PUBG Global Series 2020 Details and Structure Revealed

by in General | Feb, 3rd 2020

The PUBG Global Series 2020 season is happening this year. It will see major changes that will expand and evolve the season into something new. The official website for the battle royale game features the first details about the event.

First Details Regarding PUBG Global Series 2020 Revealed

The first details for the PUBG Global Series 2020 season include the main events throughout the year, the structure of the events and the season and prize pools that teams have a shot at earning.

The PUBG Global Series 2020 announcement came out in December 2019. The esports organization and developer learned a lot from the previous season and will improve this season.

Overall, the new 2020 format will be “more accessible, engaging and action-packed” for partners helping with the event, players participating in the events and viewers watching all of the action live.

Four Main Events Will Make Up the 2020 Season

It all starts with the structure and schedule of the upcoming season. The crux of the 2020 season will be four main four events spread out throughout the year.

Three main PUBG Global Series 2020 events will be hosted around the world. Pro players can show their stuff and possibly earn a spot at the Global Championship 2020, the fourth and final event of the year.

A total of 32 teams will compete at the three main events. The top four teams from each of these events automatically qualify for the next main event to happen. The remaining 28 spots for the next event get decided by teams who qualify through one of the regional qualifiers in Korea, China, Japan, Europe, the Americas and Asia Pacific.

Each of the three main events includes the group stage, elimination stage and grand finals runs for nine days each time.

The top 12 teams out of the 32 total teams, or six from each of the groups in the group stage, will advance to the grand finals. Meanwhile, the elimination stage will be the chance for four of the losing teams from the group stage to qualify for the grand finals.

When it comes to the World Championship, 16 teams will compete as opposed to 32 at other events. The 16 teams get determined in two separate ways. The top four teams from the third main event automatically earn a spot there. The remaining 12 teams get selected from the highest-ranked teams, based on the sum of points scored during the grand finals section of all three main events throughout the year.

How Prizes and the Pick ‘Em Challenge Will Work

The PUBG Global Series 2020 season will have a lot of money throughout all four main events, including a more diversified revenue sharing program in 2020. Last year, more than $6 million was given out.

Between the prize pool and crowdfunding efforts, the company guarantees participating teams at a Global Series main event at least $20,000 minimum for showing up and competing.

The first three events have individual prize pools of $500,000 each while the Global Championship will have $2 million. In addition to the normal prize pools, the Pick ‘Em Challenge returns bigger and better than ever.

Also, players can purchase high-quality Global Series items in which the money goes towards the esports series. For every event, participating teams get a share of 25% of item sales. Also, 10% goes to the prize pool for that event while another 10% goes towards the participating teams. The 5% goes to the prize pool of the Global Championship.

Global Series Berlin Is the First Main Event This March

The PUBG Global Series 2020 season kicks off at Messe Berlin from March 31-April 12. The group and elimination stages run from March 31-April 5. The grand finals start on April 10 and run for three days. To compete in the Berlin main event, qualifying teams have to earn a spot in the regional online qualifiers.

The regional qualifiers take place in March. After the first main event, the top four teams automatically move onto the second event. More regional qualifiers likely determine the remaining slots.

The Berlin Global Series starts in a couple of months. Stay tuned here for details on the qualified teams, how to watch the event live and the match structure.


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