PUBG Mobile 3rd Anniversary Celebration Begins in Update 1.3

by in PUBG Mobile | Mar, 8th 2021

PUBG Mobile is one of the biggest free-to-play battle royale and mobile games globally, and it is getting ready to host some more fun to celebrate the life of it soon. That’s right; it is that time again for the PUBG Mobile 3rd Anniversary to celebrate its release. 

PUBG Mobile 3rd Anniversary Celebration Begins

This week marks the beginning of the third year since PUBG Mobile first launched for Android and iOS devices worldwide in 2018. Like last year with the second-anniversary celebration of the battle royale game, there is a PUBG Mobile 3rd Anniversary this year. 

This time around, Tencent is going all out to ensure that there are many new content and surprises for players to check out. As part of this, we are starting a brand new season and royale pass with Season 18. Known as Hundred Rhythms (more on that particular name in a little bit), this new season will host many content and new game modes. 

While the royale pass for Season 18 will begin on March 17, the actual new content is beginning this week, starting with the PUBG Mobile 3rd Anniversary. A lot is going on this week. It all starts with the updates that will start rolling out on March 9. 

Fortunately, the server will not be taken offline during the update. Players will continuously play throughout this time. But what you should know is that players on different updated versions of the battle royale game will not be able to play with friends on another version, so be sure to update as fast as possible. 

The update will require 640MB of storage space for those on the Android platform, while iOS users will need a lot more space at 1.55GB to get all of the new content. If you update your game between March 9 and March 19 and then log in, you will get some special rewards. 

Players will get 3,000 BP, 100 AG, and the Cute Kitten Pan 3D item. This is in addition to all of the new content starting this week for the PUBG Mobile 3rd Anniversary, like the new game modes, items, and more. Let’s take a look at what’s happening this year. 

New Hundred Rhythms Mode

In celebration of the PUBG Mobile 3rd Anniversary, a new game mode known as Hundred Rhythms is here. This new limited-time mode is in celebration of the three years that PUBG Mobile has been around and shares the same name as the season 18 theme itself. 

This new mode is only available on the Erangel battle royale map and features a music festival that is happening there. Players will be able to party, hear some awesome music, and dance around in specific locations while also dealing with some brand new gameplay mechanics. 

There will be three electronic music squares that you can party at in each match of Erangel. One of them is always guaranteed to be found at the starting island before the match starts, while the other two will be at randomly chosen locations. 

This new game mode will affect more than just offering an excellent party place in the middle of a battle royale match as you will also be able to find new armbands. You will pick one at the start of the match between the Guardian, Recon, and Camouflage ones. 

All three have different functions, but it boils down to each one having a single active ability to activate in the match and two passive skills that you can unlock. You will be able to unlock and upgrade your skills by collecting the scattered cassettes around the island. 

Starting with the Guardian armband, we have one that has an active skill called Music Barrier. This one allows the player to activate a device that generates a semi-transparent barrier that will reduce the damage from incoming bullets. 

The second ability is Music Conversion that allows you to use it while the barrier is up to disable it and recover the allies’ energy within range, instead of protecting you. Finally, we have the passive known as Pop Metal that gives the player and allies decreased reload time inside the barrier. 

The second armband that you can pick is the Recon one. This one has a unique active ability known as Sonic Scan. What this one does is allow the player to throw a scanning device to scan and mark the enemies that are nearby. 

This follows up into the next ability, the first passive one, that will recover health for players who knock out the marked enemies from Sonic Scan. And last but not least, there is Sound Burst that lets you have special electrically charged ammo that damages enemies over time when they are hit while you have marked enemies around. 

And, finally, we have the Camouflage armband. This armband’s main ability is the Stealth one, allowing the player to change to the Ghillie Suit for a brief time. During this time, the weapons and backpack on the player’s back is concealed. 

The next ability is Surveillance, which will show a tip on the UI to let you know when there are any enemies nearby. And lastly, we have the Breathing Easy ability that lets you recover health if you haven’t taken any damage recently. 

Overall, all three armbands are pretty good. We could see players want to choose all three of them for different scenarios. If you are in a team, you must coordinate with your friends to ensure that you have a mix of these armbands to be ready for a wide variety of scenarios. 

Clowns’ Tricks and Metro Royale Uncover

Coming later on in the season is the Clowns’ Tricks game mode. They will arrive on March 31 and take over the PUBG Mobile 3rd Anniversary celebration square. Players will find a clown shop vehicle in Erangel at this point where you can collect clown tokens and exchange them for items. 

These items include normal combat supplies as well as special strategic items. These unique items include information about the next play zone on the map, the next airdrop that will appear, and the enemies’ density around the entire map. 

These useful items will be a great help in the Clowns’ Tricks version of Erangel. You will also find that there is a music graffiti wall on the spawn island. You will use spray paint to trigger music notes and hear some different parts of a particular melody. 

Starting on March 9, there is the next iteration of the Metro Royale series. This one is known as Uncover and will have players’ honor, rankings, and inventory in the Metro Royale mode reset. But to help with this, there will be new rewards that you will find in this latest chapter. 

Extra elite enemies will now appear on the battlefield. You will hear about these in the broadcasts. Defeat these elites to get some special rewards. But not everything is new as the Metro Exodus monsters and Tikhar rifle have been removed, but the remaining enemies will be smarter.

While you might be disappointed to see Power Armor leave the game, it will stick around in a limited fashion. It will appear on the weekends every single week from Friday through Sunday, so fans of that game mode can still enjoy it in the future. 

New Weapon and Vehicle

It wouldn’t be a new PUBG Mobile season if there weren’t a new weapon or vehicle to enjoy. The new weapon this time around will please sniper rifle fans with the new Mosin-Nagant sniper rifle. It is a 7.62mm bolt-action sniper rifle that is one of the most powerful around.

It is equal in power to that of the popular Kar98k, but it has the added benefit of having faster bullets and less damage drop-off, meaning that your bullets will go far faster and not deviate as much. It can take out an unarmored enemy with a single shot from a long distance. 

The Mosin-Nagant sniper rifle will spawn on the Erangel and Vikendi maps, replacing some of the Kar98k rifles. It looks like it will not appear on the other larger maps like Miramar and so on. But Miramar is getting something new with a brand new vehicle launching this season.

The motor glider is making its debut this season in PUBG Mobile on Erangel and Miramar. It will spawn randomly on those maps and is a two-person vehicle. There is the pilot in the front and the passenger in the backseat who can shoot at enemies. 

The motor glider is a new aerial vehicle that allows the pilot to ascend after enough speed has been gained. It does have a gas tank based on the engine speed. The faster you fly, the more fuel you will consume, so players should keep that in mind before lifting. 

PUBG Mobile Music

The PUBG Mobile 3rd Anniversary is here and is seemingly all about the music festival this season in Season 18. It would be weird to have a music festival and no music whatsoever for players to enjoy inside the battle royale mobile game itself.

It seems to be taking some cues from Fortnite in this regard, adding a whole lot of music for players to enjoy. But unlike its competitor, PUBG Mobile will allow you to access this music in the game easily. In the player space, there is a new entrance to the main lobby tunes. 

Players will use this new music player feature to check out the various songs and even set the background music for their particular space. But you will not have all music at once and will need to get certain album items in the game to unlock the music in the music player. 

Fortunately, you can give the music albums to other players. Friends can gift albums to their pals who don’t currently own them, allowing them also to be able to listen to that music at will. However, there are some restrictions on this feature that players should keep in mind. 

There are restrictions on them to prevent the feature from being abused to boost popularity in the space. Fortunately, one thing that isn’t restricted is the music itself. Tencent has announced that PUBG Mobile has full copyrights to all of the music that can be listened to.

Streamers and content creators will not have any issues when showing off the music online, but we aren’t guaranteed about that, so you should keep that in mind for now. Beyond all of these changes, there is now dynamic graffiti that you can use.

This new dynamic graffiti has visual effects and will play music for players who are within a close enough range to hear it. But that is not all that players will find in the PUBG Mobile 3rd Anniversary season. 

There is so much more, like more minor changes to performance, the system, and general experience. If you are interested in finding out more about these changes and more, check out the full patch notes here


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