PUBG Lite Termination Notice Revealed for April 2021

by in PUBG | Mar, 31st 2021

It is always a sad day when an online game announces that it is shutting its doors, but that is what is happening today with the PUBG Lite termination announcement. The spin-off battle royale game will be, unfortunately, closing its doors for good soon. 

PUBG Lite Is Closing Its Doors

The PUBG Lite termination notice was revealed on the official website for the battle royale game, and the most shocking part of it all isn’t just that the game is closing its doors but that it is happening so soon. Unfortunately, Krafton didn’t give the community too much of a warning for this announcement.

The PUBG Lite termination notice clarifies that the game will be ending on April 29. That is less than a month away from the time you read this post, so you have just a few more weeks left to enjoy the battle royale spin-off title before it is gone for good. 

Furthermore, the player support for the PUBG Lite version will end on May 29. This is a bit odd as you will likely not need the player support services now, but it is good to have some more time to resolve any unresolved issues until then.

But it is worth keeping in mind that just because the PUBG Lite termination notice is set for near the end of April 2021 doesn’t mean that players will be able to download and play the game right now. There is one other important date that players should be sure to keep in mind before that. 

Players Can No Longer Download the Game

What sucks is that the PUBG Lite termination begins with the halt of downloads for the battle royale game and the closure of the webpage for it. That happened on March 30.

This means that unless you already have the game downloaded on your device, you will not be able to download it for the first time or once again and play it. The only way you will be able to play it until the PUBG Lite termination date is to have it already be downloaded on your platform. 

Krafton made it clear that it is deeply grateful for the passion and support from the number of PUBG Lite fans over the years that have been with the game, but there are some hardships that it faced. Because of the difficult decisions that the company had to make, it is time for Lite to come to an end.

Until the end of the game’s time, players will continue playing it like normal. During that time, they will keep spending the in-game currency (L-Coins) as they have been. Interestingly enough, the PUBG Lite Facebook page will continue to be open even after the termination, so keep that in mind. 

PUBG Lite Was a Solid Alternative for Low-End Computers

The termination notice is pretty cut and dry, so it is clear that this is the decision and that Lite players will need to find something else to keep them occupied from now on. It is sad, though, as the game was a great alternative for those who love PUBG but couldn’t play the normal game. 

Lite was introduced as an option for those players who like PUBG but might have a computer or laptop that is a lower-end or older model that wasn’t able to play the main game. It was a solid option but one that seems to be ending soon. 

With the end of PUBG Lite, this means that if you are a fan of this game, you will not have this as your battle royale fix anymore. Well, we get how annoying and unfortunate this is, so we are here to help with some alternatives for you. 

For starters, it is worth talking about the future of the mainline PUBG game. That game might not work for you at this time on your device, but lately there have been changes to it lately. If there have been enough Lite players, Krafton may be going to optimize the game for you.

Alternatives for PUBG Lite Users

Of course, there have been no formal announcements regarding this, so it is not something you should rely upon. There is also the likelihood of a PUBG 2 soon that could be optimized from the ground up. But these aren’t real solutions since they aren’t here or guaranteed. 

Instead, we recommend that you find one of the cloud gaming platforms, like Shadow or GeForce Now, that is great for letting you play games online that you normally would not be able to. This way, you can play PUBG or its inevitable sequel right now.

This is the best way to experience the tried-and-true nature of PUBG without any compromises and without having to shell out hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars to be able to continue playing this battle royale game. 

The other alternative is to play it on console, but if you had a console already, likely, you would already be playing that version of the game. But we do imagine that you already have a smartphone or tablet of some kind. 

You can always play PUBG Mobile, which is a pretty comparable experience, on Android and iOS. Especially from PUBG Lite, this is a much more direct comparison that shouldn’t be too bad. Hopefully, these alternatives are helpful with the closure of PUBG Lite. 


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