PUBG Mobile Ancient Secret Event Announced

by in PUBG Mobile | Jul, 28th 2020

PUBG Mobile is expanding very soon to offer something new for players on Android and iOS devices to check out. The latest limited-time event, called the PUBG Mobile Ancient Secret event, will begin soon with some of the maps’ massive changes.

PUBG Mobile Ancient Secret Event Announced

The PUBG Mobile Ancient Secret event follows up on the Jungle Adventure one a couple of months ago and was quite controversial in the community and around the world. The official Twitter account for the mobile battle royale game announced the event this week.

The PUBG Mobile Ancient Secret limited-time event will be similar to Jungle Adventure. It will change up a standard battle royale map with new surprises and features that didn’t exist before its release. The key difference this time around, though, is that it is more than one map.

While the Jungle Adventure game mode only affected a single battle royale map, this new Ancient Secret game mode event will affect both the first two maps in the game: Erangel and Miramar. These two classic maps will slightly revamp to include some new features and changes.

The Ancient Secret theme seems to be heavily inspired by Egyptian culture and will have some temples thrown onto both of those maps for players to explore. What is interesting about these temple locations is that they will add a new spot for players and move around the map.

Event Is Similar to Jungle Adventure

There is the chance that you will be able to sometimes find one of these ancient temples floating in the sky for you to explore. But that is only the start of the new limited-time event mode’s details, according to Dot Esports, who detailed what is to come in this new event.

Like the Jungle Adventure game mode, this is one event mode where you won’t necessarily enter a special playlist or queue to check out what it has to offer. Instead, you will need to do some normal battle royale matches in Erangel or Miramar. You will have a chance of having an Ancient Secret match, instead of a normal battle royale one.

The start of the match will make it clear to you whether this is the special PUBG Mobile Ancient Secret game mode or not with a short cutscene if it is. And then, players will be able to explore the entire map and see the various temple icons on it that will show you their locations.

Though details are still rather scarce at this time regarding what the temples will be like and offer to players, we do know some of the secrets that they will hold. They will introduce some new sort of gameplay for players to check out that will break the standard battle royale pacing a bit.

Ancient Secret Will Have Puzzles

This is great news for those players who have grown tired of the standard loot, shoot, and survive mentality at the core of the game. There are actual puzzles and other features that players will find inside these temples that will require you to put on your thinking cap to get through.

There is plenty of loot for players to collect in one of the several temples that will show up in this special game mode, but they will require you to unlock them. There are a couple of ways that you can do this, either through a simple puzzle or a riddle that you need to solve.

These puzzles will lead you to some awesome loot if you can successfully solve them. The loot is not going to be legendary at all reportedly, but there is a solid set of equipment that players can expect in the several temples that will show up in the match.

One particular temple in the match will be larger than the others and have a unique function. After the match has already started, the temple will float into the sky and spawn a boss enemy that players can fight against.

A Boss Fight Will Happen in This Mode

Using the loot that you find in the temple or elsewhere, players can challenge this boss enemy and defeat them for even better loot than found in the rest of the temple. This will only last for a short time. Then after the boss fight ends, players will be sent back to the mainland.

The temples in PUBG Mobile Ancient Secret are going to provide an epic PvE experience sorely missing from PUBG Mobile and its console and PC predecessor. Unfortunately, the special version of the normal maps will only be available on two maps and for a limited time.

During that limited time, this event will also come with some challenges that players will be able to complete for some unique rewards. The rewards and challenges are unknown at this time but expect them to have to do with the Ancient Secret game mode and themed around that.

Fortunately, players won’t have to wait too long to check out the new Ancient Secret versions of Erangel and Miramar as they are coming soon, starting on Aug. 4. We don’t know the end date at this time, but it should stick around for a few weeks this season. Stay tuned for more details as we approach its start date.


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