this crossover with League of Legends is to celebrate the new Arcane Netflix show. The animated series is stunning, capturing some of the important locations from Runeterra while telling an emotional story behind the sisters of Jinx and Vi. 

The Arcane show has been split into three arcs thus far, with the second act releasing the latest batch of three episodes just recently. There is only one act left with a few more episodes to go later this week on November 20. You can start catching up on the episodes right now in time for the final set this weekend. 


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