PUBG Global Invitational S Kicks Off This Week, Full Details Revealed

by in PUBG | Feb, 8th 2021

PUBG Esports has finally unveiled the full details about the upcoming PUBG Global Invitational S tournament/league kicking off very soon. We now know how the matches will work, what will change from week to week, and everything else that we could have asked for. 

PUBG Global Invitational S Kicks Off This Week

It was revealed that the PUBG Global Invitational S event would begin this week and then continue for the next eight weeks or so. While we have already gone over the entire schedule for 2021 when it comes to PUBG Esports, this is the list’s first event.

There are only four main events that will be happening this year for the PUBG battle royale scene, but the first of these is a massive one. Unlike the other events coming later down the road, this one will be going on for nearly two months, offering some great content in the process.

The PUBG Global Invitational S is an eight-week tournament series with some of the best teams and players worldwide competing against one another for shares of one of the biggest single prize pools that we have seen in a PUBG battle royale event. 

The event will kick off this week, starting later today, Monday, February 8, with the first round of matches, and continue throughout this week into the weekend when even more matches will happen. This will continue for several weeks until the event comes to a full conclusion. 

The Global Invitational S league will conclude on March 28, where the entire event’s champion will be determined. There are eight regions in total that teams will be competing from. TheTtournament style will be a unique hybrid format that we haven’t seen before.

In this global pandemic, the PUBG Global Invitational S will feature a hybrid format that will blend the classic LAN competition with online remote. It will primarily be held offline at the Studio Paradise in Incheon, South Korea, where most teams will gather onsite. 

But those teams that are not too far away, as teams from Japan, China, and Chinese Taipei, will be able to compete online from their home regions to crack down on the number of players and teams traveling to this onsite location. 

How to Watch the League

If you are interested in checking out everything that there is to offer during this eight-week event, you will be able to watch most everything live as it happens from week to week. Of course, it is worth keeping in mind that this event is based on Korean time, which could be awkward for some of us. 

In that case, you will be able to watch everything on-demand as well after the fact, with the majority of the matches being available for streaming online long after they have concluded. You can live stream and view the previous matches on various platforms, depending on the language you are using. 

There will be 17 different languages that the events will be broadcast in, offering widespread availability for fans worldwide. Those of us who speak English will have the option of picking between the official PUBG Esports Twitch and YouTube channels to watch all of the content live and later on. 

Besides the regular weekly broadcasts of the matches that happen, there will be additional content like the weekly final preshows and other content for fans to check out. A lot is happening throughout February and March, and fans will be able to watch nearly all of it live. 

General Weekly Format

As mentioned already, the event will take place from Feb. 8-March 28. That is nearly two months’ worth of matches and competitions for fans to check out during this springtime. Eight weeks will happen in total. They will all follow mostly the same general format. 

It will be a pretty repetitive thing, happening every single week in the same general way that it happened before. Of course, the differences will be the teams that will be ranked in certain spots that they might not have been in the prior weeks and some teams that will get the spotlight more than others.

These general roster changes will happen to ensure excitement and unpredictability to what is happening every week. In general, I would consider the PUBG Global Invitational S to be a mini-league of sorts for some of the best teams in the world to compete in.

This is because, unlike other events that happen for a weekend or so, this one will be recurring and happening throughout the next couple of months. What happens in one week will directly affect the next one. Everything altogether will determine the outcome of the Invitational.

It is a surprising format different from the other three events that will happen this year, including the Continental Series events this summer and the Global Championship that we look forward to happening at the end of the year. 

32 Teams Are Part of This Event

As mentioned already, 32 of the very best teams worldwide have been invited to this event directly from the PUBG Esports organization. While these 32 will be here in the mini-league, not all of them will compete in every single match that will happen during the eight weeks. 

The PUBG Global Invitational S will follow an exciting format different from anything else that we have seen before. It values the top teams in the league, ensuring that they are almost always having the chance to earn some cash and a chance at winning it all. 

The 32 teams were chosen to help with everything and then played in a ranking tournament before the main league began. That happened this past weekend in which the 32 teams battled it out across 24 matches to see how the initial rankings of them would turn out. 

The results of these matches across the three days split up the 32 teams into four different groups of eight teams each and decided their placement order for the first set of weekly survival matches. What fans need to focus on are the top 16 teams and the bottom 16 teams in the league. 

This divide is significant as it determines how the weeks will play out as the bottom 16 will not see as much action as the teams in the top half of the group. And the heart of the action is the six weekly series that will happen during the eight weeks of competition. 

How Every Week Will Play Out

For the most part, this is how every week will play out during the eight weeks with only a couple of exceptions. For instance, this week is the first week and will be the basis for almost everything moving forward. At this time, the initial top 16 and bottom 16 teams have been determined. 

During each week, there are two halves of the schedule: the weekly survival matches during the week and the weekly finals matches held on the following weekend. This will repeat itself for the next eight weeks, for the most part.

The weekly survival matches are up first during the week. The first batch of them happens today for week one. They will happen for three days during the week and feature 16 matches in total. For the first week, the schedule will be Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. 

But for the weeks after this week, the general match schedule will be Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. These 16 weekly survival matches are pretty simple. Sixteen teams will be battling it out to see who the last surviving squad will be. They will win the chicken dinner for that match. 

Who are these 16 teams? Well, this is where the weekly placements come into play. The 16 teams competing in the weekly survival matches every week are the top 16 teams for that particular league segment. This will change from week to week, but the initial group has been determined.

Once the first match happens, a winner will get their chicken dinner out of the top 16 teams. That winning team will then move on to the weekly finals for the upcoming weekend and not fight in any other matches for that week.

This will leave the group with only 15 teams left. The next strongest team from the bottom 16 group will then move up and join the rest of the other top teams to help with this. Those 16 teams will then battle it out in the next match, someone will win and move on, and the next team will step up to join. 

This process will repeat itself 16 times throughout the week as the teams battle it out to figure out which of the 32 teams will win and move on to the weekly finals. Only the 16 teams that qualify for the weekly finals through these weekly matches will compete in the upcoming weekend. 

Following up after the three days of weekly survival matches is the weekly finals on the weekend. This will be a brief 10-match tournament that will happen here, offering a more traditional PUBG Esports tournament structure with the chance for the top teams here to earn some great prizes.

In addition to that, 16 teams from the weekly finals will be considered the top 16 teams for the next week. So, they will be the only ones who will compete in the weekly survival matches at first. The other 16 teams will have to participate in some bottom 16 placement matches to figure out the exact order of who will be replacing who in the next week. 

How the Champion Is Determined and Prizes

Overall, the PUBG Global Invitational S is not necessarily about there being a complete winner of the league at the end of it all. Instead, the champion team is completely determined by the amount of money that the teams earn over the eight weeks. 

The team who has earned the most money will be the winner of the entire league and also the holder of some fantastic prizes. Unlike other PUBG tournament events, teams will be able to earn cash throughout the eight weeks and continuously win prizes in nearly every match. 

There is a massive $3.5 million prize pool offered for the entire eight weeks. The 32 teams will have their chance to get a share of that huge pool. The first way that teams can win some cash is through the weekly survival matches each week. 

The first eight teams to win a chicken dinner during the weekly survival segment will earn some money. However, the prize money will decrease with each of the eight wins, with the eighth team getting a lot less cash for their win. 

This is likely because it is, presumably, harder to win first against the entirety of the top 16 teams that week, while it is a bit easier as the eighth team since basically, half the group will be from the bottom 16 point. Here is how the match winners’ prizes break down each week:

  • Match one winner: $10,000
  • Match two winner: $6,000
  • Match three: $5,000
  • Match four: $4,000
  • Match five: $3,000
  • Match six: $2,000
  • Match seven: $1,000
  • Match eight: $1,000

As you can see, it goes from a decent chunk of change for a single match to a tenth of that for the seventh and eighth teams to win a match. The teams that win the next eight matches will not earn any prize money at all. 

The other place where teams can earn money is through the weekly finals, where the prize pools are much larger. Only the top four teams from the top 16 in the weekly finals will earn prizes this time around, but the prizes increase each week and are pretty awesome, especially by the end.

For instance, Week one features the top team winning $25,000, the second team winning $12,500, the third team winning $6,250, and the fourth-place team also winning $6,250. But the final week of the PUBG Global Invitational S will feature prizes of $500,000, $250,000, and $125,000 for the top four teams. 

Fans will also contribute to the prize money given to the teams by purchasing some of the official Invitational gear in the battle royale game itself. The Pick’ Em Challenge is here, too, for predicting the winners. These will all have 30% of the profits distributed to teams based on how much prize money they win throughout the event. 


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