PUBG Global Invitational S Will Be a Hybrid Tournament

by in PUBG | Jan, 15th 2021

We have seen many strange esports events and decisions, especially in the last year with the global pandemic going on, but this one might be one of the weirder ones. The PUBG Global Invitational S event will be the first of 2021 and will feature a very weird format. 

PUBG Global Invitational S Details Revealed

Krafton, or PUBG Corp., as it was formerly known, has officially announced more details about the upcoming PUBG Global Invitational S event. The first major tournament of the year for the battle royale game will feature many exciting elements for teams and fans to look forward to.

The Invitational organization is promising that it will be the biggest tournament to date for the game, which is quite impressive. This ensures that the start of the 2021 pro season will be an exciting one and, hopefully, some great signs of an equally great year to come. 

Some teams are already heading towards Korea right now as you read this in preparation for the upcoming event. This is despite the fact that the tournament will begin next month on Feb. 8. But this could be for a couple of different reasons. 

Since this is an actual in-person event, for some teams (more on that in a minute), the players may have to quarantine for 14 days to be ready for this LAN tournament properly; something that hasn’t been done in quite some time. 

The Global Invitational Will Be One of the First LAN Events in a While

Given some confusion regarding bringing in teams from around the world to compete, the event organizers wanted to ensure that fans and the community understand what is happening and why it is held in-person.

As you likely know, this is pretty unprecedented for the esports industry as a whole, as there have been little to no in-person events since the spring of last year. Entire organizations and leagues had to switch to an online-only format or, worse, cancel everything to adjust. 

But it looks like the PUBG Global Invitational S event will be taking the plunge as one of the first events actually to host teams in person. To address the confusion surrounding this and the fact that they are doing what no one is doing with their tournaments, we know about the Invitational. 

The event’s goal is to prioritize everyone’s safety, from the players to the staff to the leaders, and so on. But following closely behind that is the desire to have a fair and competitive play environment for the event to take place in. 

It Will Have a Unique Hybrid Format

As such, the PUBG Global Invitational S event will feature a very unique and distinctive hybrid tournament that we, honestly, have never seen anything like before. This essentially means that, yes, some teams will be competing in person in Korea while others will be doing it online. 

But the determining factor behind which is doing what is dependent on the location of the players and their teams. Teams outside of the general tournament region would likely have the worst connection during the tournament, making it unfair. 

As such, they are being flown into Korea to have a more stable environment to participate in. But the other teams in the surrounding areas, like China, Japan, and Chinese Taipei, will be staying at home and playing the event online. 

Since those areas will not likely have that bad of a connection to the tournament, they will be able to play remotely and enjoy the event from the safety of being remote. For this reason, the overall goal of the PUBG Global Invitational S event is to prevent travel and risk wherever possible. 

The event will also have enhanced anti-cheat monitoring and prevention to ensure that both the online and offline teams will be unable to do anything that could upset the competition’s delicate balance. The teams that have already arrived are in quarantine for the next two weeks, following all South Korea national guidelines. 

This Event Could Impact Other Games

This is an exciting move and is quite unlike anything that we have ever heard of from an esports event. Most organizations will either switch to online at this point or cancel the event entirely.

Like the Call of Duty League, we hear that some events could switch back to a LAN format, but that remains to be seen. However, even then, it is not this hybrid format that the PUBG Global Invitational S is using. It will be intriguing to see the results of this event. 

There could be some apparent discrepancy between the players who are doing it online away from the event premises and those onsite. Also, there could be safety concerns in these players from other places that could result in some unfortunate COVID-related situations. 

Regardless of this event’s outcome, it is likely that it will be a benchmark for other esports events this year amid this developing global pandemic. Until then, we have just a few more weeks to go until the start of the PUBG Global Invitational S event and the battle royale game’s 2021 season as a whole. 

It will be an expansive event that will push the Global Series in a new direction this year. Be sure to stay tuned for more details regarding the tournament soon as we approach its start date on Feb. 8.


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