PUBG Mobile Among Us Mode Could Be Coming Soon

by in PUBG Mobile | Jan, 12th 2021

One of the biggest games right now on mobile devices around the world is Among Us. Another one of the most popular games on mobile devices worldwide — even with bans in various countries like Afghanistan — is PUBG Mobile. But what if they came together and made a PUBG Mobile Among Us-like game mode?

PUBG Mobile Among Us-Like Mode Could Be Coming Soon

Fortunately, it looks like that might be what is going to happen soon. Though there is no official crossover between the two games (at least for now), PUBG Mobile might be getting its own Among Us-inspired, an imposter-focused game mode for players everywhere. 

There is a heavy emphasis on the “might” part since we don’t have official confirmation of a PUBG Mobile Among Us game mode at this time. However, if the Chinese version of the battle royale game is believed, it is only a matter of time before players everywhere can be in PUBG Mobile.

The Chinese version of PUBG Mobile is known as Peacekeeper Elite but is mostly the same general “survive until the end” kind of game that you would expect. Also, a lot of the content that is available in one is available in the other.

The new game mode similar to Among Us appeared in the Peacekeeper Elite game app, thanks to Mr. Black on YouTube. It has us thinking that it is likely that we will see this also appear on the worldwide PUBG Mobile version in the future, if not very soon. 

Among Us-Like Mode Is Available in Peacekeeper Elite

A brand new map is used for the Chinese PUBG Mobile Among Us-like game mode that gives us some vibes of the main Among Us game’s style and locations. There are five main rooms around the map, with a hallway connecting each of them in a one-way circular type of direction. 

The exception to this is the middle two rooms, where there is an additional hallway connecting them. It isn’t an overly complicated map at all and seemingly simple, even compared to the original map released in Among Us. 

It looks to have a lot of similarities by and large, though, gameplay-wise to that of Among Us. There are apparently up to 10 players in each match you do on the special map with a meeting area in the middle where there is even a report button to call an emergency meeting. 

You can also report a dead body that you discover while going around doing the various tasks that you are assigned. These options will call a meeting where the 10, or however, many players are left. Players will have to choose someone to vote for.

How the Peacekeeper Elite Among Us-Like Mode Works

The person with the most votes will be ejected from the match. In this game mode, the crewmates’ job is to either finish all of the tasks before everyone is dead or find out who the imposter is and vote them out successfully.

For the imposter, their job is to take out other players in the PUBG Mobile Among Us mode quietly and strategically using the pan weapon that they have been given. You don’t want to get caught as you have to take out many players to win the match. 

There are different tasks that everyone, including the imposter, can do, like connecting wires and other objectives that Among Us fans will easily recognize. Overall, it seems like a pretty standard take on Among Us that has been reskinned to work in Peacekeeper Elite.

There is no doubt in our minds that this will be a massive hit for the Chinese version of PUBG Mobile soon, so there is no reason at all why it shouldn’t also be coming to the worldwide version of the mobile battle royale game anytime soon. 

A PUBG Mobile Among Us Mode Is a Great Idea

Given the overwhelming popularity of both Among Us and PUBG Mobile, a game mode bringing together the ideas of both of them would be excellent and could be a surefire win for Tencent. This is especially since there aren’t too many quality Among Us-like games on mobile of this caliber besides the original title. 

If you are someone, though, who wants a more gritty and realistic graphical take on the imposter game, the PUBG Mobile Among Us might be more appealing to you. After all, not everyone is a fan of the 2D cartoony style of the global phenomenon that is Among Us. 

Then, other battle royale games like Fortnite have already featured their take on Among Us, but it was not readily available on mobile devices at the time. With Fortnite removed from both the App Store and Google Play Store, players would have to use other means on Android devices or a streaming service like Shadow on iOS. 

A PUBG Mobile Among Us would be more easily available to a wide audience of players and likely experience some impressive success because of that, piggybacking off of the fantastic year that Among Us had in 2020 as now one of the biggest games of all-time.

We imagine that the PUBG Mobile Among Us-like mode will not be the last we hear from the battle royale or shooter genres. It wouldn’t be surprising if we saw other shooters and games take this idea and run with it, like Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. 


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